Flowering Cactus

Hello stampers and happy Friday to you. Flowering Cactus is a stunning product medley that includes a stamp set, dies, two spools of linen thread and beautiful paper including images of cacti that can be cut with the dies. I love this unique medley and have based my February Virtual Coffee and a Card class around it. Here are the cards we will be making in this class.


Flowering Cactus for Virtual Coffee and a Card Class


Flowering Cactus has a nostalgic feel for me because when I was growing up, my mom had quite a collection of cacti. Some of these were an assortment in a square flat pot and nestled in among the cacti were those little animal figurines that came in the Red Rose tea boxes. Does anyone remember those? It was always a bit of a treasure hunt to see which figurine you would get! If you remember these you will find this article fascinating! I wonder if my mom still has her little figurines? I am going to ask her today!


Red Rose figurines



Flowering Cactus



Flowering Cactus



Flowering Cactus



Flowering Cactus


How It Works?


Do you like the idea of playing along with me when I made a card each week for my Virtual Coffee and a Card? You can! For $25 I will mail you a packet anywhere in Canada. Every Tuesday at 10am I will be live on YouTube and I share the video to Facebook as well. It gets even better! If you order the Flowering Cactus medley through me online with the host code you can get the package for only $10!

If you subscribe to my YouTube channel then you will get a notification whenever I go live or when I upload a new video. It really is quite helpful and if you end up finding it annoying, then you can simply unsubscribe. Just click here to be directed to my channel.


Flowering Cactus


Don’t Wait!


I put a rush order in to get more supplies for my kits. Truthfully I am a week or two behind with getting these kits out but you know the reason why. Yup. He’s a super cute guy with a mop of grey hair and huge ears! Pap is worth it wouldn’t you say?


Pap and I


This picture was taken when Pap was just home from the hospital after his heart attack. I was amazed to see how much pepper was in his salt and pepper beard! And no, I don’t have a black eye. This photo just really shows my vitilago which is an autoimmune disease that causes loss of pigment in the skin. I inherited this from my father’s side of the family as well.


Back to the point. Please order your kits as soon as possible. I have 11 spots available and do not plan on ordering more supplies. The reason for this is efficiency. It makes the most economical sense to do all your prepping in one go. To keep returning to the same task in small bits is inefficient. I hope you can join this month!


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