The Pampered Stamper in Two Countries

Hello stampers and happy Monday to you. Today I am going to talk to you about The Pampered Stamper in two countries. What does this mean for you? How am I going to make this work? So many questions right? Let’s dig in and find out what is going to happen.


The Pampered Stamper in Two Countries


First and foremost, I will maintain and grow my Pampered Stamper business in Canada. This is where I started and have grown and built my business for fifteen years. My team and my customers mean the world to me and I don’t ever want to let you down.



You may have heard that I finally going to marry Gerard!! The date will be sometime in September 2022. That means that I will sort of move to Holland until 2026. The plan is that I will be three months in Holland, then one month back in Canada, etc. In the one month that I am home I hope to do in person classes and of course an in person team gathering.

COVID19 has had one blessing. It has forced me to take my business online completely. I had known for a while that this was the direction that I needed to move in, but I was unwilling to part with any of my in person classes. This meant double the work load! Of course this is unhealthy and also unsustainable. Being online now for a year has become the new normal and there is a lot of it that I truly enjoy. I am still trying to work out the best way to provide classes for you that are fun and affordable, and this is always a work in progress.


Why Become a Dutch Demonstrator?


The main reason is the same reason why I joined Stampin’Up! in the first place. I seem to need everything!! When I pack my suitcase to go I take one bundle for each week that I am gone but it is never enough. I always feel that I am stifled in my creativity. Since there was such a great deal on the starter kit I decided to go for it and fill in the gaps with what I truly needed. My starter kit was a practical investment but it still wasn’t fun! So I placed another order full of things that I loved.

The other reason is that I am starting to build my own network of family and friends here and I want to share what I love with them. That will mean workshops and classes and it just fantastic to be able to place these orders myself. Now I have to take the plunge and start creating with European sized cardstock which is narrower and longer than ours in North America.

If you want to hear my story, you can watch this video here.


How is this Possible?


All I needed to become a Dutch demo was a mailing and shipping address and a Dutch bank account. No social insurance or identity number was needed like in Canada. You don’t know if you don’t try!


Something to Share


This past weekend I celebrated my birthday a few days early and I was spoiled! The best present was being able to celebrate outdoors with a group of people. It felt like the old normal and it was wonderful. My upline and friend Caroline van der Straaten made me a great gift holder. I took a bunch of pictures because she always does such beautiful work. I didn’t watermark them at all because quite truthfully I am battling a rather nasty feminine issue right now which has made me quite grumpy and unproductive. This has made me feel a little ashamed because isn’t it easy to be happy when everything is going well? Not so easy when you are feeling crappy.  Another lesson in gratitude and patience which I would rather not have to learn.




This cute wooden crate was filled with locally grown vegetables to make a delicious ratatouille. Of course I immediately saw the pretty peach themed gift inside!!












Doesn’t this just blow your mind? I just love the coordination of all the different patterned paper and then the cute little details!! Caroline just does such exquisite work. Her little pockets, her bows, the little addition to the tags, it just goes on and on. She should just create and I will crow about it and show it all off. Sound good?? Even the back of this cute little package has been decorated. She doesn’t miss a thing. You can follow her on Instagram here.


Any Questions or Suggestions?


I would love to hear your questions or suggestions. What would YOU like me to offer in an online class? What do you see other demos doing that you would love to see ME do? If you have any other questions about how I plan to run The Pampered Stamper in two countries or if you would love to join my growing and very fun team, please contact me.

If you want to see another project made with You’re a Peach, check out this blog post. Are you on Instagram? Then you can follow me here. I hope you have a super day!!

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Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Hello stampers and happy Friday to you. Today’s topic, something borrowed, something blue, would make you think that perhaps I would be talking wedding talk but that is not the case. Some time in the near future though, that will definitely be a very hot topic. More on that later. Today I am “borrowing” some cards and one of them is blue.


Something Borrowed


Today my future sisters-in-law took me out for lunch to celebrate my birthday which is next week Tuesday. It was so very lovely. I also had a hair appointment this morning and then I went to my favourite bakery to stock up on raisin buns to take home! All in all, no time for card making and writing a blog post. What to do? Well, I was trolling the internet while having a bath (I know, I know, what a life?!) I came across this fabulous card by Nancy Novak. I thought you would enjoy it too. Read all about it on her blog here.


Something Borrowed


To see another graduation card that I made a while ago, check out this blog post.


Something Blue


I just noticed that both cards are blue!! The next one is a Father’s Day card and it uses the Tailor Made tags which I think are super versatile. This is the second card that I have seen this week using these tags. Hmmmm. Temptation is calling but I have a niggling feeling that I might already have them back in Canada.


Something Blue


This card is made by Christi Redding but I cannot find her blog anywhere. Here is her Pinterest board if you want to check it out.


Wedding Inspiration


Truth be told, I have some big decisions to make. I have a wedding to plan. Originally I wanted to keep it really small. Well, sort of. I wanted to do a big church wedding so everyone could come for that part and then do a standing reception with coffee and treats for everyone, after all it is #allaboutthetreats. We would then have photos and then a small intimate dinner for only family.

Then there is the question about the dress. Should it be a traditional wedding dress or just a fancy gown? I am leaning towards a fancy gown but I could be swayed. If you have any great suggestions, feel free to comment below with a photo of course!


Here are some photos of our lunch. The girls took me to this adorable little place along the canal in DeLier which is about a fifteen minute drive from Gerard’s place.


something borrowed


I felt like “Driving Miss Daisy” in Anita’s sporty convertible.





Thanks for joining me today. If you live in Canada and want to shop for stamping supplies, you can do so by clicking on the links below in the product list. With a $60 purchase you will get TWO free tutorials. How awesome is that? I hope you have a super day!


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You’re A Peach

Hello stampers and happy Thursday to you. I know, I know. I’m a day late. Usually I do blog posts on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Today I am going to be sharing a card with you that I made using You’re A Peach as well as a beautiful card that came in the mail yesterday.


You’re a Peach with Prime Time


Have you seen the You’re a Peach paper? It is so beautiful and it lends itself beautifully to mixing and matching. Take a look!


You're a Peach paper


Yesterday I did a video, after many failed attempts with technology, and I showed my design process for this card. You can see it here. In the video I explained that I am very limited here in the Netherlands with my dies. Normally I would use a die for my focal point but I didn’t have any current ones that would work. The solution? To make a tag using the Fancy Tag Topper Punch!


You're a Peach


More About Prime Time


Why am I so persistent with Prime Time? It really is all about consistency and value. I am dedicated to my Prime Time group and that means you know that you get a live video tutorial every week on Thursdays. When I am in the Netherlands it is at 9am EST and when I am in Canada it is 3pm EST.

On Wednesdays I post the supply list and measurements. This lets you get ready to stamp along with me. When you stamp regularly you are more likely to use the products that you invested in AND you will improve your techniques.

The other most significant added value is the monthly pdf tutorials. You get a 14 project tutorial which is worth $25! Even if you never watch a video tutorial or win a prize (did I mention there are weekly prizes?) it is STILL worth it.

From my perspective, it gives me reliable income from my followers. I can only sell SU products to Canadians, but in this group anyone can join. This allows me to focus on what I do best, to teach and create. You can be a part of that! Just click here.


Happy Mail


It was so lovely to find a tell-tale envelope in the mailbox yesterday. By the size and shape of the envelope you know it is a hand made card. Thanks ever so much to Jennifer Plaat for this stunning engagement card. It is still sinking in that in just over a year we will finally be official!




A Quaint Little Soap Shop


Last week I had the opportunity to browse around this adorable little soap shop. I am having a little buyer’s remorse that I only bought one piece, but truthfully I am more of a liquid or foam soap kind of girl. Maybe I need to change that. This was the real deal and the smell was divine. There was such attention to detail everywhere that I just wanted to linger and absorb it all.





From this picture you can see that they use essential oils and other natural ingredients in their soaps. Oh, the smells!!





It’s sort of like baking with similar tools and ingredients like lemon zest.





This soap looks like slices of cake. Don’t you just love this vintage stove?





I really wanted to get one of every kind of soap, but then I remembered that I rarely use bar soap. Maybe if I had this kind, I would.





I am too young to remember sunlight bar soap for laundry but I did know of its existence. I love how this little shop shows the history of soap and soap making.



Everything is Lush and Green


I am convinced that the Netherlands could give Ireland a run for it’s money for the title of “the Emerald Isle”. Although Holland has many islands, the country itself is not an island, but it sure is green! The drawback of course is that this lush greenery is the result of significant amounts of rain and a cooler climate for the most part. Compromise people, compromise.







In just one week I leave this idyllic place to go home. I am hoping that this will also put my technological problems behind me. Scenes like this help me to stay zen!! I hope it also brings some tranquility to your day.




Thanks so much for joining me today, I really do like spending time with you. Several of you made me very happy during the video by giving me “stars” on Facebook. This is something new and I know very little about it, but the affirmation was great. I hope you seriously consider becoming a member of the Prime Time group. Remember, there is no commitment. If you find after three months that you are not getting enough value from it, you can just leave the group.

Have a super day and happy stamping my friends.


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The Least of These

Hello stampers and happy Monday. What do you think of when you here “the least of these”?  I chose this phrase rather than the longer version:  “Whatever you do for the least of these my brothers, you do for Me.” This is a loose paraphrase of the Scripture verse Matthew 25:40. Perhaps it is a bit of an odd topic for a stamping blog, but let me tell you why I chose it.


A Visit to the Market


There is a famous market in the Hague that Gerard has been meaning to take me to for a long time. Last Saturday we finally made it. What makes this market so famous is its size and popularity. More than 100,000 people visit each week and it is the largest market in Europe. It is open on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Saturday alone has between 35 and 40 thousand visitors!

This market is not “kitchy” with great Instagram photo opportunities. Instead it has down to earth fruit and vegetable stands, lots of fish mongers, some butchers, a few cheese stalls and a lot of clothing stalls and even drugstore items like shaving cream and toothpaste.


Who We Met


The highlight of our market trip was not a thing but a person. We met Samse there and it is his story that I want to tell. As soon as he saw us his face was transformed with delight. Before we knew it he had ushered us to his only table outside of his stall and was telling us to wait, he would bring food. Boy, did he bring food!! We started with Turkish pizzas that are more like a burrito. They are thin and topped with a mixture of spices, herbs and a wee bit of sauce. Then you add chicken schwarma meat, chopped tomatoes, red onions and lettuce. Add some garlic sauce and sambal sauce and roll it up or fold it and eat. Delicious.

There was more! More spinach and cheese filled phyllo pastries, some sort of beef croquette and then dessert which was assorted baklava, walnut and pistachio. Why all this food? Why the effusive welcome?


The Least of These


You see, Semsi came from Turkey with nothing. He was an illegal immigrant and had to rely on the mercy of the Dutch people to find employment. He ended up working for Gerard’s dad in the greenhouses. Semsi tells the story of how he was working and got injured with a pitchfork. Gerard’s dad took him to the doctor and arranged things so that his care was covered and that he even received sick pay. This sick pay was unheard of in Turkey and Samse was delighted to be able to send this money home to his family.

Semsi also told us how lonely it was for them in a new country with most of their family still in Turkey. He spoke fondly of Gerard’s mother who used to bring coffee to the greenhouse twice a day. Semsi told us that she was like a mother figure to them. Later Gerard told me that his mom brought coffee since there wasn’t a coffee machine in the greenhouse. She didn’t even stay to drink coffee with them and I am sure she did not realize what this simple gesture meant to those workers.

A few years later Semsi and his brother wanted to invest in a restaurant but they were short a few thousand guilders. When they explained to Gerard’s father, he didn’t hesitate. He loaned them all the money they needed. Because of this generosity and trust, Semsi has now built a successful business that employs his entire family. What a joy to see.

As we were walking away Gerard says, I think he is seeing things with rose-coloured glasses. This could be, but how wonderful when the little things you do for another person can have such significance.


The Least of These


A Few More Glimpses of the Market


Even though this was an outdoor market, it was far more crowded than I was comfortable with, so I didn’t take many pictures. There were at least five huge fish stalls like this one. You could even buy fish heads, which I assume you would use to make fish stock.



Seeing the butcher walk through the crowds with a fresh carcass on his back made me want to become vegetarian!




The person in the blue jacket was a “pedestrian” control person making sure that people followed the arrows for one way traffic.




Perhaps a Card Now??


Since this is supposed to be a stamping blog I suppose I should at least share one card with you!! I am only going to show you a little sneak peek of a beautiful and unique card that I made using the Pansy Patch bundle. If you love pansies you will also love this suite. My card really capitalized on the pretty paper. Did you know that the dies cut out two whole sheets of pansies as well as over 100 leaves? My card is part of the new Create With Us International Tutorial Bundle team and the theme this month is Pansy Patch.


Pansy Patch sneak peek


Here you get a better glimpse of what you will get in this amazing 15 tutorial bundle. Many of our team members are Artisan Design team members so you are getting the best of the best!!


If you want to purchase this tutorial is is $25, but you can also get it for free with a $60 order in June. It will be released later today and then I will put it on my tutorials page for you to purchase.

On Wednesday I will share some cards using the Peach suite as this will most likely be my theme for July virtual coffee and a card class.




Thanks so much for joining me today. Tomorrow will be the first day for the Sweet Strawberry and Berry Blessings virtual coffee and a card class. If you are interested in this kit in the mail, let me know, I think I have a couple of extra ones! Have a super day!!


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Pansy Patch Drapery Fold Cards

Hello stampers and happy Friday to you. Today I have some Pansy Patch drapery fold cards for you. What I like most about drapery fold cards is that they let you show both sides of your patterned paper. I chose to add even more patterned paper to the mix by using the pretty Soft Succulent gingham paper as the background. Let’s take a look.


Pansy Petals Drapery Fold Cards


It has been years since I  made a drapery fold card. About two months ago we decided to do weekly challenges with my Beyond Pampered Team. My team member Alison Reid posts the challenge each week and we are loving that it gets us stamping cards that we might not make of our own accord. Alison shared Lisa Curcio’s tutorial with us, so I will share it here with you as well as it super clear to follow.



Pansy Petals Drapery Fold Cards


Here is a closer look at the Pansy Patch Drapery Fold. I embellished with some In Colour Jewels and some open weave ribbon. If you want to see another card that I made with the Pansy Patch bundle, you can check it out here.


Pansy Patch Drapery Fold Card


Stamping With Pansy Patch


It takes just a little bit of trial and error to stamp with the Pansy Patch bundle. Some colour combinations are better than others, but thankfully that is a choice in personal taste. In real life there are also lots of different colour choices. The easiest way is to just get them all or make them all. I hope to share a video with you today on a Facebook live.


Pansy Patch inside


International Tutorial Bundle Team


Next month our Create With Us International Tutorial Bundle Team is focusing on Pansy Patch. You will get 15 tutorials all featuring this beautiful suite of products. It costs $25 OR you can get it for free with a purchase of $60. Here is the sneak peek.



Daily Routines


I am trying to get into the daily routine of a morning bike ride. We have our daily beach walks but my job involves a lot of sitting and some standing while I made cards. I find that COVID has not been kind to my body so I am pushing myself. The weather here doesn’t make it easy to stick to a routine. There is a LOT of wind and even more rain, but now we have five days in a row with a sunny forecast and a high of 20C. Ideal!!





You might be asking, what is the problem here? I would bike if this was my view. True, true. Just be aware that my bike has three gears and it is stuck in third gear. That means that occasionally I have to humble myself in front of very fit locals who were basically born on a bike. Picture me huffing and puffing up the dike as they whiz past me tinkling their bike horns as I meander dangerously close to the middle line!

I am always proud of myself when I stick to my guns and make it up the few hills or when I finish the stretch against the wind. What are your challenges?




Thanks for joining me today. Just a gentle reminder that the chance to get the amazing deal on the starter kit ends on May 31 which is Sunday. If you are not interested yourself, maybe you know someone who is? Many people are looking for a new hobby with all the COVID restrictions and this would also be great for young families.



Here is the link to get your box full of goodies ($206 worth of products) for only $135. There is even a Paper Pumpkin kit in there as a bonus. Remember, this deal expires May 31.


Have a super day!!


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