Hello stampers and happy Wednesday to you. Today I am featuring the Seriously the Best kit. Catchy name and it doesn’t mean that I think the kit is the very best one out there, but it is seriously a very good one indeed. The reason it is called that is because of the saying in there “you’re seriously the best”. For the next few days I will be focusing on kits because they are so great to share with your non-stamping friends and will really help people who are looking for meaningful things to do in their homes.


Kits to Save Your Sanity


Boredom is crippling. Too much time on your hands and too much time watching the news is NOT good for your mental health. If you are missing your kids and grandkids, or if you wish they were not stuck at home with you 24/7, then check out the great kits that Stampin’Up! has available. The kits in the annual and mini catalogs are great and Paper Pumpkin is seriously the best kit as it gets delivered to your door monthly. You can order online and get it shipped to your kids or grandkids too or to your elderly parents. Here is the link for Paper Pumpkin. Remember, you can skip a month anytime with no penalty or end your subscription, so no stress!


Seriously the Best Kit


Would you like to see what comes in this kit? There are sixteen cards and a beautiful box to keep them in. This box will either hold your finished cards that you want to send or you can keep your stamping supplies in it. It would also make a lovely gift for someone who doesn’t stamp. Truthfully, this kit is one of the pricier ones because it doesn’t include the stamp set. Of course you can choose to use a stamp set that you already have, but the bold font of Seriously the Best stamp set is really nice. I tried to hold out, but I ended up ordering the stamp set later.


Seriously the Best card kit


A Perfect Kit for this Time


When I started making the cards to see if I really liked them, I noticed that it really is seriously the best kit for right now. Happy mail has never been more important. Reach out to your family and friends by sending a card. We do miss each other more when we know we can’t go over and visit. Please, please do take the social distancing recommendations seriously. I know I will be sending one of these cards to Gerard and probably to his sisters too. They feel very far away right now.


Seriously the Best card



Seriously the Best card kit Stampin'Up!



Seriously the Best card kit Stampin'Up!



Seriously the Best card kit


Where’s Waldo


Do you remember the Where’s Waldo books? You have to find Waldo in the picture? Or games where you have to find the thing that is different? Well, there is one detail on one of the cards that is different in the individual pictures than the big picture of all the cards together. I noticed it when I was putting the cards back in the box. I thought to myself, this one looks a little naked! It’s missing something! Maybe you will see it too. The card that is missing something is in the “group” picture.


Seriously the Best Stamp Set


Here is a closeup view of the stamp set.


Seriously the Best stamp set


I have more kits currently in stock. If you check out this blog post you can see one of the kits that I have here if you need instant gratification. There are five of these kits available. Want the supplies I have used for this blog post? Just click on the images in the supply list.


Happy Mail in Canada contest


I just want to thank you all so very much for participating in this contest. Strangely it means even more to me now that he cannot come. Every time happy mail arrives with his name on it, it feels like he is here. On March 29 I am planning to do a Zoom call with him and record it so you can see his reaction.

I do have a confession. When I had a video call with him the morning after telling him the news that the Canadian borders were closed and he couldn’t come, I help up the stack of envelopes. This moved him almost to tears. He couldn’t believe that all those envelopes had his name on them! He is very, very touched.




Here is the list of people who have sent cards so far. I figured you would like confirmation that your card has arrived. Most of you have probably heard from me, but not all of you are friends with me on Facebook. Today a card came from Peg Dotson.

  1. Peg Dotson
  2. Debby Kainu
  3. Sandra Allman
  4. Debbie Colquhoun
  5. Shel Anderson
  6. mystery card (I’m not opening them but it is someone local)
  7. another mystery card from a local
  8. Joanne Foster
  9. Ina Eisen
  10. Mrs. Charles Meyer
  11. Jessica Bégin
  12. Terry Hamilton
  13. Ann-Marie Paré

Wow! This list was made in reverse order, so the first card received was #13. Thank you all so very, very much. Our stamping community is priceless, my heart is full and very grateful for each one of you.


Share What You Love


I’m pleading with you all to use your stamping stash to make the world a better place, to help ease the low hum of menace that surrounds us. The unknown is scary. Change is difficult. Share Stampin’Up! with your friends, family and neighbours. People need meaningful recreation, things to do with their families in their homes. If you are alone it is even more important to have creative release and also to connect with a group. Facebook lives really do make a huge difference. Please share my blog, my Facebook page, my videos. Together we can make a difference. I hope you have a super day.


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Seriously The Best Project Kit


Seriously The Best Cling Stamp Set


Terracotta Tile Classic Stampin’ Pad


Pretty Peacock Classic Stampin’ Pad


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