Always Remember with Peaceful Poppies

Hello stampers and happy Thursday. For some reason my heart is full today and a little bit sad. Always remember is the theme of my card and it happened quite by accident. Let me tell you the story and set the mood.


Always Remember


My card started with the idea of having a window in the front and layering the vellum poppy accents around the edge. When the card was almost finished I decided that the flowers needed colour, it was just too washed out looking for my mood. I wanted a small sentiment for the outside and “always remember” was perfect. The problem was, I wasn’t sure what to put with it in the inside. Then inspiration hit. It didn’t need anything more.

This is the perfect card to always remember what our soldiers did for us. So many of them were so young, children really, who had no idea what they were going into. The horrific slaughter they would witness. The atrocities they themselves had to do in the face of war. Many, many, many of them gave their lives or their limbs.

Poppies really aren’t peaceful, they are symbols of loss, of war, of death. And yet. Those beautiful, bright flowers also keep growing and blooming and are witness of a hard won peace. Always remember.


War Cemeteries


Three years ago I visited several war cemeteries and it was a profoundly moving experience. In May I hope to be back in the Netherlands. May 4 is the official holiday here (their Remembrance Day) and the entire country will be celebrating the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Holland by Canadian troops. If you want to read a moving story of how the Canadian war cemeteries are maintained and honoured by Dutch citizens, check this out. A Canadian veteran tells the story of his experience here. This town of Holten is just minutes away from where Gerard’s sister lives!

Reading the stories of Canadians who served in various wars makes it real and also makes sure that we always remember! I hope that you take the time to check this out and also share with your children and grandchildren. As time passes it is even more important to keep this truth alive. Here is a great link to get your started.


always remember


Always Remember


Always Remember Card


Blog posts don’t usually drain me like this, but I am just heaving a huge sigh. This is heavy stuff, but I am so happy to be able to share the honour that these children and this nation bestows on soldiers who died so long ago. It really is true that Dutch people today still love Canadians so much. They have always remembered!


Always Remember with Peaceful Poppies


I first adhered the striped patterned paper from Peaceful Poppies to the front of the card and then I used a stitched circle die to cut out a “window”. In the inside of the card is another circle with contrasting paper from the same suite. The vellum elements were coloured with mossy meadow and poppy parade Blends.

The stark simplicity of the sentiment suits the purpose of this card. I am hoping to some kind of fundraiser for our veterans using this suite of products. I am hoping that we can make a ton of poppy cards that I can take with me to Holland so I can give them to both soldiers, their families and also to the local Dutch people who have maintained the cemeteries there.


Feeling Deeply


I can now tell you why my mood was sad to begin with. When I create I often watch Netflix and the show I was watching involved a mother who was a drug user and her own daughter had to report her so that her three year old sister would not be in danger. Yes, it is only a show, but I know this happens in real life and I can just get way too involved and feel so sad for those who do have struggles like this in their lives.

Good thing those sad feelings culminated in this great card! I really am happy with it. It evokes just the right feeling that I want to express to those receiving it. Making a card is like writing a blog post or cooking a meal, you have to feel it in your heart to make the magic happen!




Thanks again for joining me today, it makes my heart happy to see you here. I love your comments, your silent footsteps and of course happy mail. Thanks if you have ordered online from me and thanks to my team members for their love and support. My tribe is awesome and please know, there is a place for you too!


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Z-Fold Card with Peaceful Poppies

Hello stampers and happy Wednesday. Today I have a simple Z-Fold card for you using the Peaceful Poppies paper and Peaceful Moments bundle. I find that a z-fold card is a great way to showcase two coordinating or contrasting patterned papers. The one I chose today is actually included in the free paper pack that you get when you get the starter kit with Stampin’Up! This is one sheet of paper, it has stripes on one side and a watercolour poppy design on the other side.


Z-Fold Card


Z-Fold card using Peaceful Poppies


I love the fresh colours of this paper and you can never go wrong with stripes and a floral together! The poppy on the sentiment is from the Peaceful Poppies elements. It is a watercolour paper die cut with embossing already on it, all you have to do is give it a watercolour wash with your aqua painter and some ink.


z-fold card open


The label for the sentiment is used twice, once on the Z-fold panel and once again inside the card. I left the inside one blank so I could write something personal there. This saying is meant to be paired with the “With Deepest Sympathy” saying but I felt that it could be used on its own for a simple thinking of you card. There is a family in my hometown right now whose daughter was involved in an industrial accident. She will most likely be paralyzed from the chest down unless a miracle happens. It is already a miracle that she survived. How horrific for this twenty year old and her parents! This card will be for them.


top view of this z-fold card


Here you can see the top view of the z-fold card. It measures 4 1/4″ by 11″ and it is scored at 2 3/4″ and 5 1/2″. It is a super simple fold but so effective for showing off your beautiful paper. If you would like to see another example of a Z-Fold card, check out this blog post.


When You Want the Best Deal Ever


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It gets better. You also get a free mini paper trimmer which is absolutely adorable and perfect for using up your little bits of paper and cardstock for banners and sayings. Lastly, you get to choose one extra stamp set of your choice from either the mini or the annual catalog. Why not pick a great expensive one? May I suggest  Well Said, a set with 51 cling stamps with lots and lots of different sayings? It is worth $61. Another great choice is Rooted In Nature which is $57.

After getting this amazing deal where you save all the shipping and tax AND get free stuff, you now will also get your very own discount of 20% on every order you place. You will keep this discount until the end of June no matter what. Did I mention that you also get a free Paper Pumpkin in your starter kit? I just had to tell the story about this amazing deal.


Well Said:  A Possible Free Stamp Set


Well Said


Rooted In Nature:  Another Great Choice for your Freebie

Rooted In Nature




In just one week I will be heading home after a wonderful stay in Holland. I am so very thankful to all of you who have journeyed with me and also sent me happy mail. I am curious to see if the mailbox will have any surprises today. If you would like to shop with me, just click on the products below and you will be on your way! If you would like to see the live video I did yesterday showing you how to make the fun flap fold card from yesterday’s blog post, you can see it here. There is moment where it freezes because I got a Facebook call, but it doesn’t last long! Have a super day.


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Teepee and Flap Fold Card with Peaceful Poppies

Hello stampers and happy Tuesday to you. Today I have two cards for you, the first one is a teepee card using Painted Poppies and the second one is fun flap fold from yesterday but with Painted Poppies. It is ten o’clock in the morning here in Holland and thus far there is no happy mail, so I am going to write a blog post using my own cards. Revolutionary!


Teepee Card with Peaceful Poppies


Last night I actually worked. I hadn’t really done much all day and Gerard had had a very busy day and he just wanted to chill in front of the TV. This squirrel couldn’t handle that. I still had a blank teepee card left over from last week’s Facebook live video, so it was a quick and easy card for me. Then I found a lovely surprise in my stash, something I had thought I had brought along but couldn’t find! Do you what it is? It is the Peaceful Poppies elements. They are so much fun and include two sheets of printed thick watercolour paper that is embossed and perfect for the emboss resist technique, two sheets printed thick cardstock with various poppies, two sheets of printed vellum and two sheets of black elements. I will do a video so you can see them all in action.


Peaceful Poppies Teepee Card


If you would like to see a video on how to make this card, you can find it here. There is an interesting story in this video on Dutch toilets as well! The black circle and the double poppy image are both from the Peaceful Poppies elements. You can see them here or in the product list at the end of my blog.

I entered this card into the Joy of Sets Tic Tac Toe challenge, #JOSTTT013 and you can read all about it here or join in yourself! I used red, pink, floral.




Fun Flap Fold Card with Peaceful Poppies


Here is my fun flap fold card that was inspired by Faye Molladay’s happy mail card yesterday. I made this card last night as well and I was really happy with how it turned out. My job was easy since I could just  copy Faye’s measurement. I did accidentally put my flap on the other side of the card, but I don’t think there is a right or wrong way for this.


Peaceful Poppies


You could definitely add more interest and texture by embossing the mossy meadow diamond piece in behind the black square but I only have two embossing folders here with me and neither of them were suitable. Here is another angle of the card sitting up a bit.


Fun flap fold card with peaceful poppies


This card will also be in my soon to be released Peaceful Poppies pdf and it will also be one of the cards we make at my Suite Sweet Saturday class on February 29. If you order any of the bundles you will get this pdf for free.


Flap fold card open


I purposely left the middle section blank rather than stamp a sentiment in it. Birthdays are super personal and you would hate to have the wrong thing stamped in and not be able to use this great card for just the right person. Never underestimate the power of your handwritten words!



A Personal Story about the Past


Being in the land of my roots is very powerful. So many times I see a name or a place that conjures up childhood memories of my mom or my pap telling stories about their life in Holland. Gerard lives in the town right beside the town where my mom grew up. In between those two towns in a beautiful nature preserve called the Staelduinse Bos. She walked there and rode her bike there, and I am sure she had some romantic moments there as well. I can see why! This forest is an area that used to be all dunes and tidal ponds. Fisherman would set up stakes (stael) and string up their nets to catch fish, and that is where the name came from. I always thought it was named after one of the local families whose name is Van Staelduinen. Good guess, right?

On Sunday afternoon we went for a leisurely walk there. It was a gorgeous sunny day with little wind and 8C. My heart was so happy to be walking amidst the huge trees, the rolling landscape and the singing birds. It was only January 19 but it felt like spring. At one edge of the park there was a beautiful, whimsical garden beside an old cow shed. Inside the cow shed was a visitor centre showing all the flora and fauna of the area and the creatures.












I could add lots more pictures but I think this gives you an idea of the tranquil beauty of this place. When you know how densely populated this little country is, you will understand what a lovely surprise this was for me. I felt so connected with my mom and I had a wistful thought of how lovely it would be to walk and talk with her here along the path.




Thanks again for joining me today! I’m so glad you stopped by. In one week I will be flying home and getting into serious saleabration mode. I must say, I am really hoping that some of you faithful readers in Canada will want to join my team. In the next few years I have a dream of doing a cross Canada trip and visiting all my team members along the way. Maybe you would like to be one of them! We do have a great tribe of stampers and most of them are doing this just for their own discount and to be a part of a fun group.

If you have any questions, please contact me. I don’t always like clogging my blog with “sales”. In the meantime, if you do need any products, now is the best time to get them. WIth every $60 purchase you get a free saleabration item. If you live in Canada, just click on the products below and you will be in my online store. Happy shopping!


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Fun Fold Flap Card with Perennial Essence

Hello stampers and happy Monday! Today I have two great cards for you, both of them happy mail in Holland contest cards. One is fun fold flap card with Perennial Essence, the other is a funny napkin card. These cards did come in the mailbox on Saturday but it was already later in the afternoon and there was no time to do a blog post.


Napkin Card from Letha Kay


The first card that I am going to share with you is a napkin card from Letha Kay. I first met Letha when she came to a training retreat that I hosted in Tennessee. We stayed in a gorgeous cabin and had such a wonderful time together. Letha also introduced me to my favourite magazine, Daphne’s Diary. Needless to say, Letha knows a thing or two about me, hence the fun card. She made it at her friend Susan Owen’s class. Susan was also at my retreat. Lovely ladies, both of them. Thanks for your fun card Letha, I have never made one, so feel free to leave some tips and tricks in the comments section so we can learn more about ti.


Letha's napkin card


I do love pretty napkins but I am often too cheap to indulge. This card has inspired me to do just that the next time I see some that I love. If I can turn a few of them into cards then it will be a business expense and I will get double use out of them as well!

I almost forgot to tell you where Letha comes from! She comes from Liberty, South Carolina, doesn’t that sound patriotic? Liberty is a small town located in the northwest corner of the state. It has a very long history, first having been discovered by the Spanish and located on old Cherokee hunting grounds.


Happy Mail Details


Once again I had to take a picture of the envelopes as they also tell a story. I love the postmarks and I love the stamps. Somehow Letha managed to find some vintage Valentine’s themed stamps. Personally, I don’t mind paying for stamps if they have put in a little extra thought to make them more special, and that is definitely the case here. I also love the name of Faye’s home town, I have a feeling it tells a geographical story. Letha’s hometown also has a memorable name, although its origin is under dispute.




Faye’s Fun Fold Flap Card


Well, isn’t that a fun subtitle for a blog post? All kidding aside, I love your card Faye and it has also inspired me for my next Peaceful Poppies card. I haven’t made one of these cards in years! If fact, I think I should feature this fun fold flap card in my live video tomorrow. I am so thankful for all the inspiration I am receiving from the happy mail in Holland contest. Would you like to see Faye’s card?


Fun Fold Flap card by Faye Molsberry


Faye’s beautiful card uses three items from the Perennial Essence suite: Floral Essence stamp set, Perrenail Flower punch and Perennial Essence designer series paper. In this next picture you can see how the flap fold works.


Perennial Essence Fun Fold Flap card


Do you see all the lovely details and the product coordination? The softness of the paper is reflected in the highland heather sentiment. Even the back of the flap has a matching flower on it.  I have one more picture showing the entire mechanism of the card. There is no picture of the back of the card but the flap part extends to the middle of the card. I will include measurements tomorrow both on my blog post and in my video. If you want to see another card made using this great suite as well as a video showing you how to make dry embossed flowers with the perennial flower punch, then check out this old blog post here.


Faye's fancy flap fold card open


What do you think of this fun fold flap card? I have to say, I am very much looking forward to making one as well. It is so refreshing making a “different” card once in a while. I am not obsessed with always having to make a different fold, but just like with cooking and baking and lots of other things in life, it’s good to switch things up once in a while. Here is a fun video from Dawn Griffith showing you how to do this fold, then you don’t have to wait for me to do it tomorrow. No worries, mine will be a little different anyways.


Central Butte, Saskatchewan


Now that is an intesting name isn’t it? What exactly is a butte? I wonder if my guess that it is a geographical feature is corect? This is what I found:  is an isolated hill with steep, often vertical sides and a small, relatively flat top; buttes are smaller landforms than mesas, plateaus, and tablelands. Central Butte is a very small town in the southern part of the province, about 200 km from the city of Saskatoon. ( I first said that this was the capital, but it isn’t! Thanks Carole Thomas for catching my mistake) Regina is the capital of Saskatchewan. The population of Central Butte as of 2016 was 372 people. That’s a pretty small town isn’t it?




Thanks so much for joining me again today. I thought I would share just a few pictures of my weekend. I will tell you a little bit more about it tomorrow because you already know that there is a story involved here.





Retreat in Feburary


If you would love to have a getaway yourself and be pampered for a weekend, experience the world through my eyes and stamp with me, please consider joining me in Muskoka! I would love to spend time with you. Message me if you want more details.


Peaceful Moments at Rustic Retreat


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Peaceful Moments and Painted Poppies

Hello stampers and happy Friday to you. Today I am going to be talking about Peaceful Moments, the stamp set, and peaceful moments with my Tante Nel. How fitting is that? In face, I am thrilled that the poppy suite is in the mini catalog because poppies are the flower that Canadians use to commemorate the supreme sacrifice of life of our soldiers. This year is the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Holland by Canadian soldiers from World War 2 and there will be epic celebrations all over Holland in May and I hope to be here again. Let’s take a look at the sets.


Peaceful Moments and Painted Poppies stamp sets


Peaceful Moments bundle




Painted Poppies Card


Peaceful Moments with Painted Poppies


It really is just so lovely the way the paper, the stamps and the dies coordinate. I added some vellum to soften the patterned paper under my sentiment. I had these silver sequins laying around, I think they were from a Paper Pumpkin kit. Do you see the leaves? They are also cut from the Painted Poppies designer series paper.


Peaceful Moments detail


I was curious to see what the card would look like with a black sentiment instead of highland heather. I also knew that you would want to see a card with a different sentiment. There are lots of great sentiments in the Peaceful Moments stamp set.


Peaceful Moments with Peaceful Poppies paper


What is your preference? Do you see that I also added a stamped and coloured poppy to the sentiment? I like that extra pop of red.


Peaceful Moments Story Time


I haven’t forgotten my promise to tell you the story about my high tea with Tante Nel. Let me introduce Tante Nel to you. You see, my mother came from a family of fourteen children. Yes, fourteen!! All from one mother and one father. Tante Nel is my mom’s younger sister by thirteen years. She is also the aunt that first hosted me when I came to Holland as a fourteen year old teenager. I thought she was super cool, after all, she listened to and sang along with ABBA!! She wore makeup and high heels. Jeans!! Totally different than my mom. Without Tante Nel, I would never have met Gerard. He came to her house when it was my cousin Corrina’s 17th  birthday. Gerard has always maintained his friendship with Tante Nel and her family.

Since Tante Nel had hosted me so many times over the years, I thought it was time that I hosted her for something. Therefore, I invited her to high tea at De Bosrand. I knew that this was a lovely little restaurant in a peaceful little corner of the world on the edge of the Staelduinse Bos. What a lovely time we had catching up on everything that was going on in our lives. Here is a picture of us and of some of the delicious treats we enjoyed.











I am sure that “high tea” is something different depending on where you go. I would consider this a “low” high tea in the sense that it is rustic and relaxed and utterly unpretentious. There is of course a tea pot with numerous choices of tea. There is a tiered tray with all little savoury sandwiches on the bottom and sweet treats on the top. In between all of this the waitress brought little cups of coup, a chicken satay, some sort of battered shrimp in a delicious sauce and who knows what else.

The best part of course was the company and the conversation. This is just another huge blessing of being in Holland, the possibility of seeing my Dutch relatives. It was wonderful to enjoy peaceful moments with Tante Nel over high tea.


Rustic Retreat


There is still room for you to be pampered by The Pampered Stamper. You can join me for a three day, three night retreat in Muskoka. Imagine  staying in a lovely cottage and having someone cook and bake for you. Then imagine that you will also be stamping and creating without having to think of your own ideas and being able to take home all your extra supplies and a pdf tutorial for more creativity? There will also be little excursions into nearby Huntsville to check out the shops and bakeries. You could choose to go to Arrowhead Provincial Park and skate on their beautiful groomed skating trail through the woods. All this for only $400. Save your spot for a $100 deposit.


Peaceful Moments at Rustic Retreat


Sweet Suite Saturday Free Class


Did you know that on Saturday February 29 at 1pm you can come to a free class if you purchase either of these bundles? It is time to continue with the Sweet Suite Saturday classes. You can also make four cards for $25 if you do not wish to purchase a suite or bundle. This card will be the first one we will make but there will be more coming up which I am also planning to make a tutorial of to help you create more beautiful things with these amazing products.


Painted Poppies and Peaceful Moments




Thanks so much for joining me today. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. If there is happy mail tomorrow, there will be a blog post. If not, you will hear from me again on Monday. I am hosting some cousins from Zeeland tomorrow afternoon. Happy stamping and remember, the best way to get these products at an amazing price is to put them into your starter kit. Here is the link to help make that happen really fast.


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