Hello stampers and happy Tuesday to you. Today I am featuring Magenta Madness, In Colour number four. Not all in colours are created equally and after a while we all have our favourites. Do you already know which one is your favourite? The jury is still out for me as I think I need to play a little more with all of them before I make up my mind. What really makes a difference for me is which patterned paper has the in colours in it. Let’s take a closer look at Magenta Madness.


Magenta Madness


Truthfully I wasn’t too sure about Magenta Madness. It is a strong colour to be sure! Then I saw this adorable patterned paper from Flowers for Every Season and it changed everything.


Magenta Madness


This is very much a monochromatic card except for the strip of patterned paper which really pops against the Magenta Madness background. The saying from Tasteful Touches is also stamped tone on tone with Magenta Madness. Meadow Moments is the name of the embossing folder that I used at the top of this card. It is a narrow embossing folder that measures 6 1/4″ by 3 3/8″ so that it fits into the Mini Stampin’ Cut & Emboss Machine and it comes in a set of two.


Magenta Madness Closeup


A Travel Story or Two


Yesterday we came back from our long weekend away in Germany. What an amazing weekend we had!! Of course after being separated for five months and not being able to travel at all, it was even more special. I can only say that if you ever get a chance to go to Germany, be sure to go to the Middle Rhine Valley. Within a one hour drive from Rudesheim there were at least thirty castles!! That was only going in one direction, I didn’t count the ones driving the other way. Here are just a few pictures from inside the last castle we visited: Burg Rheinstein.



What I loved most about this castle is that little stairs up to the pinnacle of the tower. I walked up those stairs and boy is it far, far up!! I didn’t look down until I was at the top protected by a small wall. The other amazing thing is that it built right on the rocks of the mountain making it look like it is carved right out of the stone itself!





Do you see the ink well and the feather pen on the desk? Just like the stamp set Beautiful World on page 26 of the annual catalog!!


View from the other side of the Rhine


Part of our “romantik” tour was a chair lift down the mountain to a “red wine village”. On the chair lift there was a stunning view of the two castles on the other side of the Rhein river (yes, we spell it differently in North America) The other castle that you can barely see on the right hand side of my photo is called Burg Reichenstein.




So Much Beauty


I could just keep posting more pictures of all the beauty that I saw this past weekend, but I will end with a picture of the two of us and then one of me in my “little black dress” that I promised I would share with you. There is a little bit of a story behind that dress. I bought it from my cousin Yolanda who owns a fashion boutique just north of Guelph three years ago right before I went on my trip to France and Thailand.

This was the first time that Gerard saw me wear it because I felt a little self conscious in it. As women we are often way too hard on ourselves and by doing so we miss out on some great things. I’m so glad I mustered the courage to wear this dress, and when I look at this picture of me, I think, what is wrong with me that I didn’t dare wear this?! So I will try harder to practice what I preach and be kinder to myself.



Magenta Madness Geraniums


Magenta Madness Geraniums




Thanks for visiting my blog today, I hope you are also starting to fall in love…with magenta madness that is. I just noticed that the colour of the geraniums in my picture with Gerard are exactly that colour too!! How amazingly coincidental is that? Have a super day, and don’t forget that if you live in Canada, you can shop with me simply by clicking on the links below.




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