Hello stampers and happy Friday to you. As promised here is the second half of the cards that I have gathered from the uber talented Chay Wright. These cards also use the Natural Tones Blends, but this time they are used to make flowers instead of humans!


Gorgeous Flowers with Blends and Alcohol


I finally have what I need to try and imitate this gorgeous technique. In the meantime, it is much easier to share Chay Wright’s amazing work. Be sure to subscribe to her channel on YouTube which you can find here.

I did an Blends and Alcohol card back in the fall and you can check out the video tutorial in this blog post.


Alcohol Roses with Natural Tones Blends


As Chay herself says, sometimes when you are trying to make alcohol roses, they don’t turn out exactly as you would like. Don’t throw those attempts out! You can use them to make a card just like the one below! The trick to making these roses is this little tool that you can buy on Amazon. I tried with a cheapie from the dollar store but the results were disastrous.


Alcohol Ink Hearts card by Chay Wright


Link To Chay’s Video Tutorial


Chay first did this Blends and Alcohol technique last summer. You can see her blog post with step by step instructions here. You can also find her on Instagram here.

Edited:  Chay just posted the video tutorial for these cards here. Enjoy!!



I think I will probably have to wait until I get to Holland before I can try this Blends and Alcohol technique. Life is busy at 81 Delaware with my kids and grandkids living with me temporarily. I wouldn’t trade it for anything, these are precious moments. There will always be time to stamp and play later. Now it’s oma time!!

I hope that you have fantastic success with this technique. Be sure to set your calendar on your phone to May 4 with a reminder that this suite will once again be available to purchase! Have a super day and happy stamping.

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