Hello stampers and happy Monday to you. My topic today is rest for the weary. I have a feeling that I am not the only one who is feeling weary and who is longing for rest. After a while the stresses of life seem to pile up and you realize that you really are weary and that you need rest. True rest can be hard to find and it can also be hard to do. There are often compelling reasons not to rest. It is hard to step away.


Come to Me


Jesus knew this and he often went in to the wilderness to retreat, to rest. In Matthew 11:18 we are encouraged to come to Him, to give our burdens to him. What a comfort! I need to do this more often and I want to encourage you to do the same.




Rest for the Weary


Last week I was blessed to be able to spend four days with my parents. I rested with them. Of course I had some normal work to do, meal preparation and clean up, but for the most part we simply communed together and enjoyed each other’s company. How wonderful! Old letters were retrieved from boxes and tins and photo albums were brought to light. This in turn brought forth amazing stories and reminiscing. Here are some pictures that I took from my time with them, but first here is the poem that inspired me to make “rest” my word for 2021.


Rest poem


Here is a closer view of the poem, but I wanted you to see the photo that went with it as it is so restful.




Letters and Stories



This was a letter that Mom sent to Pap when he was working for a peat moss company in Manitoba before they got married. Note the lack of street address and postal code. This tiny town was literally just an encampment on a railway spur. 25 cents was a lot of money back then for a letter and we complain about postage now!



This letter was sent to Pap by Mom when he was sailing back to Canada to go back to work for another year before getting married. The letter was actually sent to the ship and he received it. I don’t know if he got it while at sea but he certainly did the moment the ship docked in Halifax.


love letters


This is a stack of letters sent by Pap to Mom. Pap was quite the colourful writer but we are denied access to these letters until after their death. Mom did share that she thinks these letters made an enormous difference when Pap was all alone in a foreign country. Letters were sent more often than once a week!



Happy Mail


The History of Happy Mail


As you can see, my life has been steeped in happy mail. I also wrote letters to Holland to my oma and to my cousin, in Dutch! Later I also wrote letters to Gerard. Now I make beautiful cards and write letters in them. I am thankful that my mom kept all those letters and I am also glad that my Dutch has improved to the extent that I can tackle these old missives. Cursive writing crammed on a page to get as much in as possible makes for a difficult read!


Last Day to Order from Holiday Catalog


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Berry Blessings Bundle


If you want to see another card made with this beautiful bundle, check out this blog post. Please join me for daily live videos on both my Pampered Stamper page and my personal page with the COVID countdown.

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I hope you have a super day and thanks so much for joining me today.



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