Hello stampers! I am hoping that you all had a lovely Christmas. I thought that with New Year’s Day so close at hand it would be fitting to do a blog post on our beautiful Love Today Planner Kit. I have had this gorgeous planner since July. Can you believe it? I had just returned from my epic Europe and Thailand trip celebrating my 50th birthday and had a lot of other things going on in my life. Besides, it was summer time and I don’t know about you, but planning sort of takes a back burner at that time of the year. Not any more!!


I have resolved to be more organized once again. This is definitely not my strong suit, although I try very hard. My desk doesn’t stay tidy for long and I keep my important notes in too many different notebooks which is also not ideal. So Love Today Planner to the rescue. It is a beautiful book with lots of pretty things to put in it. Take a look.


Love Today Planner from Stampin'Up! start your year off beautifully


Now this is what I wish my desk looked like!! I do think that we are more inclined to want to use a planner when it is pretty like this one. It also comes with refill pages so that you can use it year after year.


All the pretty pages, stickers and inserts for the planner


I also love that this planner has three pages included that remind you of what is truly important. You can add pictures or quotes or whatever you want to help you focus. Sometimes we get bogged down by the details in life that we forget the important things or that the little things are what truly is most important.


Add some pages like this to help you remember what is truly the most important in your life.


I learned a long time ago that when you plan your months you first put in the things that are most important, the non-negotiable items. For me that would be my family. After that you put in the things that are important like doctor and dentist appointments, workouts that are essential to good health. Then you add your work things. Be sure to schedule some time just for you as well. I have found that when I don’t do that then my family, my friends and me simply get the leftovers as I give in to my workaholic tendencies. It doesn’t help when you really love what you do!


So….I hope to make a video to show you how to put this gem of a book together, it really isn’t hard, but there are few tips and tricks. I also want to end the year on a nice note, so I am offering free shipping and no tax if you want to order one of these for yourself. Just click here to see it in my online store. If you do order online I will send you either a rebate cheque OR some cute things that you can use in your new book. You choose which you would like. Be sure to use the host code or the offer is not in effect.





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