Hello stampers and happy Monday to you. This weekend I posted a video explaining my Christmas Whimsy Health Care Worker “Fun-Raiser”. I have since decided to expand it to include our teachers. Why a “fun-raiser” for them? Let me explain how I came to this decision and what I hope to get from you my followers.


Why a Christmas Whimsy Health Care Worker “Fun-Raiser”?


This is not a new idea. It started in the winter/spring when my daughter Rachel was working at the Chatham hospital in the emergency department. She came home with stories of how stressed the health care workers. I was shocked. At that point I had quite a stash of Paper Pumpkin kits so together we made cards to go in them and I purchased blocks to add to them. She took them all to work with her and actually ran out. One person had missed out, so I found another kit to give away. This time I thought I would rally the troops so to speak.


Please, Not Seven Times!


I am told that people need to see something seven times before they take action. Please let this NOT be the case this time. I believe in YOU that you will be moved to make a difference. Someone commented on my YouTube video asking if I thought I would make my goal of giving away 100 kits. My answer is an unabashed YES!! Let me tell you why I think this should be very doable.

If every blog reader today decides to sponsor a kit we will already be at 300 kits. If each of my YouTube subscribers would sponsor a kit we would be at 3800 kits. What about my Facebook people? Then we would have another 8000 kits! So really, if you look at it this way my goal is sort of pathetic. Together we can prove the naysayers wrong. If you are reading this post, don’t think that someone else will step up. Step up yourself.


Christmas Whimsy Card Kit Fun-Raiser


Stories from the Trenches


I heard from a teacher a few days ago saying that they are so disheartened and it is only September. The bureaucracy that they have to deal with is suffocating. I am not up to speed on mask wearing any more but they not only had to do online teaching which is a TON of work, they also had to be double masked ALL  DAY LONG. Have you ever tried that while needing to walk and talk at the same time? Not pleasant.

We won’t even get into all the behavioural issues that they have to deal with, the under-staffing, the last minute changes to their classrooms or even the class that they have to teach, blended populations, the list could go on.

As for the health care workers, morale is low. They too are expected to more with less money. Less staff, more work. Covid that just doesn’t stop. The squabbling about vaccinations, about not following the rules.

Doesn’t it just exhaust you to read about this? Don’t you think these great people could use a lovely surprise in their life? One that lets them relax and enjoy something new either on their own with some music in the background or with their kids that they don’t get to spend enough quality time with? Maybe a girlfriend afternoon or evening. I will include a list of ways that they could enjoy this kit for even more fun and I will also include your name on the card or letter if you decide to sponsor. Be sure to let me know whether you want to sponsor a teacher or a health care worker.


Time for Smiles!


Take a look at these cards samples. Don’t they just make you smile? Do they make you feel like a child again? That’s a pretty amazing feeling and this what is often channeled when you take time to play and be creative. At least that is what happens with me and many people that I have talked to. Many, many times I have heard:  “I wouldn’t know how I would have gotten through COVID without my stamping hobby!”

My brain is even going a step further. Wouldn’t it be great if we heard stories back from the recipients of how your gift affected them? I will come up with a letter (stamped of course) to include in the kit that asks them to share back with us with a photo of social media post with a hash tag #fun-raiser and then I can share some of them here. Stories are powerful!!


Christmas Whimsy Card Kit sample


I want a hat like that and those outfits are just so darn cute!! There are 8 cards in this kit.


Christmas Whimsy card kit components.



Christmas Whimsy Kit card sample.


Video Explanation and Card Tutorial



What I Love About This Kit


What I really love about this Christmas Whimsy kit is that it is perfectly suited for beginner stampers but it is also a lot of fun for seasoned stampers. These card bases and die cuts are fantastic and you could use them as base elements for a fancier or different card. Combine this kit with offerings from our holiday catalog such as Whimsical Trees or Peaceful Deer. Perhaps I will have some time to play and design something for you. Rest assured that the quality is wonderful. It’s always nice to have another ink spot, clear block and sheet of dimensionals. At $26 in Canada or €23 in Europe it’s a great deal.




Thanks for joining me today. You know that I believe that we can make the world a better place one card at a time, and in this case one kit at a time. I hope you have been inspired to participate in this fun-raiser. Could you do one more thing for me? Share this blog post on Facebook or Instagram or wherever you can. Tell YOUR people about this opportunity and help spread the word. Let’s knock this Christmas Whimsy fun-raiser out of the park and blow away that 100 kit goal!!


PS. Are you an avid stamper? Do you know someone in your area that could use a kit to brighten their day and relieve their stress? You could also just use the host code and order this kit online. If you choose that option then you can also take advantage of saleabration which ends on September 30 and you can get some free products for yourself too. Win win!


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