Meaningful Journal: Honour and Remember

Hello stampers and happy Tuesday. Today I simply want to share a very meaningful journal which will be part of my Honour and Remember campaign. A journal is a perfect place to record memories and stories as well as photos. I think it will be perfect for the Honour and Remember event. Let me tell you more about it.


Meaningful Journal for Veterans


I am hoping that there are some people who have stories to share with our veterans and their families. This journal is the perfect size for holding some small but extremely meaningful stories and pictures. Our veterans and their families have given so much in World War 2 and a story of how their sacrifice affected someone’s life would be priceless. If you have not had a chance to share your story personally with a veteran or their families, now is your chance!


The Journal


Here is a picture of the journal. I have kept it very simple. A mossy meadow ink pad was swiped across the journal cover for this amazing emboss resist look. Peaceful Poppies paper was added to the front as well as some black ribbon and a sentiment from So Sentimental. A poppy element was added to the edge of the frame to make it complete.


Meaningful Journal


Here is a closeup of the journal. The stitched label die is from the Stitched So Sweetly dies. The sentiment is from So Sentimental and you can save 10% when you buy those two products as a bundle. Until March 31 this bundle will also come with a free saleabration item of your choice. Yay!!


Meaningful Journal


Thank You!


Thanks so much for joining me today, for sending cards for the happy mail for Gerard contest (three more cards came in today!!) and for participating in the Paper Pumpkin for cancer campaign. Together we can make a very meaningful difference in this world. Please help spread the word about the Honour and Remember campaign too. Stories are powerful and are meant to be shared. So often we don’t hear about how we impacted someone’s life, so this will be a great way to do so.


Have a super day!


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Mindful Gratitude

Hello stampers. Mindful gratitude. Think about that for a moment and really let it sink in. How often do we practice mindful gratitude? I know that for me it can go in spurts, but when I practice it, I am so much happier. Gratitude transforms us. It can transform the world around us as well because gratitude is contagious. Just like smiles.


Mindful Gratitude for our Veterans


I am planning a very meaningful project that will help us exercise mindful gratitude for our veterans and their families. May 5 is Liberation Day in the Netherlands and this year will be the 75th anniversary. If you have ever had the chance to go to Europe to see some of the battlefields of either of the world wars, you know how what a moving experience it is. We have not had war on Canadian soil since 1812, so we have no idea how a peaceful countryside can turn into bloodsoaked soil, how cities and villages can be laid to ruin in a moment. Our freedom came at a high price and I would love to thank our veteran community in a tangible way.


mindful gratitude


If you want to read more about how our troops were involved in the World War 2 liberation of the Netherlands, you can read about it here.


A Tangible Thank You


When I saw the Peaceful Poppies stamp set from Stampin’Up! I was immediately inspired to use it to thank our veterans. I wanted to do something big, something that would involve our entire community and maybe even inspire other people to do something similar.

This has now become an official project!! You can join in too. On Saturday April 25 from ten am till noon you can make up to ten cards or a journal. There will be cards for varying skill levels so you can choose which cards to make. The important part will be what you write inside, a heartfelt thank you for the sacrifice that was made for us. If you have personal memories of that time there will be small journals that you can share your stories in and even put in pictures if you like.

I will be going to Holland to attend the festivities as  will the Chatham Pipe Band, so there will be lots of people to help distribute the cards and journals. Let’s see how many we can make! Here  are the cards for you to see.


Honour and Remember Cards


Mindful Gratitude cards



Mindful Gratitude for our veterans



Mindful Gratitude for our veterans



Honour and Remember poppy cards - mindful gratitude



Mindful Gratitude for our veterans



Peaceful Poppies card for Honour and Remember



If you really love to get creative, there will also be a table set up where you can unleash your own creativity and make whatever you want with the supplies provided. As a thank you for helping with this Honour and Remember project you will be able to keep five cards for yourself. If you want to see more cards made with Peaceful Poppies, you can check out this blog post.


Share this Event with Everyone


Please help make this event successful by sharing this blog post with everyone you know. Social media is a great tool for doing this quickly and easily. Here is the link for the event. If you cannot come to the event in person, you are more than welcome to send your cards to Jackie Bultje, 81 Delaware Avenue, Chatham, Ontario, N7L 2W3 and I will make sure they get to Holland in the hands for the veteran community.


Last Month of Saleabration


If you are not familiar with Stampin’Up! you might not know that they have a huge annual event every year called Saleabration. It goes from January through March and with every $60 purchase you get a free item. In the last few years they have also made some items available for free with a $120 purchase. This is in a addition to regular host benefits. The free stamp sets, paper and accessories are exclusive to salebration and are not available after this promotion ends.

A few new things have been added to the offerings including Flowering Foils paper, Rise & Shine stamp set, Well Dressed stamp set, So Very Vellum paper and the Tags in Bloom stamp set. If you want to see these items, just click here. If you have any questions, feel free to message me. Of course I would love to have your business if you live in Canada. Just click on the images below and you will be in my online store.


Rise & Shine free saleabration set





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Honour and Remember

Hello stampers and happy Tuesday to you. I’m finally writing my daily blog post, some back issues have slowed me down a bit today. Honour and Remember is the name of the project that I am hoping to engage the community in to add a personal touch to the 75th anniversary of the World War 2 Liberation of the Netherlands by the Allies. Our Canadian soldiers played a huge part in this liberation effort and many of them or their families will be attending festivities in the Netherlands in May. I plan to be there too.


Honour and Remember


Since this event took place seventy five years ago, it is highly likely that many of our veterans are no longer alive. Their families will be there to represent them and it is my hope that we can give these family members visible tokens of our appreciation. This can be in the form of a hand made card or a journal with stories and photos. How wonderful would it be if we could get a card or a journal to each person there?

The power of a handwritten note and a shared story is incredible. If you have stories that you would like to share, please send them to me and I will include them in a journal. You are also welcome to send photos along with your stories. I am flying to the Netherlands on April 29. The community event will be on Saturday April 25 from 10am till noon.


The Cards


Here are the cards that we will be making. Some are meant for beginners and some are meant for those who like to so more detailed work.


Honour and Remember


Tomorrow I will post all the cards individually so you can have a closer look at them. I used the notecards and envelopes to make it extra easy for everyone.




Thanks for joining me today, I appreciate you. If you don’t already have a demonstrator, I would be over the moon happy if you ordered from me! Of course there is a spot waiting for you on my team as well. Be sure to check out all the new saleabration offerings that became available today. If you have any questions, please let me know.


Happy Mail for Gerard


I am hoping that you will all participate in the happy mail for Gerard contest! This is what I wrote yesterday:

Please don’t forget about the happy mail in Canada contest where we want to shower Gerard with some love when he comes to Canada. If you send a masculine card for him by March 29 I will enter your name into a contest for a masculine stamp set of your choice from the mini catalog and I will blog about your card. I will also video Gerard opening all his cards so we can all enjoy his surprise and delight. Here is the address:  Gerard van der Sar, c/o Jackie Bultje, 81 Delaware Avenue, Chatham, Ontario N7L 2W3 Canada


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Huge Double Z-Fold Card

Hello stampers and happy Monday to you. Today I have a huge double Z-fold card for you. When I saw the sheet of peaceful poppies designer series paper with the big stems of poppies I knew I wanted to use this on a BIG card so that the flowers would remain intact. It’s a lot of fun making a big card.


Huge Double Z-Fold Card


Let’s take a look at this beauty. When it folds up it is six inches square, so that means you have to make your own envelope!


Huge Double Z-Fold card


Here is another look when it is closed.


Huge double z-fold card


I just love how the patterned paper gets used to its full capacity here, I even used the patterned paper for the leaves and as the background for the focal point. The Peaceful Poppies paper really is terrific.


Huge double z-fold card


The saying in the inside of the card is from Inspiring Iris. You could also leave it blank and write your own personal note inside. Alternatively you could put a white panel on the back for a longer missive.


Z-fold detail


When A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words


It’s story time. Last week two cousins came to visit me and one of them brought along some old photos. This was one of them. It is a great old photo of a children’s choir from my mom’s home town of Maasdijk. My mom and her sister are in the middle of the photo. You can find Adrie with the red mark (someone must have done that so that everyone would know which one she was) and the girl to the left of her is my mom Rina.


Imagine my surprise when I get a message from my uncle on Pap’s side of the family saying that he is also in this picture. Pap’s family is from Zeeland, a different province in Holland an hour’s drive away in this day and age.  Back then it took longer to travel that distance, especially since Zeeland is an island. So what was Oom Stoffel doing in Maasdijk as part of the children’s choir?


How the War Brought Families Together


I immediately knew that this picture must have been taken during the war. Indeed, after some questioning, I found out that this picture was  taken either in the fall of 1944 or spring of 1945. How amazing that in those dark days of war they still had a children’s choir!

Do you want to know why my uncle was in this picture? You see, all the people from Zeeland province were evacuated because the Germans flooded this island province to prevent a possible landing from the Allies. The Boot family came to live in Maasdijk and they met the Robbemond family at church.

The families became friends and that is how my Pap met my Mom. There is a five and a half year age gap between my mom and my Pap, so when they first met there was no romance. In fact, Pap was interested in Mom’s older sister! That never developed into anything, but it was years later when they finally “saw” each other and fell in love. My Oom Stoffel is the cutie in the bottom row, far right. Mom’s other sister Bep is in the second row, fifth from the left.

I remember my Pap telling me the story of how he walked to Maasdijk from Zeeland taking some animals with him. I can’t remember if it was cows or horses or some of each. He walked for three days to get there! Being here in Holland has been wonderful to meet more of my relatives and discover more of my own heritage. It is humbling to see how God works to weave the threads of our family history.


Peaceful Poppies pdf Tutorial


I am thrilled to tell you that my latest tutorial is now complete and ready for purchase. It has colour pictures and instructions for ten great cards. Four of the ten cards are different fancy folds. I hope you enjoy it!! Just click on the button below to purchase it and I will get a notification and send it to you. Thanks so much for your support, I appreciate you all very, very much.

Peaceful Poppies cards 


Peaceful Poppies Tutorial


Amazing Opportunity


You know that I can’t help myself, and that I will keep telling you about the amazing opportunity of the starter kit. Not only is it is a super deal with all the extra freebies, it is also your portal to a world of excitement, friendship and travel. This little starter kit has changed my life and I didn’t even have a team to join. You have an amazing opportunity to join the Beyond Pampered team with me as your leader. I LOVE what I do and I love to train and mentor my team to help them reach their goals. Whether the goal is to simply belong to a fun group and stamp together once a month or the goal is to travel the world for free once a year, I am here for you! You can read all the details about the deal here when I blathered on about it in another post. If you are feeling excited about this opportunity, just click here to get started. You do need to live in Canada though to join my team.



Thanks for joining me today, I love getting your feedback and seeing that you were here. I’m hoping that there will be some more “happy mail in Holland” cards before I come home on Wednesday. Stay tuned and have a super day.


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Geometric Design with Poppies

Hello stampers and happy Friday. Today I have gone a little out of my comfort zone to design a geometric poppies card. I wanted to challenge myself and do something a little different. Geometric designs are not my strong suit but I am quite happy with how my card turned out. What style do you struggle with?


Geometric Poppies


All of my peaceful poppies designer series paper was laying out and I just love so many of the designs and wanted to combine them on a card. That is how I came up with the idea of doing a geometric design with poppies. I started out with cutting a bunch of circles and squares with the stitched shape framelits. I scattered them on my background paper and played around a bit with what looked good together. Truth be told, it took a few different design layouts before I was satisfied.


Geometric design with poppies


The smaller squares got turned diagonally to make them diamonds and they are also all popped up to create more interest and dimenstion. I toyed around with the idea of creating a banner for the sentiment, mostly because I wanted to cover up that tiny black mark that I made.  The sentiment looked better stamped right on the card. A banner messed up the crisp lines of the geometric design. In the end I was playing around with needing just a little something extra and that is how I came up with the poppy from the Peaceful Poppies elements. It has been so much fun incorporating those elements into my peaceful poppy cards!

If you want to see another card that I made incorporating a geometric stamp set, you can see it here.


The Most Important Tool


I often forget to write about how often I use my stamparatus. It really is the most important tool! For this card I used it to stamp my sentiment. Especially if your ink pad is of a certain vintage, your sentiment might not turn out as dark and crisp as you like. If you use the stamparatus then you can stamp several times in the exact same spot for absolute perfection. You see, the stamparatus is a stamp positioning tool. If you want to see a video on it, you can see it here.


A Little Vintage


Last night I caught up with some more cousins, this time it was two daughters from my mom’s favourite sister growing up. Tante Adrie (short for Adriana) was younger than mom by 16 months. She came to visit Mom in Canada when I was a year old and my cousins had some pictures from the visit for me. Some of them I had never seen before so that was really special!



The first time I looked at this photo of my Pap, I didn’t even see myself looking through the back window of the truck!!



With my mom my sister Adriana and my brother Oliver. I was about a year old here. Looks like I am either ready for a nap or just woke up!!



I’m pretty sure my dad made these little wooden chairs. This is me with my cousin Dan. It is so nice coming across pieces of your own history and to see how our stories intertwine. Thanks for indulging my walk through nostalgia!


Happy Mail in Holland


I just came back from a little shopping trip with Gerard’ sister. We hit a few used stores, they are called “kringloop” here. I found some great little leather shoes for the grandkids, some Royal Albert Old Country Roses dishes and a cute little book with all Dutch words for the grandkids. When I came home I checked the mailbox and there was happy mail. Thanks Gertie Boven, I will blog about your card tomorrow. I haven’t even opened it yet!

I just had to take a picture of these cute little “bikes”. They teach the littles how to have good balance so they can bike right away without training wheels.



PDF Tutorial


If you are liking the Peaceful Poppies cards, you will be happy to know that I now have a complete pdf tutorial for all ten cards. Here is a picture. Just click the buy now button if you want it. It’s that simple! It does take a bit before I get the notification from PayPal, but when I do I will send it to you.


Peaceful Poppies Tutorial






Thanks so much for popping by today, I always feel like we have had a little chat together. I am hoping to start writing like a fiend after this and get a good chunk of my new Peaceful Poppies pdf tutorial done. First a live video with my training group and then nose to the grindstone. It was fun playing tourist this morning, tomorrow I will share some more pictures.



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Always Remember with Peaceful Poppies

Hello stampers and happy Thursday. For some reason my heart is full today and a little bit sad. Always remember is the theme of my card and it happened quite by accident. Let me tell you the story and set the mood.


Always Remember


My card started with the idea of having a window in the front and layering the vellum poppy accents around the edge. When the card was almost finished I decided that the flowers needed colour, it was just too washed out looking for my mood. I wanted a small sentiment for the outside and “always remember” was perfect. The problem was, I wasn’t sure what to put with it in the inside. Then inspiration hit. It didn’t need anything more.

This is the perfect card to always remember what our soldiers did for us. So many of them were so young, children really, who had no idea what they were going into. The horrific slaughter they would witness. The atrocities they themselves had to do in the face of war. Many, many, many of them gave their lives or their limbs.

Poppies really aren’t peaceful, they are symbols of loss, of war, of death. And yet. Those beautiful, bright flowers also keep growing and blooming and are witness of a hard won peace. Always remember.


War Cemeteries


Three years ago I visited several war cemeteries and it was a profoundly moving experience. In May I hope to be back in the Netherlands. May 4 is the official holiday here (their Remembrance Day) and the entire country will be celebrating the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Holland by Canadian troops. If you want to read a moving story of how the Canadian war cemeteries are maintained and honoured by Dutch citizens, check this out. A Canadian veteran tells the story of his experience here. This town of Holten is just minutes away from where Gerard’s sister lives!

Reading the stories of Canadians who served in various wars makes it real and also makes sure that we always remember! I hope that you take the time to check this out and also share with your children and grandchildren. As time passes it is even more important to keep this truth alive. Here is a great link to get your started.


always remember


Always Remember


Always Remember Card


Blog posts don’t usually drain me like this, but I am just heaving a huge sigh. This is heavy stuff, but I am so happy to be able to share the honour that these children and this nation bestows on soldiers who died so long ago. It really is true that Dutch people today still love Canadians so much. They have always remembered!


Always Remember with Peaceful Poppies


I first adhered the striped patterned paper from Peaceful Poppies to the front of the card and then I used a stitched circle die to cut out a “window”. In the inside of the card is another circle with contrasting paper from the same suite. The vellum elements were coloured with mossy meadow and poppy parade Blends.

The stark simplicity of the sentiment suits the purpose of this card. I am hoping to some kind of fundraiser for our veterans using this suite of products. I am hoping that we can make a ton of poppy cards that I can take with me to Holland so I can give them to both soldiers, their families and also to the local Dutch people who have maintained the cemeteries there.


Feeling Deeply


I can now tell you why my mood was sad to begin with. When I create I often watch Netflix and the show I was watching involved a mother who was a drug user and her own daughter had to report her so that her three year old sister would not be in danger. Yes, it is only a show, but I know this happens in real life and I can just get way too involved and feel so sad for those who do have struggles like this in their lives.

Good thing those sad feelings culminated in this great card! I really am happy with it. It evokes just the right feeling that I want to express to those receiving it. Making a card is like writing a blog post or cooking a meal, you have to feel it in your heart to make the magic happen!




Thanks again for joining me today, it makes my heart happy to see you here. I love your comments, your silent footsteps and of course happy mail. Thanks if you have ordered online from me and thanks to my team members for their love and support. My tribe is awesome and please know, there is a place for you too!


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