Hello stampers! This thought has been brewing in my head for the last couple of days:  the power of affirmation. The simple truth is that we don’t affirm each other often enough. We are bombarded by advertising that shows us fake perfection that we simply can’t live up to and this can lead to feelings of inadequacy. There is a simple antidote to that. When you think something positive about someone, tell them.


How does affirmation relate to card making?


It totally relates!! I am on a bandstand right now trying to encourage people to send cards just because. Send a card to affirm someone, to tell them that they are loved, that they are wonderful and that you are just happy to have them in your life. That simple act can transform a day, a week, a month or even a life. Words of affirmation are priceless. So get out of the box of just giving birthday cards, Christmas cards and sympathy cards. It starts with turning thoughts into actions.


Pre-Christmas card


This idea just came to me because I really wanted to make this card but wasn’t sure how I could get it to fit my theme for today. Why not give a Christmas card ahead of time with the purpose being to not only affirm your friend but to give them a Christmas card that they can now give to someone else? All they have to do is change the sentiment which you could include in the inside of your card? I really like this idea. Let’s take a look at the card.



My inspiration came from a swap card from Carole Thomas, my talented team member from Olds, Alberta. This one has the heirloom embossing frame and die done in retired galvanized metallic paper. You see, I ran out of silver foil paper. My second card is done with champagne foil paper. Which one do you like better?



My photo didn’t turn out very well, it looks like it is only focused on the card on the right but maybe that is a trompe l’oeil? I used the Stylish Scroll embossing folder in the background which is hidden away as part of the Monster Bash suite on page 53 of the holiday catalog.




I hope you feel inspired today to send a card to someone for no reason other than to affirm them. Maybe you were also inspired by my idea to send an early Christmas card that they can re-gift to someone else. That way your card has served at least three purposes. First it made you happy making it. Second, the person who received it was affirmed and delighted with happy mail. Third, your recipient now gets to pay it forward to someone else with a beautiful Christmas card.




I’m so happy you stopped by today. I have been so blessed with lots of comments in the past few days, thank you so very much! I hope you have a super day. If you need any of the products for your own card making and you live in Canada then you can just click the links below and go straight to my online store. Please consider using the current host code. I appreciate you!


On a very important side note, we had our first prayer group after coffee and a card class this morning and it was so wonderful. A big thank you to my daughter Katrina for suggesting it. What a blessing it was to everyone who participated.


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