Hello stampers and happy Monday to you. Today is going to be a philosophical post called “Never Assume”. What am I talking about? Let’s find out.


Never Assume


Of course on a stamping blog my topic of “never assume” is going to be card related. I was inspired by a picture I had saved on my desktop. The picture is of my very active grandson Leo making a card. We had assumed that Leo would not be the slightest interested in sitting down to stamp. Boy were we wrong. Here he is eagerly making a birthday card for his cousin Ana.


never assume


The Magic of Stamps, Ink and Paper


Deep down we all yearn to be creative. We want to express ourselves in art but there is fear. Fear of failure. Fear of not being able to accomplish what we can do in our heads. Then came stamps! The art is already done. All we have to do is ink up that stamp and put it to paper and we already have beauty. Everything that happens after that is just icing on the cake. I challenge you to introduce someone new to stamping. Invite a friend over and bring out the paper, ink and stamps. Start with plain white computer paper so that there is no stress about ruining your “good stuff”. See where that takes you.


Stamping With Children


When stamping with children stick to using just one colour of ink. Put out some grid paper or butcher paper or even newspaper to protect your table. Show them you to put the stamp on the ink pad and then on the paper and let them have at it. Suppress the urge to control the outcome. Marvel at their joy! Here is another blog post using note cards and envelopes. Coincidentally it is also a blog post about children!!


Stamping Yourself


When you get a new stamp set take the time to stamp each image on whisper white cardstock. Stamp them in different colours; do “generational” stamping where you stamp off several times so that you get different shades. In other words, just play a bit. This will give you the feel of the stamp set and will remove any pressure to create something amazing right away. A pack of notecards and envelopes is a very economical investment to allow you to play with the simple stamping technique. You can get twenty note cards and envelopes for only $9.50. That’s cheaper than a movie ticket and will keep you occupied just as long.




Thanks for joining me today for this little ramble. Just think what could happen when you stop deciding for others whether they will enjoy stamping or not. You might find yourself a whole new group of stamping buddies. I can’t wait to hear your stories! Be sure to tell your new people about the great deal on the starter kit that ends at the end of June. What a great way to get started on a fantastic hobby.


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