Hello stampers and happy Saturday,  Today I want to talk a little bit about what happens when stampers get together. It really doesn’t matter where you are in the world, when stampers get together, fun happens. We usually gather around a table with food and drink and first we talk and share our passion about creativity and paper crafting. Whether you make cards as a hobby or teach card making as a business, it makes no difference. We all get excited when we see other people’s work.


Dutch Demo Open House


What I noticed yesterday at the Dutch Demo Day open house is that everyone has different things to bring to the table. It can be small things like a very different approach to colour combinations to interesting ways to make boxes or folders for cards. It could be a talent for layering details to create a gorgeous focal point. Someone felt badly that they brought only two cards to show but I learned so much from both of them. One was a fold I have seen but never made, and the other one was a very simple but interesting layout for a card. I know that they will both give me great inspiration. The best part however is the shared enthusiasm and I love how we all go home with a lighter step. I made a couple of videos showing the cards that some of the demos brought with to show and share. Here is one showing Caroline van der Straaten’s work. She is on the artisan design team and you can find her blog here. Caro is also my new upline in Holland! This second video shows Diana van Otterloo’s work. You can find her blog here.


Happy Mail in Holland


Another way we as stampers are getting together is through this happy mail in Holland contest. We are virtually gathering around to see what the latest card is that came to my mailbox and I love that. Today I will be sharing a card from New York State and one from my home town in Chatham, Ontario. The first one is from Debby Kainu who I first met many years ago at a Stampin’Up! Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah. She was a friend of a friend, Michelle Deslandes from Vermont. (At least this is how I remember it, I could be totally wrong, and if that is the case, I am looking forward to hearing the real story!) The second card is from my team member Yvonne Macfadyen.


Debby’s card


Debby Kainu's card


Here is another view of Debby’s beautiful card. I love this fold, I featured in in my blog back in October, you can see it here. Debbie used the gorgeous Feels Like Frost paper that was so popular it sold out. Debbie is from Middletown, New York. This city is in the Hudson River Valley area in the foothills. I am quite sure I drove through this area when leaving New York City and heading to upper state New York on my way home to Ontario. So very lovely with all the hills and trees.


Feels Like Frost


Yvonne’s Card


Yvonne was the first person to come to my coffee and a card classes. She is originally from England and has the most delightful accent. Yvonne loved card making so much that she was placing such regular orders that I encouraged her to get the starter kit. What a dilemma it was for her! She agonized over it for weeks. Finally I asked her, what do you have to lose? Well, the  answer was clear. Nothing. She also knew she had everything to gain! Little did she know then that she would gain so much more than just some free bonus stamp sets, a great discount and some more goodies. She gained a whole tribe of friends and so many great experiences. Yvonne is not only my longest running team member, she is also my right hand for prepping for classes and for running my classes while I am gone and a true friend.  What a blessing she has been in my life!!


Positive Thoughts


Yvonne used the brand new set Positive Thoughts to make this gorgeous card. I love the colour combination, the use of white space and the clean and simple look of it. Fantastic card!! She made me order the set, so that is a good thing. Here is a look at the happy treatment of the envelope as well. When you stamp your envelope there is no doubt to the recipient that they are getting happy mail! It even makes the postman smile I think. The next time I blog about happy mail from Chatham I will tell you some interesting facts about my city.


Happy Mail envelope detail


Paying Attention to Detail


How many of you caught the fact that at the beginning of my blog I said “happy Saturday”? Well, I had every intention of publishing this blog post on Saturday but then we ended up picking up a rental car that is automatic so I could drive myself. Our loaner vehicle needed a car wash and the lineup was long. To make a long story short, it was time to leave for Deventer, a beautiful city near where Gerard’s youngest sister lives before my blog post was finished. I will tell you more about that lovely city tomorrow. I am going to publish this blog post today, even though it is a Sunday because most of the work was done yesterday and I don’t want to post twice tomorrow.

Thanks so much for joining me, happy mail keeps streaming in. I so appreciate all the love. This is what happens when stampers get together in spirit! Have a blessed Sunday.


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