Hello stampers. Yesterday I did a Facebook live showing how to do reversible deer in two different ways. Unfortunately I have a really bad cold so I am going to do a simple blog post. I don’t have the energy to show you step by step photos for the reversible deer but I will share the link for the Facebook live in case you missed it. In this video I show you how to make three different cards using the deer from Nature’s Beauty with two cool folds as well. I will blog about all three cards this week but for today I am just going to talk about the reversible deer.


Reversing the Deer using the Stamparatus


The most common way of creating a reverse image is done with our fabulous too, the Stamparatus. Place the silicone mat in the stamparatus, right into the corner. Position your stamp where you want it to go on the silicone mat. Make sure you have a piece of card stock ready that is cut so that it will be big enough to cover the area of the stamparatus where the stamp is. Ink up your stamp and stamp it directly on the silicone mat. Be careful not to ink it up too much or your image will be blurry. Lift the stamparatus plate, place your card stock in the corner and lay it carefully over the stamped image. Put the magnet on it and then stamp the image again. You can ink up your image again if you plan to use both sides of the image. Take a look at what you have created! You will see that you have a mirror image on both sides which you can now either fussy cut or use a die if there is a coordinating one. There is no die for the deer from Nature’s Beauty but it is very easy to fussy cut.


Reversible Deer with Vellum


It was totally by accident that I discovered the easiest way to create a reverse image deer. For one of my cards I needed a vellum deer. When I turned the deer over to adhere it to my card I noticed that you could see the image just as well on the other side! How awesome is that? No muss, no fuss, that is my kind of “technique”! Another bonus to doing it that way is that you get two different shades of deer, just like in real life. A good tip is to sponge liquid glue like Tombow just on the legs and body of the deer. This gives the deer a little more “movement”. The deer will look like they are inquisitive and inclining their heads towards you a little bit. Trust me, it really does look like that! When you have vellum deer it won’t work to use dimensionals since you will see them through the vellum.


The Card



I got the idea for this card from Rachel Tessman. She loves the Feels Like Frost paper as much as I do and she wanted to use it in such a way that you can see the full six inches of it. I tweaked it a bit by changing the measurements to use even more of the paper and I added a vellum deer because that is what I have been wanting to do for a while with this paper.




I have to say that I love Rachel Tessman’s idea of using the framelit from Feels Like Frost and deconstructing it to use the elements to pop behind the front of this card. It is a good idea to think outside the box and use this paper not only for Christmas cards. I have limited supplies with me in Holland so I used the framelit from the Most Wonderful Time product medley for the words. The sentiment came from Toile Christmas.


The Measurements


The early espresso card is a regular size, 8 1/2″ by 5 1/2″ with just one extra score line at 1 1/2″ as well as the regular score line in the middle at 4 1/4″. The patterned paper is trimmed to 5 3/8″ and then cut in strips of 2 3/4″, 1 1/4″, and 2″. At the far right you add a strip of white card stock 2″x 5 3/8″. The optical illusion is that when the card is folded into a z-fold style (the first part is folded back towards you) then you adhere the patterned paper just on one side so that it extends past the cardstock. Clear as mud? Watch my Facebook live video here and it will all make sense.


I thought I would end this blog post with the picture of the reversible deer card that I made during the Facebook live video yesterday. This card has no cabin and the puddle is also darker. There were a lot of positive comments on this card so here it is!



We will make the Feels Like Frost card with the vellum deer at my class on October 17 and 19, you can read more about it here. If you purchase the Feels Like Frost suite you will make 8 free cards, if you purchase the bundle you will make four free cards. I know it is going to be an epic class with amazing cards and lots of fun.


Thanks so much for joining me today. I have not accomplished nearly as much today as I had hoped but I am very thankful that I could at least share this blog post with you. Happy stamping!


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