Bee Mine: One Design, Two Outcomes

Hello stampers and happy Tuesday to you. Time has once again slipped through my fingers when it comes to blogging. I hope that you missed me!! Perhaps you have been a part of my Fourteen Days of Love video series. These gorgeous cards were a part of that, and I now also have a complete tutorial bundle for you to either get for free with a purchase OR if you are a part of my team. Otherwise you can purchase it on my blog here.


One Design, Two Outcomes


I love it when you can make one design and use it for two completely different purposes. This started out as an adorable framed art project. I thought it would be perfect to give to a loved one so they can put it in their work space and be reminded that they are loved. What do you think?

It can also be made into a card which you can then mail anywhere in the world!! We often forget to tell our people how much we love them.


Framed art piece with Bee Mine suite from Stampin'Up!



Of course, I am all about options. The card also has two choices:  black mat or sweet sorbet mat?? Both have their charms as you will see.



Bee Mine large square card with new Layered Florals 3D embossing folder.




Bee Mine large square card with new Layered Florals 3D embossing folder.



Fun Little Bee Mine Tip


While the Bee My Valentine stamp set is adorable, the Bee Mine paper is over the top!!! You can cut myriad images out of this paper. Some of it is a little busy for my taste, so use it in small doses, OR cut out the adorable bees and use them as fun accents. For these cards I also fussy cut the jars and the honey pot. It really isn’t difficult and it makes for very affordable crafting.

The other great tip is to use white embossing on black cardstock for your sentiments. It really pops in contrast to the yellow and red backgrounds and it coordinates with the gingham ribbon. Repetition is a great design technique!



Bee Mine large square card with new Layered Florals 3D embossing folder.


Valentine’s Day Present


For one day only, I am offering buy one get one free for pdf tutorials. This is how it works. Purchase one tutorial from me on my blog, then message me to let me know which tutorial you would like for free and I will send it to you. Valid on February 14, 2024 only.

Of course the very best present you can give yourself as a papercrafter is the starter kit. You can get the beautiful glass plate, silicone palette and gray shammy as a free bonus OR you can an extra $41 in product which is enough for you to be able to put the die cutting machine in your kit!!! Here is the link if you want to join my Canadian team. If you live in Europe, join my team here. Either way, I can promise you that we will have a LOT of fun together, plus I have 18 years of expertise as a demonstrator that I can share with you.



Fourteen Days of Love pdf tutorial bundle by The Pampered Stamper.



Bee Mine Video Tutorial


Seeing is believing, so here is a video tutorial for you. See first hand how I made these cards. You can pause and fast forward as often as you like, you are the boss!!! Thanks so much for joining me today. Hugs from Holland, Jackie




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Salebration Inspiration!!

Hello stampers and happy Tuesday to you. I have found a magical combination for some serious Saleabration Inspiration!! The Meandering Meadow suite coordinates so well with so many of our saleabration offerings. In fact, I made a 17 card pdf tutorial to inspire you. You can get it for free when you order with me, or you can purchase it in my tutorial store here.


17 card mega tutorial bundle featuring saleabration products combined with online exclusives.


Features and Benefits of Saleabration Inspiration


One of the great features of this saleabration inspiration tutorial is that it shows a. card that is suitable for a beginner and then also has a stepped up version for more advanced stampers. There are some great tips and tricks for getting the most out of your saleabration freebies! I love tutorials because they jump start your creativity and make you happy to be in your stamp room again!


Don't waste the birds along the side and bottom of your Flight & Airy paper, they look great on a card too!



This card uses both sides of the same piece of paper. Just die cut the circle and turn it upside down!


Video Tutorial


I made a little video tutorial showing you a few tips and tricks with the Flight & Airy paper. It really is amazing what you can do with this lovely Flight & Airy Paper! If you want to have more saleabration inspiration, check out this blog post from last year! (actually less than two weeks ago)



Best Deal Ever!


If you have followed me for any length of time, you know that I am a firm believer in the starter kit. It is an absolute mystery to me why every single customer of mine has not purchased the starter kit. It is such an amazing deal and there are no strings attached. If you could get a Costco membership for free for six months and you also got to choose around $200 worth of ANYTHING in the store and pay only $135, wouldn’t you jump on it? That is what the offer is with the starter kit.

Right now for only $135 you can get $165 worth of products PLUS the glass plate, silicone palette and gray shammy as a bonus (worth about $100 with shipping and tax) You can also choose the option of getting $206 worth of product for only $135. Here is the link if what I said made sense to you (valid only in Canada)



Free glass mat, silicone palette and gray shammy with purchase of Stampin'Up! starter kit.


Is the Starter Kit right for YOU??


Benefits of the Stampin'Up! starter kit.




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The Joy of Whale Watching

Well hello stampers!! It has been two months since I have written a blog post and I am sorry about that. I hope you have missed me a bit. Today I am sharing a lovely card with you using the set Whale Watching. Whether or not you have ever gone whale watching, this stamp set is spectacular. Capture the magic and majesty of these creatures on your cards or in your scrapbook pages. Mine was a card for my weekly Cheer Corner and you can also see the video which I will include a little further on in my blog post.


Whale Watching Card


Masking paper was the secret to creating a nice scene for this Whale Watching card. It really is a simple card with just stamps, ink and paper. I used a blending brush and some Blends markers to step it up a notch.


Card using Whale Watching stamp set from Stampin'Up!


Mini Catalog Inspiration


Do you remember to use your catalogs as tools for inspiration? Sometimes we forget, don’t we? There is a great card that I want to share with your from the mini catalog. It uses this Whale Watching set in conjunction with Waves of Inspiration and the Nested Essentials dies. Brilliant really!


Card using Whale Watching and Waves of Inspiration. All products Stampin'Up! by The Pampered Stamper.


Video Tutorial



Ready for Something Special??


If you have been following my blog for a while as well as my business Facebook page, you will know that Stampin’Up! has really enriched my life. I have met SO many wonderful people through stamping. You can too!! There is absolutely no need to be a stamping super star, but you can still have the benefits of this amazing stamping community. How??

Change your life and get the starter kit! This will mean that you are on my Beyond Pampered team. Together we do such fun things, the best of which are the team retreats. They are truly life-changing! The starter kit also means getting your own stamps at a 20% discount.

Did you know that if you get the starter kit this month you get either 35% off OR 35% more in your kit? You also get to keep your discount until the end of April 2024 regardless of how little you purchase. Truly, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!!


35% off or 35% more in your starter kit deal, valid until October 31, 2023.


Are you ready to take this exciting step? If so, click here to join my team in Canada. Live in Europe, you can click here to join my team.


A Personal Note


We are now all moved into the home where Gerard grew up, right next to the greenhouse. That means that I now have my stamp room on the main floor where the living room used to be! You can guess what that also means. I have to keep it neat!! I do love the natural light and I can see right into the greenhouse to see Gerard work. We now have coffee together every morning at 10am in the greenhouse. On December 28 I will fly back to Canada to spend a late Christmas with the kids and then have a team retreat from January 2-4. Maybe you can come too??

I hope you have a super day, and thanks so much for joining me today.


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What is a Stampin’Up! demonstrator?

Hello stampers. Today I want to address the question, what is a Stampin’Up! demonstrator? A Stampin’Up! demonstrator is someone who loves to make cards and other papercrafting products and who has fallen in love with the line of Stampin’Up! products. Anyone who purchases the starter kit is considered to be a Stampin’Up! demonstrator.


What is a Stampin’Up! Demonstrator?


A Stampin’Up! demonstrator is an independent contractor with Stampin’Up! When you purchase the starter kit you are independent, so you can choose what you do with this kit. In your kit will be Stampin’Up! supplies that you have chosen yourself as well as an additional “business kit” that includes 8 annual catalogs, 8 mini catalogs, 50 order forms, and 100 postcard invitations.

You can choose to pursue your demonstratorship as a business, or you can simply enjoy the personal benefits. While you are referred to as a “demonstrator”, you do NOT have to DEMONSTRATE anything. This will come as a relief to many of you! You do not have to become ME!!!


Stampin'Up! demonstrators having fun together


Who can become a demonstrator?


I have the unique position of being a demonstrator in both Canada and the Netherlands. That means you can join my Canadian team if you are a Canadian and in Europe, the rules are a little different. Anyone in the Stampin’Up! European markets (the Netherlands, UK, Ireland, Belgium, Germany, France, and Austria) can join my team.

Becoming a Stampin’Up! demonstrator is completely flexible and personal; you do what YOU want. The only thing that is necessary to remain a demonstrator is to meet your quarterly minimums. That is the amount you need to buy yourself or sell to others every three months. Stampin’Up! measures this is CSV which is commissionable sales volume. One CSV is one US dollar. The value of your local currency will determine the amount you need to sell. For example, in Canada, that amount would be around $400, but in Europe it will be closer to €300.

I would say that there are three types of demonstrators.

Hobby Stamper

  • Loves card making and papercrafting
  • Enjoys having a discount on all their purchases
  • Loves the opportunity to connect with our fun community of other stampers
  • Loves having access to card making tutorials, exclusive video tutorials and online stamping events.
  • Receives early access to new catalogs, products and kits
  • Loves learning new stamping techniques and getting card making ideas.

Business Builder

  • They want to sell Stampin’Up! products to friends and family who will introduce them to new customers.
  • Join for the opportunity to share their love of stamping with others.
  • Choose to run their business by holding classes, hosting workshops, selling their cards, pdf tutorials, video tutorials online or in person.
  • Share the benefits of being a demonstrators with others and in doing so build a team of demonstrators.
  • Work as much or as little as you like with the goal of not having to meet the minimum sales requirement with their own purchases.
  • A “business builder” is the term we use for anyone who is doing more than just purchasing for themselves.

Everyone in Between

  • Some join for the discount and then end up placing a few orders for their friends.
  • Many join for personal benefits (mainly social) and then decide to hold the occasional class or start sharing online.


Jackie with Gerard meeting Sara and Shelli for the first time


The Best Part!


The best part is that Stampin’Up! treats everyone the same, as do I! My Beyond Pampered Team is a great mix of business builders, hobby stampers and everyone in between. Everyone who joins is called a demonstrator. All demonstrators have access to the same resources and benefits. It is up to you what you want to take advantage of as a Stampin’Up! demonstrator.


How much money can I SAVE as a Stampin’Up! demonstrator?

Did you know that the reason that most people get the starter kit is to save money? Saving money and getting free products is one of the biggest reasons that people join.

The first savings is when you get the Demonstrator Starter kit. In Canada you can select $165 worth of products and pay only $135. There is also free shipping and no tax in most provinces. The free shipping is alone worth $18.15. In Canada you will also get a bonus Paper Pumpkin kit which is worth $35.

The second way to save is your 20% discount on all your purchases. If you choose to sell to others, you will earn a 20% commission. Depending on how much you buy or sell, you can increase this amount to 25%.

The third way to save is when you place your own orders you can get host benefits. That’s right! You don’t actually have to “host” a workshop to get host benefits. As soon as your order reaches $200 you earn host rewards. Host benefits start at 10% but can go as high as 16% when you get to $550. At this point you also qualify for a half price item.


How much money can I MAKE as a Stampin’Up! demonstrator?

We just talked about how much money you can save when you get the starter kit and purchase supplies for yourself. Really, why pay full price when you can get the discounts and freebies? However, saving money isn’t making money, and making money is really nice!

As a Stampin’Up! demonstrator you can also sell products to others by holding classes and events, both in person and online. You can create any type of business that you want, and when you do this you can also earn money. How much you earn depends completely on what you choose to do, how much time you put into it, and how hard you work. A little luck and a lot of blessings also go a long way!

  • Earn additional income bases on your sales and recruiting. Be sure to check out the Compensation Plan to see how Stampin’Up! rewards you.
  • Set your own schedule and put in as much or as little time as you like
  • Stampin’Up! offers a lot of support through training videos, a complete resource library and a demonstrator only online community with thousands of project and class ideas.
  • Access to regular promotions with graphics that you can use giving you an opportunity to make more money.
  • Opportunity to earn incentive trips.
  • Stampin’Up! only events, both locally and nationally. This is a great way to spend time with and meet other like-minded individuals, aka stamping addicts!!
  • Chance to learn creative tips and techniques, share ideas and come into contact with new friends who love papercrafting as much as you do. This is also a great opportunity to collaborate with other business builders and to learn from each other.


Who you join matters!


I am often asked if it matters who you sign up with, and the answer is a resounding YES!! Absolutely. The person you sign up with is called your “upline” and this is who will help you learn the ropes. Your upline is the one who will help you, answer your questions, provide you with training and support and will be there for you. You want this person to be knowledgeable and to have had some experience. Most of all you want to feel a connection with this person, to be comfortable with them and to feel safe.

You cannot in good faith sign up with one person and then expect a different demonstrator to answer all your questions and be your support person.

I have almost 18 years experience as a Stampin’Up! demonstrator and have been honoured with many awards including one of the top demonstrators in Canada and in the world! I have presented several times at official Stampin’Up! events and have been featured in the Stampin’ Success magazine. Also, I am part of a very small group (less than 1%) of demonstrators who have achieved the annual incentive trips offered by Stampin’Up! My Pampered Stamper Training Group is open to demonstrators all over the world for a $99 annual fee, but it is free to my team members. My team members also receive three pdf bundles a month from the various design teams that I belong to.

As you can see, I know what it takes to set and achieve goals, and I am also confident that I can help you set and reach your goals. Beyond Pampered is an amazing team and you would be most welcome to join us!


Jackie Bultje Stampin'Up! demonstrator in Canada and Europe


What is the commitment once you become a Stampin’Up! demonstrator?

  • To remain a demonstrator you must buy or sell 300 CSV before your discount each quarter (three months) That is about $400 Canadian. This can be from your personal orders or from others.
  • If you don’t meet this minimum, you are given one month to make it up.
  • If you cannot meet your minimum sales requirement then are simply deactivated as a demonstrator and you go back to being a regular customer. You lose access to the demonstrator website and to your discount. There is no penalty. You are able to join again right away as long as you join with the same upline. If you wish to choose a different upline then you have to wait three months. That is why it is important who you choose to sign up with!
  • When you first join, depending on the month of the year, you may have up to six months to meet the minimum quarterly requirement for the first time.


How to become a Stampin’Up! demonstrator


Joining is simple. First pick out $165 worth of products. You cannot go over this amount, so get as close as you can. You will only pay $135, plus you will get a free Paper Pumpkin kit and you get free shipping. Depending on your province, you will also pay no tax!!

What should you put in your kit? That is entirely up to you. What do you need? What do you want? If you are just starting with this hobby, then get the basics. A paper trimmer, a Memento black ink pad, a package of Assorted Memories & More cards and envelopes (they are such a great staple!) your favourite stamp set, a few ink pads or perhaps the Classic Assortment of 8 ink spots. It is helpful to have a list of what you want complete with item numbers and prices so you can keep a running tally of the total.

As you begin to work through the different pages of ordering your kit, they will ask you for different pieces of information. Make sure that at the top of the screen you see my picture and my name. That way you will be sure that you are signing up with me as your upline!

Ready to join in Canada? ORDER YOUR STARTER KIT HERE

Ready to join in Europe? ORDER YOUR STARTER KIT HERE


Oh no! Why do they want my SIN number??

One of the pieces of information that they will ask you for is your social insurance number. Since Stampin’Up! is a direct sales company, everyone has the same opportunity to sell to others. This means that Stampin’Up! needs to have your social insurance number for reporting purposes in case you do end up making money and earning income. They do not distinguish when you are signing up whether or not you are joining just for your own discount or to make a business out of it. Therefore they need this information just in case you are going to be earning income. Everyone gets treated the same!

Another reason that I like to share is this. Stampin’Up! has to make sure it is a real person signing up. Otherwise unscrupulous demonstrators could sign up fake people, or even their dog or cat! Sometime we can earn bonuses for the number of people we sign up so Stampin’Up! needs to be able to regulate this. We can also only sign up people who live in our markets. Make sense?


You’ve signed up, now what?


After you complete your order for the demonstrator starter kit, you will receive a welcome email from Stampin’Up! It will contain your demonstrator ID number as well as your password. You will use this to sign into the demonstrator website.

You will first want to sign in and set up your demonstrator account. Start with changing your password to something you will remember. Keep it in a safe place with your other passwords! You will then be prompted to set up your banking information so that they can directly deposit your earnings into your account. Your credit card information is also kept on file so that when you place your own orders everything is already all set for you!

Once you have done all that the fun will begin. You can check out all the features of the site including making a practice order!

You will also get a welcome email from me as well as some personal questions asking you what you want from me and how I can best support you. I will let you know which online groups you can be a part of if you so choose including my team page, training group and private Prime Time group with a weekly exclusive video tutorial.

You are never alone! You can call demonstrator support at 1-800-782-6787 Monday to Friday from 9am to 7pm EST. You can also contact me or put your questions in the team page. Stampin’Up! is a very supportive family of demonstrators.


Thank you!


Thanks so much for your curiosity about the starter kit opportunity. I would love to have you join our Beyond Pampered Team and to allow me the privilege of being your team leader and upline. Becoming a Stampin’Up! demonstrator was one of the best decisions of my life. I have truly enjoyed it for the last almost 18 years and it keeps getting better. So many friendships all over the world have been made and I have grown incredibly as a person. If you have any questions, please reach out to me and ask. Together we CAN change the world one card at a time!!

I will finish this post with some of the benefits that are unique to the Beyond Pampered Team.

  • monthly team gatherings, either in person or via Zoom
  • dedicated team page on Facebook that is a fun, inspiring and safe place.
  • annual team retreats in a very fun location. We have staying in gorgeous cottages, quilting retreats and mountain cabins. Sometimes there are even two retreats a year. These are intimate with creative time but also time for connecting with each other around great food and conversation.
  • amazing training in a private training group with weekly training videos.
  • three month pdf tutorial bundles: Demo Design Dream Team; International Create With Us tutorial bundle team; Bundle Bonus Team
  • free membership in the exclusive Prime Time group with an exclusive video tutorial each Thursday.


I hope that after reading this you will feel both comfortable and inspired to join my Beyond Pampered Team. Oh the fun that we will have together and the places we will go! Have a super day.

The Stampin’Up! Starter Kit Opportunity

Stampin up starter pack

Simple stamping with Perennial Essence paper and stamp set.
In this blog post you will get a general overview of what is usually included in the Stampin Up starter pack. You can start as a Stampin Up demonstrator if you purchase the Stampin Up starter kit. The contents of the starter kit may vary depending on the specific offers and promotions at the time of purchase. Overall, however, the Stampin Up Starter Kit contains a selection of products designed to help you start your own creative projects. Some examples of Stampin’Up! starter kit items you can expect are:


A set of rubber or photopolymer stamps with different designs, often themed or seasonal.

Ink Pads

Usually some ink pads in different colours are included, which go well with the stamp designs.


An assortment of coloured and printed papers suitable for card making, scrapbooking and other craft projects.

Glue and adhesives

Products such as double-sided tape, glue sticks or dimensional stickers for attaching paper and decorative elements.

Basic tools:

Basic tools such as a paper cutter, scissors, pencil, or ruler may be included.

Catalog and Promotional Materials

A case with 8 of the Stampin’ Up! annual catalogs, sometimes also 8 mini catalogs, a package of 50 order forms and invitation post cards are included in your kit.

Please note that Stampin’ Up! regularly updates its offer and introduces new products. Therefore, the exact contents of the starter kit may vary. You get to choose what you put in your kit. The only things not available to put in your starter kit are host sets.  It is best to contact a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator or the official website for the most up-to-date information on the Stampin up Starter Kit. The Pampered Stamper works as a demonstrator in Canada and the Netherlands.

Elephant Parade Baby Card

Happy Friday stampers. Elephant Parade is such an adorable bundle and perfect for baby cards too. I had so much fun stamping and the elephants and the mouse on shimmery white cardstock and then watercolouring them. Once you have a little stash made, you can use them to quickly create some adorable cards. I made one in English and one in Dutch.


Elephant Parade Baby Cards


I found that the little elephants looked super cute with the Happy Forest Friends paper. What do you think? Make it a little less busy by using the Deckled Rectangle dies so that you only have a border left of the cute print.



Elephant Parade bundle and Warm Welcome combine with Happy Forest Friends paper for a delightful baby card.



Elephant Parade bundle and Warm Welcome combine with Happy Forest Friends paper for a delightful baby card.


Here you can see a closeup of the adorable little mouse. I watercoloured him with Smoky Slate and Blushing Bride. The Leaf is done in Pear Pizzazz.


Elephant Parade bundle and Warm Welcome combine with Happy Forest Friends paper for a delightful baby card.


Perfect Time to Buy!


Now is the perfect time to indulge in some new stamps, ink and paper. Saleabration means that you get to choose free product with every $60 purchase. Sale ends February 28, 2023.


Perfect Time to Join!


Now is also the perfect time to join. Get your own discount by getting the starter kit. You get to choose $225 worth of product and pay only $135 with free shipping and in many provinces, no tax! Should you choose to sell to other people, you can even start your own business. Your kit, your way. Here is the link to join my team in Canada. Live in Europe? Join my fledgling team here.

Thanks for stopping by my blog today, I am really grateful for you. Happy stamping  and let’s change the world one card at a time.




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