Hello stampers and happy Wednesday to you. Today I am feeling exhausted and blessed. How is that possible in one sentence? Let me tell you.

For this blog post I don’t care what the “SEO” is. In case you didn’t know, that is search engine optimization. You have to write a blog in a certain way to make sure that people will find it easily through Google or other search engines. I’m also not concerned with “readability” or product lists. I just want to share a little personal stuff with you and be real.




I’ll start with the first part. Quite truthfully I am feeling exhausted. This probably has multiple reasons, the biggest one being witness to my Pap’s slow demise. The second one is chronic nosebleeds which have been a lot worse in the last week. They really seem to suck the life out of me. Now I have to battle the medical system. My doctor is almost impossible to see and when I did see him for this he refused to cauterize it. Everyone I have talked to who has experienced this has found this treatment to be super effective. That means I will have to find someone who will do this for me.




Today I was able to celebrate my grandson Leo’s fourth birthday. Four years ago I was on a train to Toronto with my team for OnStage where I was a presenter for Birthday Memories. You can see some of those projects here. Now I have four grandchildren and it is so wonderful. We were able to be together outside at Springbank Park in London.






The weather was just sublime and this park is so lovely. It was a tremendous blessing to just BE together. Hugs and cuddles are of course the perfect remedy for all ills.


Blessed By Happy Mail


I wasn’t planning on writing a blog post today because of the out of town birthday celebrations, but when I checked my mailbox tonight there were three cards waiting for me. One of them was a Christmas card that was mailed from the States at the beginning of December.

I thought I would share them with you since they made me so happy.



This lovely Christmas card was sent to me by Rhonda Gump who is one of my first YouTube supporters. Her encouragement over the past few years has been a huge blessing to me. This just goes to show that when you leave a comment on social media, whether it be a YouTube video, a blog post or something on Facebook, it really does have an impact. Never forget that successful people are just normal people too.



This card is just so lovely in its simplicity. Thanks to Janice Keels from Newfoundland. Janice and I have met through online events and she also encourages me with her support. The big Easter egg is actually patterned paper from the Playing with Patterns dsp. It feels like velvet!



This last card is from Tamara Bertram, a fellow Canadian demonstrator from Edmonton Alberta. Tamara has such a big heart and loves to encourage and celebrate people. She gave me this card to congratulate me on earning next years incentive trip. Do you see that beautifully embossed background? It is called Seabed and it is retiring, so be sure to snap it up before April 30. Whale of a Time is being carried over, but not as a bundle, so if you want the stamp set and the coordinating punch for 10% off, get it before April 30 as well.


Virtual Coffee and a Card Kits


I have two kits left featuring the stunning Hydrangea Hill paper. If you would like one, let me know, they are $25 including postage anywhere in Canada.


Hydrangea Hill Coffee and a Card


That’s it for now. I am going to have a nice piece of carrot cake and a cup of herbal tea. Thanks for joining me and do take care of yourself and your loved ones. Tomorrow we go back into lockdown with a stay at home order in effect. Good thing I have lots of stamps ink and paper to keep my busy. Have a super day!

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