Birds & Branches Baby Card

Hello stampers and happy Friday to you. I’m taking a break from fall cards and sharing with you a beautiful Birds and Branches Baby Card. My talented team member Alison Reid made this card for me as well. What a blessing it is to have stamping family. That is really what happens when you have such a great team. I am so thankful for my team!


Birds & Branches Baby Card


I want to tell you a secret. Did you know that I used to have a love/hate affair with dies? Little dies especially infuriated me because they were easy to lose but more significantly, they skittered around on the magnetic platform and also didn’t stay put on the regular platform.

Meet the new magnetic plate! What a dream!! You can actually save time and cut out many dies at the same time with no skittering. No washi tape needed for insurance to keep them in place. What a game changer.

This pretty baby card uses four different dies and you can cut them all out at once. I love the colour palette of petal pink, crumb cake, soft suede and balmy blue. Add a touch of early espresso for the bird and the branches and you have a stunning card.


Birds and Branches Baby Card


More Birds & Branches


If you want to see some more cards created with the Birds & Branches bundle, you can check out this blog post from a few months ago.


Product Coordination


I fell in love with Stampin’Up! because they make it so easy to make beautiful things. Everything coordinates! No need to search for the right colour ribbon or patterned paper. Petal pink is the colour of the ink, the cardstock and the ribbon. The result? A stunning card. Nothing is “off”. It feels just right and that is wonderful when you are making something. It minimizes the frustration and maximizes the joy. See the product list below for all the great things used on this card.

If you live in Canada, you can shop online with me no matter where you live! I love that so much, especially during COVID. Deliveries to your door means not having to wear a mask. It’s the little things that can bring great joy.




Thanks again for joining me today. This week I only blogged twice as Wednesday was an “Oma” day. I realize that time with my family is precious and sometimes stamping and blogging has to take a back seat. I know you understand! Did you know that if you place an order with me, if you join my team or my training group OR Prime Time With The Pampered Stamper, you get a free monthly pdf? Here is a sneak peek of the October pdf. There are lots of great fall projects in there. Happy stamping and have a super day.


October pdf tutorial


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Birds & Branches in a Nest

Hello stampers and happy Monday. I really felt that I needed to blog about my first Birds & Blooms cards. I call them Birds & Blooms in a Nest because these cards feature the super cute nest from this bundle. These cards were made spontaneously during one of my Facebook live videos before I went to Holland.


Birds & Blooms in a Nest


Since these cards were made during a Facebook live video, they are simply a jumping off point. I am not crazy about the monochromatic branches but I AM happy with how the card turned out in general. Let’s take a look.


Birds & Branches in a Nest


The card above is just simple stamping with a little masking of the bird to make it look like it is sitting in the nest. I used a whisper white note card and envelope. They come 20 in a pack for less than ten dollars. Every stamper should have a package of these on hand for when they need a quick card.



Birds & Branches


Here is the inside of the card where you can see how adorable the nest is. When I did the video some of the comments said that this could be the outside of a card too! If you missed my first post about this beautiful Birds & Branches bundle, you can see it here.


Birds & Branches in a nest


Funny Story from Holland


I have been wanting to share this story for a while. When you experience a different culture there are things that you fall in love with and there are some things that sort of stick in your craw. One of the things that is a source of constant irritation is their sleeping arrangements. This happens in homes and hotels. There is no such thing as a king sized mattress. Instead they shove two single mattresses together and there is a very annoying crack in the middle. Some people and/or establishments take this a step further and even have two single duvets on the bed!

In my humble opinion this does not lead to marital bliss. There is a constant reminder of the “great divide”. It is like sisters sharing a bed with an imaginary line down the middle which you are not allowed to cross. I tried that with my sister when we were younger. It wasn’t very successful! An arrangement like this would have helped. Here is a picture so you can better visualize this situation.





Thanks for joining me, I hope you have a super day. If you want to take advantage of the Bonus Days and get a $6 coupon with every $60 you spend, then click here to shop with me if you live in Canada. Don’t live in Canada but still want to support me? That’s awesome! You can buy my pdf tutorials, they are perfect for helping you get creative with supplies you already have. You can find them here.



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Birds and Branches Happy Mail Card

Hello stampers and happy Friday to you. Today’s blog post features a Birds and Branches Happy Mail Card. This stunning card is by Shelly Millett. Shelley is a fellow Canadian demonstrator from Moncton, New Brunswick. Do you know anything about Moncton?


Moncton, New Brunswick


Moncton is the second largest city in the Maritime provinces and has a thriving economy. The people there are resilient and have learned to overcome obstacles.  It was first settled in 1733  so there is some significant Canadian history here. Hub city is its nickname since it is integral in the transportation network of the eastern provinces.





Shelley’s Birds and Branches Card


Here is a picture of Shelley’s card. I love all the details from the frayed gold cord to the carefully coloured leaves and branches. It looks like Shelley also sponged on some extra colour on the wings of her pretty bird. The green leaves on the background of this card come from Very Versailles and the “Hello” comes from Forever Fern.



Birds and Branches card



Here you can see a closeup of this beautiful card. Is this bundle on your wish list? It was one of the prizes from my online Bingo last month and I hope to do another one in August or September.



Birds and Branches closeup



This bundle reminds me of one of my very favourite Paper Pumpkins, it was the one inspired by Shelli Gardner. If you want to see the cards I made with it, check out this blog post. I was looking for another post featuring Birds and Branches but it turns out that I made the cards for a Facebook live but I haven’t blogged about them yet! Good thing I checked!


A Funny Story


When I saw what Gerard made himself for lunch the other day I just knew I had to share this story with you. Part of what I miss is all the stories I share at my coffee and a card classes. This is for you my friends!! Pour yourself a cup of coffee, grab a treat and pretend we are at coffee and a card and your crazy squirrel demonstrator is sharing a funny story with you.

People in Holland eat a LOT of bread. There is a plethora of bread toppings available and in their defense they do have pretty awesome bread here. Freshness is so important that you can even buy bread by the half loaf at the bakery. Bread is eaten for two meals of the day and toast is almost unheard of. Toasters are not a staple in the Dutch kitchen. Butter is also avoided by a lot of people. Note the state of this bread.



Now in Gerard’s defense I did not realize that he was planning to fold each slice in half and then eat it, sort of like a bun or a burrito. In his bachelor state of mind this is efficient. No need to cover the whole slice of bread with the topping, his stomach is not going to know the difference. To me this was austerity at a whole new level!! I am of the other extreme. The  bread is only a vehicle for the toppings. I have been known to cut my slice of bread into four pieces and put something different on each quarter. And trust me, the toppings go to the edge and they are not paltry.


Iconic Holland


I just wanted to share two pictures from my day in Leiden yesterday. One is the view from one of the many bridges over the old Rhine river and the other is of a famous windmill.


Leiden bridge



Molen in Leiden


This windmill is the last one that still has an active miller living inside! You can read more about it and other wonderful things to do in Holland here.

Thanks so much for joining me here on my blog today, I hope you have a super day. If you live in Canada you are most welcome to shop with me by clicking on the links  below. If you do, you will get a free pdf tutorial from the Demo Design Dream Team with 16 3D projects. There is only one more week for Bonus Days as well. Get a $6 bonus bucks coupon with every $60 you spend that you can redeem in August.


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