Hello stampers! I am finally able to share with you a video on how to do online ordering. I have wanted to do this for so long!! Right now the system we have isn’t the most user friendly, so I knew that a video showing you exactly how to do it would be most helpful. As you might know, I am going to be spending larger chunks of time in Holland with the love of my life, Gerard. That means that it is super important for you to know how to order online as I will not be there to package up your orders and have you pick them up at my house!


Minimum Shipping

The important thing to know is that the minimum shipping cost is $9.95 for any orders under $100. So if you order something for $15 or $89, the shipping charge would be $9.95. As soon as you go over $100 then the shipping is a flat 10%. It makes total sense to order online and have the convenience of your products coming straight to your door. If you order $200 or more, then you also get host rewards.


Host Code


If your order is less than $200 please use the host code. That way the host rewards don’t go to waste. The way it works is that all orders using the host code go on one “workshop”. At the end of the month I add what I need and then I can redeem the host rewards. In the past I have used these host rewards as random contest prizes, to keep the costs of my classes lower and as prizes for my team. At the moment these orders are not that frequent, but I am hoping that will change! In the future I hope to have a simple rewards program in place that for every $200 you spend you get $20 in product credit. The current host code is always in the sidebar of my blog. Here is a video showing how to order online.




I hope that you find this information helpful, if you have any questions or problems, please let me know. Thanks so much for stopping by! My next video will be to show you how to order the starter kit so you can become a discount shopper! Have a super day.



IStampin'Up Greek Isles incentive trip

I didn’t want to have a blog post without any pictures, so I thought I would share this one of Rachel and I in Santorini, Greece. These incentive trips are definitely one of the things I love the most about my job and it all started with hosting a Stampin’Up! workshop. Isn’t that amazing?

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