Super Quick and Easy Card

Hello stampers and happy Wednesday to you. Today I am going to show you a super quick and easy card. When you have beautiful paper you can use it as the focal point of your card with just a few embellishments. This is the last card in my Virtual Coffee and a Card class for December. Would you like to see it?

Super Quick and Easy Card


This card was made with the lovely Wonder of the Season paper that is gold and red foil designs with black and red lettering.


Super Quick and Easy Card


All I did for this card is use a base of thick whisper white cardstock, a full card front in real red and then this pretty paper from Wonder of the Season. Finish it off with a pretty ribbon and a brushed metal deer. I fiddled with adding some extra greenery because I first thought it was too simple. In the end I decided that I liked it best just like this. Sometimes less is more.


Adding a Simple Coordinating Gift


We all like to give gifts at Christmas time but it can get cost prohibitive. You can make a simple gift more meaningful and pretty by how you package it. I gave this Lindt chocolate bar to my hairdresser the other day. Truth be told, I was already running late, but I grabbed some of this pretty paper and I found a few embellishments and stamped images laying on my desk and here you have it! The red ribbon is from last year, but that doesn’t matter at all.


Super quick and simple gift


In Love Yet?


Have you fallen in love yet with this Wonder of the Season Suite? I hope you can join me every Tuesday in December on my YouTube channel for a live video. If you have the supplies you can craft along with me or you can purchase the card kit for the month for only $25 and it will be shipped to you this week. If you want to see another card for this class you can check out this blog post.

Thanks for joining me! If you want to purchase any of the products and you live in Canada, just click on the links below. Happy shopping and have a super day.

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Using Your Patterned Paper

Hello stampers and happy Friday to you. If you are like most stampers and scrapbookers, you love patterned paper. The problem is you love it too much and hoard it and forget to use it on your cards. Today I am going to show you a great card that showcases the beautiful coordination of our patterned paper. This is the fourth card in my Virtual Coffee and a Card class for December.


Patterned Paper Coordination


Playing with patterned paper is like playing with fabric. Did you know that I used to sew quite a lot when my children were small? My girls only wore dresses that I made for them; most of them with big bows tied in the back. That is why I still love tying bows. This card shows just how beautiful our pretty paper is. When you see the short form dsp, that stands for designer series paper. The reason it is called that is that our paper is designed by in house artists at the Stampin’Up! home office. Sometimes it is even hand painted designs!


Patterned Paper strips card


Closeup of the Details


Here you can see a closeup of all the pretty details in this Wishes & Wonder card. I love the stitched detail, the whimsical deer and of course the North Pole postmark stamp. The paper is called  ‘Tis The Season.


Patterned Paper from 'Tis The Season


Wishes & Wonder


For my virtual coffee and a card class I am making a card each week with a YouTube live video. You can still sign up to get the card kit mailed to you for only $25 for the month. If you want to purchase the stamp set or the bundle you can do that online using the host code so that it will be shipped straight to your door. If you don’t like the idea of ordering online, I can order it for you but then it will get to you in the middle of December or possibly later. One option would be to send it along with the January Virtual Coffee and a Card kit.


Wishes & Wonder Suite


Thank You!!


Thanks so much for joining me today. Tomorrow will be my virtual Cozy Christmas Online Retreat. I am really excited about this new venture. If it goes well I will definitely do another one in February featuring some great saleabration items. Monday I fly to Holland to join my love again for a few weeks. If you want to send happy mail be sure to do is as soon as possible! For the details, check out this blog post.

I hope you have a super day.

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Reindeer and Sleigh from Wishes & Wonder

Hello stampers and happy Wednesday to you. As a child I was enthralled with reindeer and Santa’s sleigh, so these images still tug at my heartstrings. This reindeer and sleigh is no exception. Both images are from the beautiful bundle Wishes & Wonder that I will be featuring for all of my virtual Coffee and a Card classes in December. You can get all the cards for only $25 and participate in the weekly YouTube live videos.


Remembrance Day


Today is also Remembrance Day and I hope that we all remember to take a minute of silence at 11am to remember the sacrifices that were made on our behalf for our freedom. I am reading a book right now about World War 1 and it unthinkably awful what so many people had to endure. May we never forget!


Reindeer and Sleigh Card


Here is my reindeer and sleigh card, it will be the second card that we make in the month of December. I’m not thrilled with my colouring job on the sleigh but I decided to share it anyways just to show you that I’m not perfect in case you didn’t already know that!


Reindeer and Sleigh


Virtual Coffee and a Card Class


Each Tuesday at 10am EST I will go live on YouTube with one of the cards in your kit. All the cards feature the Wishes & Wonder bundle. The kit will include the die cuts but I cannot include the stamped images. You can use what you have on hand or you can order the stamp set or bundle online using the host code. I am quite pleased with the graphic I made to promote my new class. You may think that as demonstrators we just naturally know how to do these things, but trust me, this old dog is always trying to learn new tricks so that I look more professional.


Virtual Coffee and a Card


If you want to see the first card we will be making in my virtual coffee and a card class you can check out this blog post.


YouTube Channel


I have had a YouTube channel for quite a while now but I have never been consistent with posting videos there. That is about to change!! Every Tuesday at 10am I will be doing a live video there and I am looking forward to seeing you there too. You might want to check out my YouTube channel before December 1 so you know how to find me. There are a lot of old videos there that have some great content if I do say so myself. You can check it out by clicking here.


Happy Mail in Holland Contest


I got a message from Gerard today that the first Happy Mail in Holland contest card has arrived! You wouldn’t believe how happy that makes me. When I get there I will have happy mail waiting for me. Oh the love!!! Thanks to Kim Fiore from Ohio. If you want to participate you can send a card to Jackie Bultje, Bloemenlaan 6, 2691 JC, ‘s-Gravenzande, the Netherlands.  I will blog about your card and your hometown and you will be entered into a draw for a stamp set.

Thanks so much for joining me today! Be sure to leave a comment and let me know how you are doing. I hope you have a super day, I will be with the littles again today.


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Wishes & Wonder Bundle (English)


Wonder Of The Season Specialty Designer Series Paper


Stampin' Cut & Emboss Machine


Shaded Spruce 8-1/2" X 11" Cardstock


Wonder Of The Season Ribbon Combo Pack


Brushed Metallic Cardstock


Wishes & Wonder for Virtual Coffee and a Card

Hello stampers and happy Monday to you. Today I am showing you another Wishes & Wonder card for my monthly virtual Coffee and a Card class. Truthfully I am still on a high from the weekend and all the possibilities. I have been feeling stuck with my coffee and a card class and have been missing it tremendously. This has been the missing puzzle piece and it feels so very good to have it pop into place.


Wishes & Wonder

You may be wondering why I chose to feature this stamp set for my first month of virtual coffee and a card. It may also have crossed your mind why on earth I would start in December. Both are good questions! Why Wishes & Wonder? First of all, I LOVE the stamp set, but secondly, I was blown away by the dies that go with it. While the sayings are primarily for Christmas, the images and the dies are not. The deer is appropriate for the whole year and so is the foliage. The dies include an incredibly detailed tag die which is a wonderful size too. There are three greenery branches that don’t scream Christmas and three differing circle ones. Are you impressed?


My Card for Week Two


My team member Dina Carter shared this card on our team group page Beyond Pampered and I was awestruck. What a gorgeous clean and simple card for an all occasion winter card? Take a look!


Wishes & Wonder card two


Here is a close up of the bird and foliage. Don’t you love the elegant simplicity of this card?


Wishes & Wonder for December Virtual Coffee and a card class


Some Clarity


So the big question is this:  what do I get in this kit? You get all the card pieces, the die cuts and anything embossed. What you do NOT get is stamped images. I am not allowed to include stamped images in my kits. So what are you going to do about that? I would highly advise that if you love the cards that you order either the stamp set or the bundle that I am using. We will be using the same bundle for the whole month so you will see the versatility of the set. You can also choose to adapt your cards to what you already have. If you use the host code and order online then you will have the immense pleasure of having your products delivered straight to your door. Trust me, it’s pretty wonderful.




The plan is that your kits get mailed out the third week of the month before. So the December kits will go out on November 19. The January kits will go out on December 17. That way you will have all your materials well before the first video. Videos will be live on YouTube every Tuesday at 10am EST. You can always choose to order the stamp set or bundle at any time if you fall in love with the cards and see the value of the product.


Host Code


The reason I keep harping on the fact that I would love for you to use the host code is that if you DON’T use the host code then the opportunity to earn host products is totally lost. When you DO use a host code then all the orders accumulate on one order and I can earn host products. This helps to offset the cost of mailing kits and it also enables me to offer prizes once in a while. At some point I will get organized enough that I offer a free product with online orders. This may happen sooner than you think…I’m on a roll!!



Do You Want to be a Part of Virtual Coffee and a Card?


If you want to be a part of this fun class, please etransfer $25 to or message me if you need a PayPal request. I will also need your mailing address. I am keeping the payment plan simple for now. If this class really grows I might need to streamline the payment to make it easier to keep track of. Thanks so much!!


Last Week for Free Stamp Set


This is the last week that you can take advantage of my FREE stamp set offer in honour of my 15th Stampin’Up! anniversary. Since it all started with my coffee and a card class I am giving a free Press On stamp set with a $100 online order using the host code. Here is the stamp set so you can see what you will be getting from me.



Thanks for joining me today, I hope you have a super day!


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Coffee and a Card Returns!!

Hello stampers and happy Saturday to you. I am over the moon excited to say that I have found a way to make Coffee and a Card class return. Let me tell you how this cornerstone class of mine started so many years ago.


My Favourite Class

About two years into my business I had an “aha” moment. I was working in retail and driving to work I saw the regular line up of people at the drive-thru window at Tim Horton’s. This triggered me to build a class around morning coffee and to stop working at a job I didn’t love. Coffee and a card was born and it was $5 for one card and coffee and a treat. Over the years it has become an amazing gathering place that fostered many friendships and new team members. Today I am revealing a revamp of this great class.


Coffee and a Card Returns With a Twist


COVID has changed many things and has also forced me to find different ways to run my business. My problem is that I am impulsive, creative and social. Those are all good things but it stopped me from being focused. I struggled with which platform to use and how to structure it. Thanks to some great inspiration from my team member Alison Reid and from UK demonstrator Julie Kettlewell I have come up with a sustainable and fun way to offer this class. Would you like to hear more about it?


How It Works


Once a month I will mail out the packets for the virtual coffee and a card classes for the month. All the cards will use the same stamp set or bundle. Each week I will do a YouTube video that will go live on Tuesday morning at 10am to honour the original coffee and a card class. You can choose to just get the paper supplies for $25 a month OR you can choose to get the stamp set or bundle that goes with it.

For the month of December I will be featuring the bundle Wishes & Wonder. Card kits will be mailed out or ready for pick up on the fourth Tuesday of the month. Here is the first card.


Coffee and a card returns


When I saw this stamp set in the catalog I knew I had to have it, but I had no idea that the dies were as awesome as they are! I didn’t realize that the large tag was so detailed and that the postage stamp has tag die as well. So many possibilities!


Wishes & Wonder for December Coffee and a Card to go class




Virtual Coffee and a Card Class


Here you can see the stamp set and the first card for this great class! I am super excited to be able to do a YouTube live video where we can interact together and create a whole new community of coffee and a card people. Are you getting excited too?


Coffee and a Card to go for December


You can order the bundle online with the host code if you like, but if you are not comfortable with that, then you can just message me your order and I will send it to you. This will of course take about ten days longer than if you order it yourself, so I would encourage you to bite the bullet and set up your online account. It really isn’t hard. Let me know by November 20 if you want the paper kit for December.




Each week we will make a card together and you will have all the supplies to play along with me. I will post the dimensions of the cards before the video as well. Please etransfer the $25 fee to PayPal is an option but it is like a credit card, they take a chunk for themselves and that isn’t so lovely, so I try to avoid it if possible.

Thanks so much for joining me today. Hopefully on Monday I will have another card to show you for the Virtual Coffee and a Card class. Have a super day!


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