The Pampered Stamper Training Group

Hello stampers. Did you know that I have a training group for ALL Stampin’Up! demonstrators? This group started out as a resource for my team but also for the many demos who kept asking me questions about how I run my business. Instead of answering them all individually on my business Facebook page I decided to create a training group. Answering those questions was becoming too time consuming and taking me away from my own business and my own team.


What You Get

  1. A weekly live training video on Fridays at 10am EST. (this time changes when I am in the Netherlands but I let you know ahead of time when this happens)
  2. A monthly 16 project pdf tutorial that you can use for your own inspiration or in your classes.
  3. Files to help run your business better.
  4. Topics by request. If you want me to talk about something specifically you can ask.
  5. Support and encouragement from me and from this amazing demonstrator community.
  6. An intimate look behind the scenes at how I run my business, how I deal with obstacles and challenges and all the things I learn along the way.


Pampered Stamper Training Group


What You Pay


Membership for this training group is $99 a year OR $60 if you refer a fellow demonstrator and they join as well. NEWLY BREAKING NEWS! You can now join with two team members for the same low price of $99. Just let me know who they are and I will approve them to join the group.



For Canadian subscribers:



For American and international subscribers:


What to do Next

After you have clicked on the subscribe button you will need to click on this link and request to join the Pampered Stamper Training Group so that I can approve you for the group. Otherwise you might have to wait a bit. If you forget this step then I will have to email you this link and ask you to request to join the group. It saves us both a lot of time if you do it this way.


Learn from my Experience


I really wish I had this opportunity when I first started as a Stampin’Up! demonstrator. It really is an amazing opportunity to learn from someone who has been successfully doing what you want to do. Learn from both my successes and my failures. You can’t have success without failure. Embrace it. I am looking forward to having YOU join me on this journey. Together we can make a difference. Together we can succeed.


Jackie Bultje number one in Canada for Leadership with Stampin'Up!


One of my training team members sent me this picture from #OnStageAtHome. I’m thrilled to be number five in Canada out of more than five thousand demonstrators, especially during a COVID year and me being in the Netherlands for all of July and August. It proves that you can take your business anywhere and adapt it to your lifestyle.

Please join me in The Pampered Stamper Training Group and grow your business to new heights.


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