Cross Border Buddies

Hello stampers! One of the biggest joys of being a demonstrator is the friends that we meet from all countries. Imagine my delight when I found out that my friend Julie Gilson who I first met in Nashville after driving through a snowstorm to get there is just across the border from me! She lives in Canton, Michigan which is the home of IKEA, Hobby Lobby and lots of other great stores. We are only 90 minutes from each other and that works out perfectly, not only for our friendship but for our new business partnership.


Julie and I also shared a table on the Alaskan cruise last year and that got us to brainstorming a bit. We always have so much fun together, we share the same vision for our business and we realized that it would be just fantastic to make this an official partnership. For now we are just sharing a shop now button with each other but we hope to partner in other ways as well. We are so excited to be cross border buddies!


You might not realize that we can only sell and recruit in our own countries. I am often approached by lovely Americans as they would like to shop with me or join my team. I always had to turn them away. Now I can directly refer them to Julie! Shopping with Julie is only a click away. You will see the button on the sidebar of my blog, so if you live in the USA and don’t have a demonstrator, Julie is your person.


Julie is a talented card maker and box maker. Her brain works in different ways than mine so we definitely complement each other. You can check out her blog here.


I hope we can a great picture of the two of us together on our next incentive trip to the Greek Isles. I am thankful for Julie and for this opportunity and I know you will all benefit from it as well. I do have one picture that I can share with you, it is of our table on the Alaskan cruise. Julie is the one in the black and white striped top.



Julie and I had a chance to talk some more on the ship. We got a picture of the two of us (neither of us are thrilled with how we look…we had just gone on the deck to try and get a picture with the ocean in the background, but it was SO windy and sunny that it just didn’t work) We ended up going back inside for a picture but with messy hair! Oh well, we are keeping it real and that is how it should be!


Julie Gilson and Jackie Bultje: cross border buddies working together to serve you better!


I really hope that if you live in the USA and you were hoping to either shop with me or sign up with me that you choose Julie instead. She is an awesome person and a very talented card and box maker. I know she will be great as your demonstrator or as your upline. Thanks for stopping by!

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