The Stories We Tell Ourselves

The stories we tell ourselves can have either a very good effect or a crippling effect on our well-being. There are three little stories I want to share with you today to show my point. Two are negative stories and one is a positive one. I have a feeling that you may be able to relate to at least one of them. Do you want to hear more?


Old Photos


If you are like most women you are not always satisfied with the way you look. I have found myself telling my daughters that they are so beautiful, inside and out and yet I didn’t always believe that about myself, not even when I was young. When I look back at old pictures, even sometimes from two years ago I find myself saying, you actually look pretty good! Why were you being so hard on yourself? You see we so easily get caught up in negative self talk harming the one we should love most. Even the Bible implies that we should love ourselves. We are told to love our neighbours “as ourselves”. If we can’t be kind to ourselves how can we expect others to be kind to us? So go ahead, get out some old photo albums or go back to your Facebook pictures and look through new eyes. You might be surprised!


Clothes in my closet


A few years ago I bought a lovely tunic top from Yolanda’s Boutique. It was a beautiful turquoise and black soft knit but it was form fitting. I had worn it happily the year I bought it but the following year I looked at it longingly and decided that I could not wear it this season. I thought I had gained weight and that it would not look good any more. So it sat in the closet for a whole season. Near the end of the season I thought maybe I should try it on. It looked great!! I had wasted a whole season because of the negative story in my head. How silly is that?


The other side of the coin is that if there are some favourite clothes in your closet that aren’t even close to fitting you should put them away where you don’t see them every day. That way they don’t mock you every time you see them. No sense being reminded of what you can’t have. It might even be time to give them away so that they can be enjoyed for a season by someone else. If you do end up changing sizes you will be rewarded with a new outfit or two.


The Incentive Trip


When I first became a demonstrator I was vaguely aware that there was an incentive trip to people who did well in the business. It seemed like a huge accomplishment that was way out of my league so I dismissed it. The crazy thing is that as soon as I changed my mindset and believed that this WAS possible for me, everything changed. I mapped out my goals, changed the way I do business and the next year I had earned the trip. Success and happiness really do start in your head!


The Reason


The reason that I am sharing these stories with you is that I know that you can relate. Your stories may not be the same, but you will also be astounded at how much the stories in your head affect your everyday life. I’m encouraging you to rewrite the story in your head! You may have convinced yourself that you are not creative or that you don’t know anyone that is creative. This afternoon, take out some of your supplies and spread it out on your table. Ink, paper, stamps. Play. Even if you only have a piece of whisper white cardstock, take it and ink up your stamps. See what they look like in different colours. Find your favourite patterned paper and lay it beside what you have stamped. You might be pleasantly surprised by what you put together.


Some Cards



I made this monochromatic moose cards using only Memento Black and Delicata silvery shimmer ink. I added some wink of stella to a few of the trees but the picture didn’t capture that beautiful detail. You can see the snowfall accents puff paint. What a fun product that is! Don’t be fooled. It comes out like milk, but when you activate it with the heat gun it puffs up like popcorn. Very satisfying for all ages!



I added this picture because I think I like the card better without the moon. What do you think? I was able to take it off and use the small adhesive remover tool to clean it up. Good as new! I also like the red background. This card is really lovely in person. The saying is from the Greatest Part of Christmas host set. You can get it for free by hosting a qualifying workshop or by placing a $200 order.



This card makes me very, very happy. Do you know why? It was made by my daughter-in-law Amelia who isn’t really into card making. She uses stamps to make wrapping paper, tags and very occasionally a coordinating card that is super simple. I think she knocked it out of the park with this creation! It was totally her idea and her creation with NO help from me. I am so proud of her.



Can you believe that this card was made by a first time stamper? Yes, my son Oliver’s girlfriend, Laura made this beautiful card, also without any help from me. I love the way Laura did her trees adding in a tree from Rooted in Nature.



This last card was made by my son Oliver. I’m pretty sure this is the one of the first cards he has made in years. He made one probably six years ago for his girlfriend then. He did a great job didn’t he? It was his idea to sponge some yellow behind the trees. My photo is a little blurry but it will have to do. My heart was full having my family stamp with me and create memories. Here is a photo of the creative mess! We had one abstainer, but he was looking for a cabin for us to rent during reading week in February, so all is well!





Thanks so much for joining me today! I hope that you get a chance to stamp with your family. It is so much fun to share your joy of stamping with those you love. I hope you have a super day. Please let me know if you need anything of if you want me to blog on a certain topic or stamp set. If you live in Canada and would like to order from me, it’s easy! Either click on any of the items below or click on one of the catalogs in the sidebar and away you go.


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