Hello stampers! What on earth does sharing a drink have to do with making cards? Let me tell you. This post will feature my last card for Cup of Christmas which is also my stamp of the month for December. I love this card because I can just picture two people behind this card sharing hot drinks in these super cute cups. Do you want to see it?


Getting Philosophical


Tricked you! Sorry, you thought I was going to show you the card already, but I want to talk about the thoughts that came to my mind when making this card. Sharing a drink with someone is a lot like sharing food, especially if you are like me and usually have food with your drinks. Spending time over food or drink makes you slow down and connect with the person you are with. That is why it is often the line that is used when people want to get to know someone. Can I buy you a drink? Would you like to go out for coffee?

It is so much more than that though. Especially with the Christmas season coming up, we should try to be aware of the many lonely people around us. I have to confess that sometimes I can be stingy with my time. Generosity with my time is something I need to cultivate more. It really is the ultimate gift since it is such a precious commodity. That might be the reason that coffee and a card is my all time favourite class. This class now starts a half hour earlier than before just to give people more time to relax and connect over coffee and treats before the class starts.

My challenge to you is to invite someone to have a drink with you. Maybe even see if they want to make a card with you after you finish. I truly believe that almost everyone would be happy to give a handmade card to someone they love. This stamp set is perfect for making heartfelt cards for any gender, any age. Unleash your creativity by designing your own cup with your favourite colours and embellishments.


My Card

Finally, here is my card. I absolutely love the colour combination of very vanilla and pretty peacock with a bit of mint macaron. By total happenstance, I have discovered that the Brightly Gleaming paper coordinates perfectly with this stamp set. What do you think?



It’s a bit of an odd combination that actually works really well. The card base is very vanilla but the panel on the front is white as are the embellishments on the cups. The colour in the patterned paper is definitely very vanilla but surprisingly it all works very well together. While this stamp set is called Cup of Christmas you can definitely send this card all winter long.


Shopping with me

If you want to see the supplies that I used, just scroll to the bottom of this post and you will see an itemized list. Live in Canada? You can just click on what you want and you will be in my online store. Happy mail is always great. Your happy mail will be the Stampin’Up! box at your door, and my happy mail will be an email telling me that I have an online order notification.

Locals can come to the December 2 coffee and a card class for free if they purchase this stamp set. Anyone ordering it online will get the card pieces mailed to them. You can also choose to purchase the cards for $15 plus shipping. Here they are all together in one pretty picture.





I try to show my appreciation for your online purchases by sending you a card in the mail, but every now and then I think I may mess up and forget. If I have disappointed you by not sending a card, please message me and I will make up for it. Two are going in the mail tonight. Maybe I will beat you to it. Thanks for all you do to support me in my business. I appreciate each and every one of you. Have a super day.


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