Hello stampers! Sorry for my long absence. Today I want to talk to you about our beautiful new bunny stamp called Sweet Little Something. It is the same style of artwork as Baby Bear but it is a little bit cheaper as the sayings are a smaller font. Sweet Little Something has 10 photopolymer stamps and costs $26 while Baby Bear has 12 and costs $32. Both are three step stamps. This may have been a turn-off for some people because it can be a bit tricky to line them up perfectly even though they are photopolymer stamps. With the new Stamparatus coming soon this is no longer an issue. I used the Stamparatus to make my cards and I love it so much!! You can make multiple cards in a fraction of the time with no errors. If the image turns out too light or patchy, you just ink up again and the Stamparatus guarantees that it will line up perfectly. Here is a link to a video on how the Stamparatus works. If you have not pre-ordered one in December you will have to wait until the new catalog goes live on June 1. It will retail for $65.


Besides the Stamparatus, another trick with three step stamping is to start with the smallest, most detailed image first. You want to stamp that one in your darkest colour. The second stamp should be the one with a little more detail and a medium coloured ink. The third stamp should be your broad background image that fills in the rest of the colour and this should be your lightest coloured ink. Here is a graphic to make it more clear.


The three step bunny from Sweet Little Something.


I’m not sure what happened to the middle bunny, he is a little mottled, I must not have cleaned him properly before stamping, but you get the idea. It can be difficult to distinguish between the two detailed stamps, so my trick is to remember that the first one to be stamped has two clear eyes. I also found that I had to trim my stamps between the legs and under the arms to prevent lines or blotching. It hasn’t seemed to damage the stamp and you can see in the third image that I could trim a little closer, there is a bit of a line that I don’t want to be there.


Here are some sample swatches that I made. This is another great idea to do since you will forget which colours you used and have to do a lot of guessing and recreating to find that combination back. You will notice that one of the swatches is left blank. Yup, I forgot what I used on that one and it is one of my favourites!! Go figure.


Swatch samples for Sweet Little Something colour combinations.


You can also see that I definitely had inky fingers while doing this! I am quite in love with this little guy, and yes, I refer to the bunny as “him” since he reminds me of my grandson Leo. Did you know that there is a classic children’s book called Leo the Lop? It is all about a bunny just like this one. Here are the cards I have made with this adorable stamp set.


Both the paper and the ribbon from True Gentleman suite are perfect for the bunny.


I know that Corduroy was a bear, but that must have inspired me to use the corduroy ribbon for the rabbit. Combined with the True Gentleman paper it really looks nice. Here is a close-up of the Sweet Little Something bunny:


Close-up of the fine detail on the bunny stamp from Sweet Little Something.


As much as I love this masculine rabbit, she is also adorable in powder pink. I used the embossing folders from the Petal Palette suite to add some texture to these simple cards.


Powder pink for a feminine bunny.


For this card I used powder pink as the third and final colour along with soft suede and chocolate chip. I inked up the Petal Pair embossing folder with powder pink before running it through the Big Shot.


Stampin'Up! makes your bows for you with this incolour selection.


Using this year’s in colours reminded me that I had an unopened stash of premade bitty bows. It’s a little big for her, but it reminded me of those huge bows little girls used to have in their hair in the 1930’s and 40’s. So while we are on the subject of in colours, why not use tranquil tide as well?



For once I don’t have a video to share with you. My trusted videographer, Rachel is being a nanny this week, so she is not home!! I hope you enjoyed the different versions of my lop-eared bunny as well as the simple tips and tricks to make stamping with him easier. Have a super day!!

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