Hello stampers and happy Monday. I really felt that I needed to blog about my first Birds & Blooms cards. I call them Birds & Blooms in a Nest because these cards feature the super cute nest from this bundle. These cards were made spontaneously during one of my Facebook live videos before I went to Holland.


Birds & Blooms in a Nest


Since these cards were made during a Facebook live video, they are simply a jumping off point. I am not crazy about the monochromatic branches but I AM happy with how the card turned out in general. Let’s take a look.


Birds & Branches in a Nest


The card above is just simple stamping with a little masking of the bird to make it look like it is sitting in the nest. I used a whisper white note card and envelope. They come 20 in a pack for less than ten dollars. Every stamper should have a package of these on hand for when they need a quick card.



Birds & Branches


Here is the inside of the card where you can see how adorable the nest is. When I did the video some of the comments said that this could be the outside of a card too! If you missed my first post about this beautiful Birds & Branches bundle, you can see it here.


Birds & Branches in a nest


Funny Story from Holland


I have been wanting to share this story for a while. When you experience a different culture there are things that you fall in love with and there are some things that sort of stick in your craw. One of the things that is a source of constant irritation is their sleeping arrangements. This happens in homes and hotels. There is no such thing as a king sized mattress. Instead they shove two single mattresses together and there is a very annoying crack in the middle. Some people and/or establishments take this a step further and even have two single duvets on the bed!

In my humble opinion this does not lead to marital bliss. There is a constant reminder of the “great divide”. It is like sisters sharing a bed with an imaginary line down the middle which you are not allowed to cross. I tried that with my sister when we were younger. It wasn’t very successful! An arrangement like this would have helped. Here is a picture so you can better visualize this situation.





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