High Flyer Online Club

How it Works


I am super excited about this new online club venture. This is how it will work and why you should join.

  1. Once a month on the first Saturday of the month I will do an exclusive online video showing three cards. This will be a live video in the event page that I will create for the online club.
  2. You will get an exclusive host code to use to place your online order and you will also get the schedule so that you know which month is your turn to “host”. The host will be able to choose the host benefits for that month.
  3. There will be six members per club and each member will place a $100 order. The reason for this is that you will save the most on shipping, you will be guaranteed a half price item on your turn to host.
  4. There will be a coordinating recipe of the month so you can make the treats at home as well!
  5. When it is your turn to host you will get a minimum of $84 in host rewards!
  6. The event videos will be live so you will get a chance to interact and ask questions. I will create a private group for our club so we can interact on there more often.
  7. You will get monthly “happy mail” with the completed cards and a personal letter. At the end of the club season you will get a personalized gift from me as well!
  8. You will get first chance to attend a private retreat to be held either late May or early June of 2020.
  9. You can get creative with your online order. Feel free to get a group of friends together and share your order. They can also come to your house and you can watch the online video together. It could be your own stamp club within a stamp club.
  10. This online club is open to anyone in Canada. If you live in a remote area this would be ideal as it brings the party right into your home and you can connect with people across Canada.



The cards that we make in this club will be special!! Lots of love and detail. I will also include a simpler card that still has a wow effect since we all need those in our repertoire as well.


How to Place an Online Order


You may be freaking out a little. “I would love to join this club but I have no idea how to place an online order!” Have no fear. I have created a video showing you exactly how to do this, it even shows you where you put the host code. The host code is key because if you do not add the host code then your order will not be included in the stamp club order and the host will be unable to collect their free host rewards. Here is the link for that video tutorial.


Let me know if you want to join this amazing club. As soon as the first one fills up I will start a second one and I will let you know your status and when the club is full.




I would love to get your feedback as to where I should host my retreat. I was thinking either in my own home where I can sleep 8 people OR I can rent a cabin in Tennessee. Retreats are a LOT of fun and I love hosting them. The sooner everyone signs up for this amazing online club the sooner I can start planning the retreat. Of course there is no obligation to attend the retreat, but you will be given the first opportunity to come as you are very special customers. One more advantage of joining the High Flyer Online Club with The Pampered Stamper.

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