Hello stampers and happy Wednesday to you. I finally get to blog about the happy mail for Gerard that fourteen of you sent to for him. Sadly, he could not be here because of COVID-19, so I will send them to him in Holland because he could really use happy mail. How wonderful that technology allowed me to share these cards with him on video. Zoom is great! If you missed it, you can see it here.


The Scotch and the Dutch


There is a story that copper wire was invented when a Dutchman and a Scotsman were fighting over a penny. This makes me laugh and it also reminds me of two lovely customers of mine who have become like family. They are proud of their Scottish roots and their frugality. So am I. Jean and Debbie both sent cards for Gerard, and I don’t know if they knew it from each other, but they also both used plaid paper. Let’s take a look.


Jean’s Card


Jean made a card that looks like a man’s shirt. How cool is that? Jean is super talented, she sews, knits, crochets, paints, tole paints, and makes amazing cards. She is also a pretty mean cook and baker. I want to be Jean when I grow up!! If you want to see more cards made with the Perfectly Plaid paper, check out this blog post.


Happy Mail for Gerard card


Debbie’s Card


Debbie is Jean’s daughter and she has the biggest heart ever! She has seen a lot of Canada, especially the very remote north as she has often been posted up there as a nurse. Debbie has made a huge difference in the lives of her patients up there and she always brings lots of treats for the kids that they can’t get up there as well as crafting supplies. I love the Canadian theme of Debbie’s card and of course the plaid! Debbie was supposed to go to Holland as well at the end of April for the World War 2 anniversary remembrance celebrations. Debbie’s uncle was a POW and helped build the bridge over the river Kwai in Thailand.


Happy Mail for Gerard


My picture of your card is a little blurry Debbie, I’m sorry. Either that or my eyes are going bad! I know you can relate and this will bring a smile to your face. It’s too bad you won’t be visiting Holland in April and May, but I am looking forward to spending time there with you some day and showing you a few of my favourite places. We will go to my favourite bakery, Bakkerij Vreugdenhil and we will have high tea at the Bosrand.




Thanks to everyone who participated in this contest, I will be featuring more cards over the next two weeks. The winner of the stamp set is Peg Dotson from Great Falls, Montana.


Big Celebrations


Even though Gerard could not come, I have reason to celebrate. Yesterday I reached a career sales milestone of a half million dollars! That is a great big pile of stamps, ink and paper. I am really thrilled and I couldn’t have done it without you.


Career sales milestone


Thanks for joining me today. I have been questioning whether or not I should keep blogging every day or to start doing it Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Your feedback would be helpful and appreciated. Please continue to share my posts and cards on Pinterest, that is the lifeblood of a paper crafting business. It is great to be an inspiration to your fellow demonstrators, but that does not put food on the table. Sales do. I need to put my time into what helps me to do that. I know you understand and I am so happy you are here with me! Have a super day and stay safe and sane.



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