Hello stampers and happy Wednesday to you. Creating with Waves of the Ocean gives a feeling of peace. That is definitely something we need more of these days. Blue and yellow are the colours for the Ukraine and both of these colours are found in my card today. I made this card on Tuesday for my weekly Parcels in the Post tutorial.

This card was NOT my original idea. I totally cased it from the talented Australian demonstrator Linda Dalke who is also a fellow design team member for the International Create With Us Team. You can find Linda’s blog post here to see her gorgeous work.


Waves of the Ocean


What is your favourite part of creating? I love what happens when you play with colours and I really get into the feeling that a card evokes. Each card is different. Some are cheerful and bubbly. Other times it is really serene. This one takes me to beautiful beaches that I have been too as well as the deck of a cruise ship. The beautiful blues of the Caribbean, or the azure of the Aegean Sea by Greece. Sometimes my cards take me back to my childhood.

‘Nuff said. Let’s take a look at this great card. I was going to take a picture of all three of the cards that I made, but I gave one away spontaneously to my postwoman. She was heavily laden with mail and I thought, I’ll bet she feels unappreciated!


Waves of the Ocean scene


After looking at these cards I realize that I did indeed give my favourite card away. It is the one that I made in my video, so that is good news. That means you can check it out and see it for yourself. In that card I perfected the blending brushes for the sky and I remembered to sponge the so saffron on the water BEFORE adding the blue, so there is no hint of green. It’s the little details!!


Video Tutorial


Here is my video tutorial. I am on a relentless pursuit of growing my YouTube following and I truly hope that you will also help me out. Click the red subscribe button on the bottom right corner of my video and if you feel like I deserve it you can also give me a thumbs up. For the video below, click on the box on the left side that says “watch on YouTube”. Yay!! Thank you so much.



Never A Dull Moment


I am writing this blog post at 8pm because I got an SOS call from my son late this afternoon. He, his wife and their daughter all have a nasty flu bug. They say they haven’t been this sick to their stomachs since childhood! So I am on “oma duty” for the littlest one. We had lots of snuggles since he was not happy to be alone at oma’s house. So happy that I am here to be able to help since that is not always the case!

It was a beautiful sunny afternoon, so I did go outside for a walk in a nearby conservation area. I met a lovely old gentleman who personally showed me where the male great horned owl was roosting in the upper branches keeping an eye on his mate who was sitting on their eggs. Apparently great horned owls mate for life. Be still my heart!


Deal on the Mini Die Cutting Machine


Did you know that there is 20% off our adorable mini die cutting machine? This little gem is great for taking along when you are crafting away from home. There is also a great selection of stamp and die bundles on sale. See the images below. I really do hope that if you are Canadian and you follow my work that you will shop with me! I appreciate you very much.


Mini Die Cutting Machine on sale


Please note that the above images are just screenshots, so you cannot click on them and be taken to my online store. Those links are below for your convenience. Just click on the images in the product list and you will end up in my online store, it really is so wonderfully simple.




Thanks for joining me today. I am grateful to be a part of such a wonderful, creative community. Have a super day!


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