Bay Window Fold Card

Hello stampers and happy Monday to you. Today’s blog post is about a beautiful and meaningful Bay Window Fold Card. Thanks very much to Ina Eisen for sending me this lovely “Happy Mail in Holland” card. Can you believe that I have not yet made a Bay Window Fold Card?? It is definitely time to give this fold a try. Ina was very smart in that she wrote on the back of the card that it was this type of fold. If you aren’t immediately aware you might be a bit confused when you first look at it folded flat. People who don’t stamp will definitely be even more clueless that I was in the first ten seconds!


Ina’s Bay Window Fold Card


Here is Ina’s card. What makes it even more meaningful and special is that she put a photo of Elora in the inside of the card. Elora is my hometown and where my parents still live today. I am going to take this card home to show them, I know Mom is going to love it. Many people love using their favourite photos as cards, this is a great way to do just that!


Bay Window Card


Create With Us International Tutorial


Did you know that in our latest Create With Us International Tutorial bundle there is a Bay Window Card by our very own Tamara Bertram? You can get this tutorial for free with a $60 purchase which just happens to be the amount that you need to spend to get a free saleabration item. If you have not yet received your saleabration brochure in the mail or picked it up from my tote on the front porch, you can see it online here.

Just click on the blue word and then you will have a new tab open on your computer and you can see the two categories of. free items. Some are free with a $60 purchase and some are free with a $120 purchase. Below is a sneak peek of all the projects in our Create With Us Tutorial. The theme is Blessings of Home. If you would rather just purchase the tutorial, you can do so here.


Heart and Home Collection pdf tutorial


Are You Missing Out?


Do you watch YouTube videos? Do you sometimes wish that you could get more information about the projects that were made? Well, you might be missing out because you didn’t know you could click on those small words “show more”. Here is my short little video that I did with Screen Castify. I couldn’t figure out how to end the video so it gets a bit weird at the end.





Thanks for joining me today. On Wednesday I will be blogging about my Penguin Place cards that are part of this month’s Parcels in the Post. This is a great way to get a package of assorted coordinating supplies so that you can play along with me for a month of cardmaking. It is only $25 for porch pick up or $32 mailed anywhere in Canada. Check it out here.

Please let me know if you received your spring catalog and/or saleabration flyer in the mail. Stampin’Up! was super late in mailing them out and I am so very sorry that you have not received them yet. Nothing I could do about it!!! Have a super day and happy stamping my friends. Hugs from Holland.

Tea Light Holders with Time of Giving

Hello stampers and happy Friday to you. Today I am sharing with you some absolutely adorable tea light holders using the Time of Giving bundle. Actually I only used the dies which are called Giving Gifts Dies. I am not going to write out the instructions because I shared those with my private Prime Time group. You are most welcome to join this group as well. It is only $10 a month and you get exclusive weekly video tutorials as well as a monthly pdf which is worth $15-20. The link to do that is here.

Let’s take a look at these adorable, easy to make tea light holders.


Tea Light Holders


I got the idea for these tea light holders from UK demonstrator Claire Ottaway. Her measurements are using A4 cardstock but at least you will get the idea of how it all works. If you choose to use 12 x 12 paper then you will be fine.


Time of Giving Tea Light Holders


You can buy battery operated tea lights at the dollar store and with the vellum inserts, the glow is just beautiful. My best tip: be sure to add your vellum inserts BEFORE you put the holder together. It’s really tricky to do afterwards, trust me. The problem is that you get so excited that you want to put it together and then you realize after that you forgot the vellum. You really DO need the vellum though, it makes for a really nice glow. Good luck!

Here is the video from Claire. Thanks Claire for the fabulous inspiration.


More Inspiration


I originally bought this bundle because of the die with the Santa and his reindeer. Take a look at Cindy Brumbaugh’s lovely card. I don’t have time to case it today, so I thought I would just share her card and her blog address so she gets more traffic to her blog as well. Thanks so much Cindy for your lovely card idea.


Cindy Brumbaugh's card with Time of Giving bundle


Baking Gingerbread Cookies Today


Today I am trying a new recipe for gingerbread cookies. Tomorrow is my in person À la Carte Christmas class. I might have a few extra kits so message me if you want one. Ten card kit and a box  for $35 plus shipping. Here is the link for the cookies. If the recipe is a good one I will share it in my Cross Country Christmas Cookie Exchange with a Heart.


gingerbread cookies


I really hope that you check out this very fun class. You can send me your homemade recipe card to be included in my cookbook and you will support the  Stampin’Up! effort to raise money for heart health with the Strong of Heart stamp set. I am hoping to meet lots of you in the Zoom gathering on November 27th at noon. You an also simply purchase the pdf for all the projects here.



Next week I hope to make the Gingerbread House in a live Facebook video, stay tuned for details. That project is not pictured in the photo but it IS included in the tutorial. Thanks for joining me and have a super day!!


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Pretty Pansies Cut From Paper

Hello stampers and happy Wednesday to you. Today I am going to share a card with you that is made with pretty pansies cut from paper. I came home to this beautiful card made by Susan Forsythe for our local Hospice. The Hospice sends out cards on the one year anniversary of their loved one’s death. Such a wonderful thing to do and I have volunteered to spearhead this project. Thankfully there are some lovely stampers who help me out so that there is a steady supply of cards. Let’s take a look at what Susan did with the pretty pansies cut from paper.


Pretty Pansies Cut From Paper


The Pansy Patch bundle is really spectacular or perhaps I should say the Pansy Petals Suite. Not only are there beautiful layered stamps that you can use to create stunning pansies, you can also use the intricate dies to create your own style of pansies. For instant gratification you can also use the dies to cut the pretty pansies straight from the patterned paper. Susan did just that and then she took it a step further and separated the petals popping some of them up for a very striking 3D effect.



Pretty Pansies Cut From Paper



I really do love everything about this card. The new Fresh Freesia cardstock is the perfect background for this pretty paper. The leaves are two dies layered over top of each other using Evening Evergreen. Do you know where the pretty lacy die is from that is the background for the sentiment? It is the Ornate Layers DIes found on page 164 of the annual catalog. Here is a close up of the pansies.



Pretty Pansies Cut From Paper



Free Shipping AND a Free Tutorial?



Did you know that Stampin’Up! is offering FREE SHIPPING for one day this Thursday? Free shipping is valid with an order of $65 or more. This will also qualify you for a free pdf tutorial of your choice. One of the tutorials is the International Create With Us Tutorial Bundle with Pansy Patch! I am also giving everyone a package of Artistry Blooms adhesive backed sequins with an online order using the host code:  M3RTAHD7



Pansy Petals tutorial bundle


If you want to see more projects made with the Pansy Petals suite, check out this blog post. You can also purchase the Pansy Patch tutorial with 15 project tutorials for $25 here.


Free Shipping on Thursday!


A Little Story


Did you know that I grew up on a dairy farm? I have two brothers and one sister and my older brother by 7 years is a well read introvert. He tends to live vicariously through me and he has often had big plans for my life. When I was 17 he read an article in the local newspaper asking for contestants for a Queen of the Furrow competition. The winner of the local competition would appear at local agricultural events for the year and then compete at the International Plowing Match for the Ontario title. One of the requirements was to plow. I had never plowed in my life!

This was no obstacle for my brother. He would teach me. So the morning of the local plowing match, I was in a huge tractor with a six furrow plow. We went up and down the field a few times until my brother was satisfied with my skill level.

When we got to the local plowing match in the afternoon I discovered that competition plowing is a whole different animal!! The furrows are measured for depth and width and need to be arrow straight. Thankfully there was a young “Junior Farmer” who loaned me his equipment and was my coach. I still don’t know how I scored on the plowing part of the competition but I must have done all right with the interview and the public speaking. I won the contest and a few years later I did go on to win at the International Plowing Match. What an interesting chapter in my life.


Queen of the Furrow




Thanks for joining me today. I have six kits left for the July Virtual Coffee and a Card class. They are $25 including postage. Every Tuesday morning on Facebook and YouTube I teach one of the cards so you can create with me. This time I do recommend that you purchase the Sweet as a Peach bundle so you can complete the cards properly. It’s a gorgeous set, you won’t regret it and you can get it with free shipping tomorrow. I hope you have a super day!


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Birds and Branches Happy Mail Card

Hello stampers and happy Friday to you. Today’s blog post features a Birds and Branches Happy Mail Card. This stunning card is by Shelly Millett. Shelley is a fellow Canadian demonstrator from Moncton, New Brunswick. Do you know anything about Moncton?


Moncton, New Brunswick


Moncton is the second largest city in the Maritime provinces and has a thriving economy. The people there are resilient and have learned to overcome obstacles.  It was first settled in 1733  so there is some significant Canadian history here. Hub city is its nickname since it is integral in the transportation network of the eastern provinces.





Shelley’s Birds and Branches Card


Here is a picture of Shelley’s card. I love all the details from the frayed gold cord to the carefully coloured leaves and branches. It looks like Shelley also sponged on some extra colour on the wings of her pretty bird. The green leaves on the background of this card come from Very Versailles and the “Hello” comes from Forever Fern.



Birds and Branches card



Here you can see a closeup of this beautiful card. Is this bundle on your wish list? It was one of the prizes from my online Bingo last month and I hope to do another one in August or September.



Birds and Branches closeup



This bundle reminds me of one of my very favourite Paper Pumpkins, it was the one inspired by Shelli Gardner. If you want to see the cards I made with it, check out this blog post. I was looking for another post featuring Birds and Branches but it turns out that I made the cards for a Facebook live but I haven’t blogged about them yet! Good thing I checked!


A Funny Story


When I saw what Gerard made himself for lunch the other day I just knew I had to share this story with you. Part of what I miss is all the stories I share at my coffee and a card classes. This is for you my friends!! Pour yourself a cup of coffee, grab a treat and pretend we are at coffee and a card and your crazy squirrel demonstrator is sharing a funny story with you.

People in Holland eat a LOT of bread. There is a plethora of bread toppings available and in their defense they do have pretty awesome bread here. Freshness is so important that you can even buy bread by the half loaf at the bakery. Bread is eaten for two meals of the day and toast is almost unheard of. Toasters are not a staple in the Dutch kitchen. Butter is also avoided by a lot of people. Note the state of this bread.



Now in Gerard’s defense I did not realize that he was planning to fold each slice in half and then eat it, sort of like a bun or a burrito. In his bachelor state of mind this is efficient. No need to cover the whole slice of bread with the topping, his stomach is not going to know the difference. To me this was austerity at a whole new level!! I am of the other extreme. The  bread is only a vehicle for the toppings. I have been known to cut my slice of bread into four pieces and put something different on each quarter. And trust me, the toppings go to the edge and they are not paltry.


Iconic Holland


I just wanted to share two pictures from my day in Leiden yesterday. One is the view from one of the many bridges over the old Rhine river and the other is of a famous windmill.


Leiden bridge



Molen in Leiden


This windmill is the last one that still has an active miller living inside! You can read more about it and other wonderful things to do in Holland here.

Thanks so much for joining me here on my blog today, I hope you have a super day. If you live in Canada you are most welcome to shop with me by clicking on the links  below. If you do, you will get a free pdf tutorial from the Demo Design Dream Team with 16 3D projects. There is only one more week for Bonus Days as well. Get a $6 bonus bucks coupon with every $60 you spend that you can redeem in August.


Bonus Days


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The Little Things

Hello stampers and happy Wednesday. Have you noticed these days that it truly is the little things that make a difference? I find that when I am in a funk it is time for me to get into nature and be still. To commune with God and soak in His peace. When you slow down and rest, when you breathe deeply you also become more aware of your surroundings. All of a sudden you will see things that you didn’t see before. The buds opening on the trees, a tiny white-breasted nuthatch flitting from tree to tree. Here are some pictures that I took on my recent walk in town.


the little things



the little things


the little things


Spring Dutch Door Card


My leisurely walk through nature restored my soul. At one point I laid on the ground with my binoculars looking up at the great horned owl perched on a branch way above me. I saw it move across the branch and tilt its head down to peer at me to discern my intent. She was keeping a watchful eye on her improvised nest a few trees away and she wanted to make sure that I wasn’t a threat. When I got up, there were leaves caught in my hair but that’s ok. It was good to feel like a kid again. I sat down on a culvert in the shade and was able to see lots of bird activity. This inspired my spring card.


Spring Dutch Door Card


If you would like to know how to make this card you can check out this blog post or watch the video below.



Fancy Fold Card  Contest


I am super excited because the first cards for this contest have arrived. Instead of waiting till they all come in, I will blog about them as they arrive. Stay tuned for the first card by Ina Eisen on Friday. How appropriate! Ina was the one who inspired this card and her Dino Days card will be a treat for all of you. If you want to participate in this contest, please send me a card by May 31 to Jackie Bultje, 81 Delaware Ave, Chatham, Ontario N7L 2W3. You will be entered into a contest to win the Little Ladybug stamp set.


Ornate Garden Suite


Stampin’Up! has released this beautiful new suite and I have told you nothing at all about it. I feel really badly about that because it is full of beautiful things that you might want to have. Truth is, with this Corona virus pandemic I have been super focused on helping families with my #kitsforkids. Please watch this video as it really shows how beautiful the products are. I even forgot to provide a link below in the product supply list, so you can just click here if you want to order it.



Here is an image that shows you a little more. The cards I have seen online with this suite are beautiful and I have heard nothing but good things about it. It might be the perfect #covidbuster for you.



If you click on this link you can go crazy and order whatever your heart desires. Shipping is faster than Amazon!!

Have a super day and thanks for dropping by. Stay safe. Be patient. Be kind.

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Tropical Oasis Pineapple

Hello stampers, I’m back!!! So sorry for dropping off the face of the earth with no notice. After an amazing week of true winter vacation including snowshoeing, ice skating and snow tubing I am going to do a blog post on the Tropical Oasis pineapple. Quite the contradiction but it feels good.


Tropical Oasis Pineapple


When I first saw the tropical oasis suite, it was the pineapple die that really caught my attention. There is a separate die for the pineapple fruit and the pineapple greenery which I think is simply fantastic. This arrangement really allows the textures to pop. The pineapple greenery die embosses and cuts at the same time and it also has little slits in it that allow you to “peel” bits of it forward to create depth and texture. Did you know that the pineapple is a symbol of hospitality? That is why it is often featured as an ornate carving on newel posts and on doorways.


Tropical Oasis pineapple


Tropical Oasis Suite


The tropical oasis suite has so many great things in it. I don’t know about you, but I am really loving this suite approach from Stampin’Up! Creating is so much fun and also easy when you have so many coordinating products. The following closeup shot will let you see the great texture in the braided burlap trim and the coastal weave 3D embossing folder. Antique bronze trinkets are also available in these fun shapes:  pineapple, hibiscus, ukulele and leaf. There are twenty four in a package. One thing that you might not notice right away is that the flower has been stamped in saddle brown Stayzon ink which gives it a great vintage feel. I was very, very impressed with this ink!


Tropical Oasis Pineapple detail


A Few Tips and Tricks


  1. After cutting out the pineapple bottom I did a colour wash with it using an aqua painter and crushed curry ink. Just smush the ink pad onto a clear block and then pick the ink up off of that with an aqua painter.
  2. Notice how the braided burlap trim is a little wider at the ends? Yes, you can tease it apart to give even more texture and interest.
  3. After running the very vanilla cardstock through the Big Shot with the coastal weave embossing folder I sponged it with some saddle brown stayzon ink to make it look more vintage.
  4. The flower was stamped off  in saddle brown stayzon and then I used an aqua painter with calypso coral ink to colour wash it.
  5. Fluff out the pineapple greenery to make it more lush.


Cards for Coffee and a Card and Facebook Live


Here are all the cards we will be making at coffee and a card tomorrow and I will also be doing a Facebook live at 7pmEST so you can see how I did it. I will blog about the other two cards tomorrow and Wednesday.


Tropical Oasis Trio


Happy Mail for Gerard Contest


Did you know that I am doing another happy mail contest? I love the great energy this creates among the stamping community and even more, I love how much Gerard gets into this. He loved the happy mail in Holland contest and he was even more excited than I was when cards arrived in the mail. I thought it would so wonderful to surprise him with a stack of happy mail from all of you when he comes to visit on March 29. If you would like to participate you can send your masculine card to Gerard van der Sar c/o Jackie Bultje 81 Delaware Avenue, Chatham, Ontario, N7L 2W3. I will blog about your card and you will be entered into a draw for the masculine stamp set of your choice from the Handmade for You mini catalog.


Winner of Blog Candy


Congratulations to Debbie Colquhoun who won the Valentine’s Paper Pumpkin stamp set I’ll Bee Yours. Thanks to everyone who took the time to comment on my blog and share my post on Facebook or Pinterest. You wouldn’t believe how much it means to small business owners when people help share their work.


Thanks so Much!


Thanks so much for stopping by today, I really appreciate you. I had a fantastic time away at a cottage in Huntsville with my kids and grandkids enjoying a real Canadian winter. We had so much fun in the snow! This cottage is available for rent for the rest of the winter, so let me know if you are interested and I will let the owner know. Here are a few pictures so you can appreciate the view and the solitude.







Being here was so soul restoring. The peace, tranquility and serene beauty of nature all around you is balm for the soul. Spending time with family here was priceless. I am so thankful for the opportunity to have been able to do this. It is great to be back, now it is time to get stamping and to organize all the club orders. If you would like to order online please use the current host code available on the right hand side of every blog post! Have a super day.


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