Hello stampers! This Christmas Countdown Project is so much easier and quicker to make than it looks. Sometimes I can be a lazy crafter. Even though all those little details look beautiful, when there are 25 little box fronts to decorate the process can seem daunting!


The Lovely Surprise


The lovely surprise with this Christmas Countdown Project is that it was so very easy to put together. It looks very intricate and beautiful but when you use my system it is done in about an hour.

  1. Punch out all the box front pieces.
  2. Lay out all the pieces in the order that you want them.
  3. You will notice that all the coordinating pieces that are the same are also stamped with the same background images. For example all the light birch pieces are stamped with the long borders in mossy meadow and cherry cobbler.
  4. After stamping the images you put on the stickers. My only tip is that you cut the red and green horizonally striped piece a little shorter. If you leave it the way it is then it looks like it was a mistake. It is just a wee bit shorter than the width of the box front. Se #3 , #10 and #17 and #24.
  5. Put all the dimensionals on the back of the circles before you even punch them out. That way you can put them on your box fronts in one step.



The Trial

Make sure you take a moment to lay out the pieces in the order that you like. I followed the example in the instructions but you can change it up of course. If you are pleased with the overall effect then you can adhere them to the box fronts. The last step is adding the numbers that already have the dimensionals on them.



The Finished Project



How do you like my finished project? I was thrilled with how easy it was to do and how lovely it looks. Another great thing? You can make a totally different countdown or other themed game on the backside of these boxes. How about random acts of kindness? A countdown to a birthday? Date night possibilities? A fun chore chart? This Countdown to Christmas project kit is also sturdy and well balanced so it won’t topple over on your shelf. I am offering a class on November 9 if you want to make this in a fun group setting, but I know you will also be able to manage this on your own. The advantage of doing it with me is that you can use my coordinating stamp set.


Thanks so much for dropping by, I hope you take the time so show me some love by pinning my projects and maybe even leaving a comment.


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