Hello stampers and happy Friday to you. My team means everything to me!

It is already super late but  I just wanted to say THANK YOU!! Last night was the “Stampin’Up! Oscars” where top performers in the industry get recognized. I received several awards but the one that touches my heart the most was ranking #3 in Canada out of more than 5700 demonstrators for Team Building. This means that I am training my team properly so that they will stay with Stampin’Up! and keep their own discount.

Many of my team members were first my customers, but the best deal out there is the one where you get your own discount. Therefore it is a natural progression to move from customer to team member. I like to compare it to moving from being an acquaintance to being a friend. If my friends want more than a discount and want to build a thriving business, then I become their champion and mentor to make that happen. Their dreams are my dreams!

It has become my mission to make no difference on my team between those who are there for their own discount and those who are there to build a business. They are all valuable to me, to each other and to the stamping community. EVERYONE brings something to the table and that is beautiful. Never, ever doubt getting the starter kit because you think you will be cheating me in any way. I want what is best for you and what happens after you get the starter kit is not an issue. Every day that you are on my team is a good day!


That’s it. No long post today. It is 9:59 pm and this squirrel is going to bed. Thanks ever so much for being here. I hope that if you read my blog and you live in Canada that you will feel inspired to join my team. It’s a pretty awesome place to be.


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