Legendary Ride: My Favourite New Suite!

Hello stampers and happy Saturday. Today I am going to share my favourite new suite from the January to April mini catalog. It’s called Legendary Ride. What I love about it is the fantastic motorcycles in two sizes and the detailed dies that go with it. The paper is also incredible. I know several customers of mine who either ride themselves or they ride with their husbands. If you know anyone who rides or loves motorcycles, please share my blog post with them.


My First Legendary Ride Card


This card was cased straight from the catalog. I often use the catalog as an idea book. The card may look nice in the catalog, but it always looks even nicer in person. One of the sheets of paper in the Ready To RIde paper has gorgeous images in various rectangle or tag shapes that make it very easy to make a stunning card.


Legendary RIde card by The Pampered Stamper using Stampin'Up! supplies.


Do you know where the die is from? It comes from the fantastic He’s the Man bundle. Between these two bundles you will have a LOT of inspiration for masculine cards. I almost hesitate to use that phrase because truth be told, these cards would also be great for women!!


Upcoming Class!


Legendary Ride is so compelling to me, that I have used this suite to create my first class with four options.


Legendary Ride Class-to-go with six large cards and pdf tutorial included.


Legendary Ride Class to Go Details


A Very Transparent Plea


This week I did something that I never thought I would do and it caused me some great soul-searching. After seeing the devastation in Gerard’s greenhouse firsthand, I created a GoFundMe page for Gerard as well as its European counterpart. I hadn’t been in the greenhouse for a while and I was shocked to see so many bulbs and flowers in big heaps in one complete half of the greenhouse. They were all awaiting the chopping machine and the composting bin. Why??

Well, last April Gerard found out that his Royal Velvet amaryllis bulbs had a deadly virus. There is no crop insurance for this. At first he thought he could contain it. Then he was told that 35% of his bulbs would have to be destroyed. In the end, it was 50% of his bulbs that had to go. This is devastating because bulbs usually last at least a lifetime.

I was moved to make a video which I shared on YouTube. Please consider watching it and sharing it. If you want to donate (please feel no obligation) just click on the blue links above.





Thanks for joining me today and thanks for being a part of my stamping community. These days I am not blogging quite as often as before but I am very active on YouTube so I would be absolutely thrilled if you subscribed to my channel and joined me there for creative inspiration!! Have a super day!

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Hybrid Embossing Folder: Taking it to a New Level!

Hello stampers and happy Wednesday to you. Hybrid Embossing Folder. Do you know what this is? Have you tried them? At first I was a little mystified myself, but these beauties cut and emboss at the same time. The die fits inside the embossing folder and with one run through the die cutting machine you accomplish two things. Yesterday I tried it with a brand new one from the 2022 mini catalog.


Hybrid Embossing Folder:  Almost Ruined!


Well, I wanted to take this hybrid embossing folder to a new level. I had a baroque theme in mind for my heart card. Originally I was trying to combine the Strong of Heart fundraiser stamp set, but then I went off on a tangent. You see, I love castles and brocade and rich colours. The colours I was using were Real Red and Basic Black. Why not go bold? Guess what I did?

Yes, I inked up the folder in black ink, laid the heart die inside, added my red cardstock and put it through my die cutting machine. Wow! It turned out even better than I thought. Such rich depth of colour and texture, it was beautiful. But there was a definite problem. I could smell the distinct smell of almond extract. I knew right away that I had used Stazon instead of Memento black.

If any of you know about Stazon ink, it stays on!! It is meant to be a permanent ink on fabric, plastic, metal, you name it. I tried rinsing it off. Nope. Tried Stazon cleaner. That worked minimally. Then I got out the big guns:  GooGone. That stuff stinks like the dickens, but it worked. I had to use a dish brush and some elbow grease, but my embossing folder is clean again!


Bouquet of Love Hybrid Embossing Folder cards



Hybrid Embossing Folder Heart Cards


Embossing With White Velvet


While we are on a regal, baroque theme, why not add velvet paper into the mix. Now be forewarned, you will never quite get the look that I got on this card. Why? Because no matter how hard I scrubbed and cleaned my embossing folder, there was still some GooGone residue and this transferred to the white velvet paper giving it an authentic vintage look!


White Velvet hybrid embossing folder card


Here you can see the lovely detail up close. I am really, really impressed with this hybrid embossing folder.


Detailed view of hybrid embossing folder "Bouquet of Love"


Strong of Heart Fundraiser Stamp Set


Did you know that Stampin’Up! is donating $4 to heart health for each Strong of Heart stamp set sold? In Canada these funds are going to our very own London Health Sciences Centre. The reason behind this is the tragic story of Anne Granger who lost her husband at the age of 40 to a rare heart condition. You can read about it here.


Strong of Heart fundraiser card


One More Peek


Can you believe that this was once plain red cardstock? I am just so very impressed with how beautifully this turned out. Ink up your embossing folder with black ink and wowsers!!


Bouquet of Love hybrid embossing folder card


The sayings on all of these cards come from the Strong of Heart stamp set. I really hope that you are inspired to purchase this set and help raise money for heart health. It is so wonderful that Stampin’Up! keeps the money that is raised in each country in the same country. Support local!! Thanks for joining me today, as always the links to shop with me are at the end of the blog post. Have a super day.


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Big Sale Tomorrow

Hello stampers and happy Tuesday to you. There is going to be a big sale tomorrow! 15% off  of ALL red rubber cling stamps in the annual catalog except for host sets. I am hoping to use this sale to get more kits into the hands of health care workers and teachers! This is how!


Take Advantage and Give!


You can take advantage of the sale and by doing so I will get host benefits. I am going to use ALL the host benefits AND my commission on more kits for our teachers and health care workers. Hopefully you will also add a kit to your order to give to one of these front line workers as well. Together we CAN make a difference.

24 hour stamp sale October 20


When you place your online order please use this host code so that I can use my host benefits to get more kits for the teachers and health care workers. Don’t need anything yourself? You can sponsor one or more kits by sending me your $$ via etransfer to jackiebultje@gmail.com or through PayPal with the friends and family option.


current host code with The Pampered Stamper


More Good News!


I worked my tail off to get this huge 16 project pdf tutorial done before I fly home. So happy to tell you I did it! It’s finished and it’s fabulous. Perhaps you would like a copy? This tutorial gives you clear instructions and photos of lots of Christmas boxes, treat holders, cards and even a gingerbread house. It includes a link to a Zoom party on Saturday November 27 where I will demonstrate three of the projects: the gingerbread house, the spinning tower card and the Post-It note holder.



The house is not in this picture because I had to return it to Mardette and I didn’t have the Lots of Snowflakes dies here to make the trimmings for the house. You can see it in this blog post.

If you wish to purchase the tutorial, you can do so here.


“Fun-Raiser” Update

We are now at 26 kits sponsored and that is wonderful. I did a video yesterday showing the Love, Santa kit and explaining that my fellow demonstrator Tamara Bertram sold 75 kits. She lives in Edmonton, Alberta and there has always been rivalry between western Canada and the “east”. Funny how Ontario is in the middle of Canada but is considered to be “east”. Let’s show what we can do together! I would be over the moon to reach my initial goal of 100 but even 75 would be pretty awesome.


Love, Santa kit tags


Love Santa kit "Fun-Raiser" flyer


Instead of sponsoring a kit for $30, you can now sponsor TWO kits for $40. Two at a time we will reach our goal more quickly. Can I count on YOU to help??


Video of the Love, Santa Kit



Goodbye from Holland

Tomorrow will be my last day here, so no blog post. That is why I am writing one today. Thanks again for joining me, I hope you have a super day. Happy stamping.


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Strong of Heart for Christmas

Hello stampers and happy Friday to you. My Strong of Heart stamp set came in and I immediately made a card with it that fits with the colour scheme of the Cross-Country Christmas Cookie Exchange with a Heart class. First we’ll take a look at the card and then I will talk some more about this epic class.


Strong of Heart for Christmas


When you first take a look at the Strong of Heart stamp set you may think of Valentine’s Day, but not Christmas. With the colour scheme I chose, this would be a perfect card to send to someone at Christmas, especially to someone who has had some struggles in life and may not want a traditional Christmas card. I made two versions. One is sparkly, the other is slightly more masculine or rustic. Which one is your favourite?


Strong of Heart


Here is the one that is more rustic. The only difference is that the Be Dazzled paper is taken away. Small but significant detail.


Strong of Heart card with Timeworn Type embossed background.


Part of the pdf Tutorial


The purpose of my Cross Country Christmas Cookie Exchange Party with a Heart is three fold. First I want to unite stampers across the country with a recipe swap. Doesn’t that sound wonderful? Second, I want to give you LOTS of great ideas for Christmas cards and projects. Third, I want to raise money for heart health as a fellow demonstrator in Ontario lost her husband to a congenital heart defect. The hospital that tried to save his life is now conducting research to try and prevent more tragedies like this. Stampin’Up! has designated this specific hospital for the funds raised in Canada!! That makes my heart sing.

This card will also be a part of the pdf tutorial that is included in the class/event. You will get the Strong of Heart stamp set as well as the tutorial and there will be a Zoom party on November 26.  More details are in this blog post.  If you live in the States you can simply purchase the tutorial.

The tutorial will be finished at the latest by November 1, hopefully sooner. I now have all the projects completed, now I need to write it all up and take and edit the photos. Usually it takes at least a full day to write a tutorial, sometimes two! You can order yours here below by clicking on the PayPal button. When it is finished I will add it to my tutorial store on this blog.



Recipe Swap

To participate in the recipe swap you need to preregister for the class which includes the stamp set. Deadline to send out the recipes is November 13. That way we will get them in time to share and talk about at the Zoom party. Please use as your base either 4″ by 6″ kraft paper or crumb cake cardstock. Here is a picture of my recipe card.



Recipe Box and Recipe card made with kraft paper and Gingerbread & Peppermint Suite


To make it less daunting to write out so many recipe cards I am suggesting that you handwrite the front of the card and then print out the instructions and adhere them to the back of the card. Best of both worlds!! During the Zoom party I will demonstrate three of the projects from the pdf tutorial. I hope YOU can join me for this fun class. Thanks so much for joining me today, I hope you have a super weekend. Hugs from Holland!



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Christmas Whimsy Health Care Worker “Fun-Raiser”

Hello stampers and happy Monday to you. This weekend I posted a video explaining my Christmas Whimsy Health Care Worker “Fun-Raiser”. I have since decided to expand it to include our teachers. Why a “fun-raiser” for them? Let me explain how I came to this decision and what I hope to get from you my followers.


Why a Christmas Whimsy Health Care Worker “Fun-Raiser”?


This is not a new idea. It started in the winter/spring when my daughter Rachel was working at the Chatham hospital in the emergency department. She came home with stories of how stressed the health care workers. I was shocked. At that point I had quite a stash of Paper Pumpkin kits so together we made cards to go in them and I purchased blocks to add to them. She took them all to work with her and actually ran out. One person had missed out, so I found another kit to give away. This time I thought I would rally the troops so to speak.


Please, Not Seven Times!


I am told that people need to see something seven times before they take action. Please let this NOT be the case this time. I believe in YOU that you will be moved to make a difference. Someone commented on my YouTube video asking if I thought I would make my goal of giving away 100 kits. My answer is an unabashed YES!! Let me tell you why I think this should be very doable.

If every blog reader today decides to sponsor a kit we will already be at 300 kits. If each of my YouTube subscribers would sponsor a kit we would be at 3800 kits. What about my Facebook people? Then we would have another 8000 kits! So really, if you look at it this way my goal is sort of pathetic. Together we can prove the naysayers wrong. If you are reading this post, don’t think that someone else will step up. Step up yourself.


Christmas Whimsy Card Kit Fun-Raiser


Stories from the Trenches


I heard from a teacher a few days ago saying that they are so disheartened and it is only September. The bureaucracy that they have to deal with is suffocating. I am not up to speed on mask wearing any more but they not only had to do online teaching which is a TON of work, they also had to be double masked ALL  DAY LONG. Have you ever tried that while needing to walk and talk at the same time? Not pleasant.

We won’t even get into all the behavioural issues that they have to deal with, the under-staffing, the last minute changes to their classrooms or even the class that they have to teach, blended populations, the list could go on.

As for the health care workers, morale is low. They too are expected to more with less money. Less staff, more work. Covid that just doesn’t stop. The squabbling about vaccinations, about not following the rules.

Doesn’t it just exhaust you to read about this? Don’t you think these great people could use a lovely surprise in their life? One that lets them relax and enjoy something new either on their own with some music in the background or with their kids that they don’t get to spend enough quality time with? Maybe a girlfriend afternoon or evening. I will include a list of ways that they could enjoy this kit for even more fun and I will also include your name on the card or letter if you decide to sponsor. Be sure to let me know whether you want to sponsor a teacher or a health care worker.


Time for Smiles!


Take a look at these cards samples. Don’t they just make you smile? Do they make you feel like a child again? That’s a pretty amazing feeling and this what is often channeled when you take time to play and be creative. At least that is what happens with me and many people that I have talked to. Many, many times I have heard:  “I wouldn’t know how I would have gotten through COVID without my stamping hobby!”

My brain is even going a step further. Wouldn’t it be great if we heard stories back from the recipients of how your gift affected them? I will come up with a letter (stamped of course) to include in the kit that asks them to share back with us with a photo of social media post with a hash tag #fun-raiser and then I can share some of them here. Stories are powerful!!


Christmas Whimsy Card Kit sample


I want a hat like that and those outfits are just so darn cute!! There are 8 cards in this kit.


Christmas Whimsy card kit components.



Christmas Whimsy Kit card sample.


Video Explanation and Card Tutorial



What I Love About This Kit


What I really love about this Christmas Whimsy kit is that it is perfectly suited for beginner stampers but it is also a lot of fun for seasoned stampers. These card bases and die cuts are fantastic and you could use them as base elements for a fancier or different card. Combine this kit with offerings from our holiday catalog such as Whimsical Trees or Peaceful Deer. Perhaps I will have some time to play and design something for you. Rest assured that the quality is wonderful. It’s always nice to have another ink spot, clear block and sheet of dimensionals. At $26 in Canada or €23 in Europe it’s a great deal.




Thanks for joining me today. You know that I believe that we can make the world a better place one card at a time, and in this case one kit at a time. I hope you have been inspired to participate in this fun-raiser. Could you do one more thing for me? Share this blog post on Facebook or Instagram or wherever you can. Tell YOUR people about this opportunity and help spread the word. Let’s knock this Christmas Whimsy fun-raiser out of the park and blow away that 100 kit goal!!


PS. Are you an avid stamper? Do you know someone in your area that could use a kit to brighten their day and relieve their stress? You could also just use the host code and order this kit online. If you choose that option then you can also take advantage of saleabration which ends on September 30 and you can get some free products for yourself too. Win win!


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Making a Difference with Trimming the Town Suite

Hello stampers and happy Friday to you! Did you know that Stampin’Up! is making a huge difference with the Trimming the Town suite? Well, actually it is the Coming Home stamp set in this suite that is the fundraiser. This makes me so very happy! If you purchase the Coming Home stamp set Stampin’Up! will donate $4 to charities devoted to adoption, foster care and infertility. Together we can make a difference today.


Trimming the Town Suite


Trimming the Town Suite


Let’s Raise Money for Families!


Here is a look at the stamp set that is the actual “vehicle” for the fundraiser. If you purchase this adorable stamp set you will help raise money for adoption, foster care and fertility. This is the most Stampin’Up! has ever donated to a charity, $4 per set! I would love to encourage people to ALL buy this great set. I think it is the perfect set for this cause. Do you know why?

What is one of the first things that you ever drew as a child? I think the top three are 1. a sun, 2. a tree and 3. a house! These images are perfect for colouring for all ages. Are you going to buy this set?


Trimming the Town Suite


Some Cute Cards with Trimming the Town Suite


This cute card comes straight out of the catalog and uses both our new festive felt sheets and the adhesive backed snowflakes. I accidentally bought the snowflake sequins instead of these beauties. I love the convenience of having them be adhesive backed already. No need to struggle with glue dots!


Trimming the Town suite


My Card!


Finally you get to see my card. It is an amazing surprise gatefold card that I  showed in my Facebook live video which I will also share here. I hope you subscribe to my YouTube channel so that you don’t miss any of my videos. When I am finished my quarantine I will be getting a new phone so that I can do my live videos in landscape mode. Won’t that just be fantastic!!


Trimming the Town surprise Gatefold card


Here is the inside of the card, but the best thing will be watching the video to see all the surprises inside!


Trimming the Town gatefold card inside


Trimming the Town paper for inside card


Trimming the Town Video Tutorial


If you want to see how to make this surprise gatefold card, just watch this video. We will also be making this style of card in my Online Christmas Bingo which is going to be so much fun!! I hope you consider joining in too, you have until September 15 to register for this event on October 8 at 7pm. You can read all the details here.





Thanks so much for joining me today, I had a lot of fun playing with this fun Trimming the Town suite, but more than that, I really, really hope you get on board with the fundraiser. I love it when I can use my business to help with an important cause. Families are everything! I hope you have a super day!!


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Trimming The Town Suite Collection


Trimming The Town Designer Series Paper


Coming Home Photopolymer Stamp Set


Coming Home Bundle


Stitched Shapes Dies


Layering Circles Dies


Misty Moonlight 8-1/2" X 11" Cardstock


Pool Party 8-1/2" X 11" Cardstock


Paper Trimmer


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