Hello stampers and happy Friday to you! Today’s card features Cinnamon Cider and Just Jade and is made by Carol Koroleski from Conklin Michigan. Thanks so much Carol for your beautiful card! Before we take a look at your card, let’s find out where Conklin, Michigan is.


Conklin, Michigan


Michigan is actually a neighbour state to Ontario but with COVID19 it feels very far away. The oft traveled border in Windsor and Detroit remains closed. It used to be so easy to cross over into “the States” for a fun day of shopping or sight seeing. Hopefully this sad state of affairs will end soon and will not become the new normal.

Conklin is three hours and forty minutes from Chatham and lies between Grand Rapids and Grand Haven. Grand Haven is only twenty miles away and is on the shore of Lake Michigan which in my opinion is the most beautiful of the Great Lakes. The sand is like brown sugar and the water is super clear. Conklin is also known for its cherries. Michigan cherries are so, so good! Great for baking and for eating fresh. The orange “1” is where Conklin is.


Conklin, Michigan


In my search for images of Conklin I came across this page and I couldn’t believe my eyes. The first “castle” featured is a place that I stayed at years ago for my birthday getaway. How much fun is that? Who knows, I might even have driven right through Conklin. Pictured below is Henderson Castle in Kalamazoo, Michigan.


Henderson Castle


Carol’s Card


Carol used the colours Just Jade and Cinnamon Cider on this card as well as the stamp set Forever Fern. It was so very helpful that Carol included a note explaining what she did and what she used. Carol definitely stepped it up by sponing the linen ribbon with Cinnamon Cider ink and the vellum was also coloured with Cinnamon Cider. If you look in the product list below you will see all the other products used. If you live in Canada you can order online through me and if you do so and you use the host code, you can be entered into a Mystery Host draw. Contest ends August 3.


Cinnamon Cider and Just Jade Card


Thanks so much for joining in on my Happy Mail in Holland contest, it really is so much fun getting mail and reading your stories. I hope you also enjoy participating in this fun project. If you want to see another card made with Cinnamon Cider, just click here.


Off to the Beach Soon


Today is 27C and it might get even hotter. Yes, this is considered a very hot day in Holland! The crazy thing is that the locals who live so close to the beach often choose not to. Either the sand is too hot or the sea is too cold. Crazy Dutch people! On the other hand, the traffic reports say that the roads are clogged with people trying to get to the beach. Isn’t that ironic?

Gerard’s house is about one kilometre to the beach and his dad’s place is just across the road from the beach. Mind you, there is a big dunes area in between so you cannot see the sea from his house but you can hear the waves on a clear day.






This is the walk way to the beach that we use every day. I have walked it, biked it and sat on the back of a scooter. I have seen horses on this path as well!



Even though I know that seagulls can be a pest, they are beautiful to watch. There is some other type of waterfowl here as well, perhaps from the sandpiper family. I wish I had my “good” camera with me!


I hope to go live on Facebook in fifteen minutes. Most days I am live at 3pm in the Netherlands or 9am in Ontario, Eastern Standard Time but not on weekends.


Mystery Host Contest


If you order online using the host code you can be a part of the mystery host contest and win the host benefits! Contest ends August 3. You also get free bonus bucks. $6 with every $60 purchase, so that is also a great perk.


Mystery Host Contest


Thanks for joining me and have a super day!



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