This Is Love

Hello stampers and happy Wednesday to you. Today’s post will not be about cards. I came across a photo I took of my parents and I called it This Is Love. When I look at this photo love is what I see. At first I was going to make a Facebook post about it, but then I thought, no, this deserves a blog post!!


This Is Love


My parents, Kees and Rina are now 94 and 89. When they married with their Dutch names, Cornelis and Arendje they did not expect that they would be given 63 years together. They have quite the story and they have weathered so much together. Through it all there has been this incredible love between them.


This Is Love


This Picture Says so Much


What do I see when I look at this picture? I see two grey heads bent together in intimacy. I see the one caring for the other when it was often the other way around. In the bottom left corner I see the old “beschuit” tin that has been with them their entire marriage I think. I see bacon and eggs on Pap’s plate. He has always loved this for breakfast so we have now taken to making it every morning to help him keep his weight on.

Mom used to get up at 5:30 every morning to make bacon and eggs for us before we went out to milk the cows. After the table was set and breakfast made, Pap would wake us all up and Mom would go back to bed. It was the one thing that made getting up early easier.


Against All Odds


My Opa was giving up on the idea that his daughter would ever marry! Apparently she was quite fussy. The bar was high! So high that Opa said to her, you better go the local carpenter and get a husband made to your specifications. Pap was also a very eligible bachelor traveling the seas  to work in Canada.

Through two disasters, the flooding of their island province by the Germans in World War 2 and then the flood of 1953, my parents’ families met as the Boot family had to take refuge in my Mom’s environs. The families met at the local church on Sunday. When Pap went to Canada he wrote letters to Mom’s family. One time Mom was home sick so she volunteered to write that family letter back to Pap. That is how their letter writing began!

When they married a year or more later she was 26 and he was 31. Their honeymoon was a cruise ship from Rotterdam to Halifax. After that it was a long, uncomfortable train ride to Manitoba. Pap was quiet. He was feeling the pressure of providing for his new wife and they didn’t even have a house waiting for them!! Mom was also getting a little quiet. Canada was so vast!! She was getting further and further away from her family whom she thought she would never see again.


I Could Write a Book


I could write a book about their life. Suffice it to say they have inspired me. It is through them that I have a deep and abiding faith, the greatest gift of all. Their work ethic and the joy they found in the everyday has also been the foundation of my love for my work. I made this simple card last night using the March Paper Pumpkin. Our team had a challenge to use stencils. This card is for my parents who have now had the blessing to travel from coast to coast in their adopted country.


Paper Pumpkin Stencil card


Paper Pumpkin


Paper Pumpkin is a craft kit subscription that is very flexible. It works out to about $30 a month and you get a stamp set, a mini ink pad and all the supplies to make quite a few cards. Usually 8 but sometimes 12. You can skip a month any time you wish or you can cancel your subscription. There is so much inspiration for these kits online so the creative options are many! If you are interested you can subscribe through me here.







Thanks for joining me today. I hope that you can celebrate love today as well. Have a super day!!


Product List

Old Olive Classic Stampin' Pad

Old Olive Classic Stampin’ Pad


So Cool Paper Pumpkin

Hello stampers and happy Wednesday to you. Today I am going to show you the very happy and cheerful So Cool Paper Pumpkin kit. I really love this kit, even though it was geared especially for kids.The So Cool Paper Pumpkin kit has twelve cards in the shape of popsicles, rainbows and watermelon slices. There are two fun sticker sheets included for decorating your envelopes that are lined inside with pretty rainbow stripes.


So Cool Paper Pumpkin


This So Cool Paper Pumpkin is especially “cool” because it also coordinates with our Sweet Ice Cream suite. Just like outfits, there are so many more possibilities when there is increased coordination. I had a quick play with this kit yesterday and here is what I came up with. Let’s take a look.



So Cool Paper Pumpkin kit




So Cool Paper Pumpkin KIt



Alternative Cards


I thought it might be fun to take the envelope apart and use that striped paper for an “awning” that you might see on an ice cream shoppe. Do you see a new product being used on this card? The awning was cut using a new die from the Basic Borders dies that will be in the new annual catalog. I cut the watermelon sticker up to make two wedges. Do you see the golden bee embellishment? They are also in the new catalog.¬† There was a smudge that needed covering up so this was the solution. Cute eh?





For the next card I used the Basic Borders dies from the new annual catalog to create the fancy edge along the card as well as the “bitten” popsicle look.



So Cool Paper Pumpkin


This easel card will be the feature for my video tutorial in my private Prime Time With The Pampered Stamper group on Thursday. For the third time I used the Basic Border Dies. I think they are going to be a staple in my repertoire.


So Cool Paper Pumpkin kit


Great News!!


Did you know that if you have never subscribed to Paper Pumpkin before that you have an incredible opportunity on May 7? Starting on May 7 you can subscribe to Paper Pumpkin for only $7 for your first kit instead of $30. Shipping is included but tax will be added. I have a feeling that it will sell out very quickly so be ready to put your order in right away. Here is the link to subscribe. You will need to add this code HOMERUN0521 to get the deep discount. Remember it will not work right now, you have to wait until May 7.

If you were a subscriber a long time ago and you want to subscribe again and get this deal, you can. You just need to use a different email address and you will be fine.




Thanks for joining me again today. Today is supposed to be 20C here in the Netherlands. I think we will have an especially long beach walk today with Bailey. Maybe I will take a blanket and my book and really relax. Life is good. Pap is doing so well. He even went for another drive on Sunday and I was able to do a video call with him yesterday. God is so good and I am so very grateful. I hope you have a super day too.


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Sending Love Your Way

Hello stampers and happy Wednesday to you. Today my theme is Sending Love Your Way. Valentine’s Day has come and gone, and Family Day was two days ago here in Canada. On my desk are the cutest “Sending Love Your Way” boxes that my mom made for the grandkids. Oops! That’s right, I was supposed to hand them out on Monday but I had hurt my back on Friday night and was not thinking straight. It’s a good thing that we can send love any day of the year!


Making It Easy


My dear mom is 88 and quite truthfully although she is a very talented and crafty person, she has not done much papercrafting over the years. She is an expert seamstress, knitter, crocheter and gardener. She can also draw much better than I can but she only ever sketches on old envelopes or note pads with advertising on them. That is why I love bringing a Paper Pumpkin with me when I visit her. The last time I was there she had made these little boxes.

The reason I am sharing them with you today is two fold. One, I am still in a fair bit of pain so I really need to take it easy and not go crazy hauling out stamp sets and making a new card. I did start that process because I am itching to ink up the Friends are Like Seashells bundle. Two, I am super excited about the Paper Pumpkin possibilities. Paper Pumpkin is instant gratification in your mailbox and a great way for you to share what you love.

The truth is that a lot of people are looking for a meaningful hobby. Especially during Covid, it has been so good to have a healthy distraction from the vicissitudes of life. Stamping brings double joy, to the stamper and to the recipient of the stamped projects. The March Paper Pumpkin also has a bonus in it because it is the anniversary edition which always has a bonus gift. This time it is four stencils and a full size sponge which I always cut into wedges. Did you know that you can get at least eight sponge wedges out of one sponge?

Here is the link if you live in Canada and want to subscribe. You can also get a three month prepaid subscription and then you qualify for a free saleabration item. That is what I would recommend of course. I am all about getting you the most bang for your buck!



Sending Love with Paper Pumpkin



Sending Love Your Way Boxes



Here are the cute boxes that my mom made with last month’s Paper Pumpkin add on kit, Sending Love Your Way. I still have a few left over if you want one!! Those snails are so cute.



Sending Love Your Way




Sending Love Your Way box



If you want to see some other adorable things I have made with the February Paper Pumpkin kit and this cute add-on, check out this blog post.



Saleabration Coming to a Close



Just a reminder that saleabration is only two months this year, so you have until February 28 to get a free item with your $60 purchase. If you haven’t seen the saleabration brochure, you can check out the offerings here.


Parcels in the Post


I still have three Parcels in the Post up for grabs. This is a wonderful assortment of products for only $32 shipped anywhere in Canada. Let me know if you want one!!


Parcels in the Post


Virtual Coffee and a Card packets


It is now the third month of my virtual coffee and a card class. This month the theme is Flowering Cactus and the kit includes extra patterned paper as well as a ton of felt flowers. This kit is only $25 mailed anywhere in Canada. At some point I hope to have a subscription option available and things will look a little more streamlined. In the meantime, we soldier on. The videos are all on my YouTube channel which you can find here. I hope you subscribe and join me for my weekly videos there, every Tuesday at 10am EST.



Flowering Cactus



Thanks for joining me today, I hope you have a super day. I am having an oma day today! So nice to have the lockdown lifted a bit to make this possible. Thankfully Rachel is home today so she can do the lifting for me and I can enjoy the snuggles. I am hoping very much to be able to get back to some serious stamping tomorrow and catch up a bit. I appreciate you very much!!


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Kangaroo & Company

Hello stampers and happy Monday to you. Do you ever fall in love with a stamp set? Kangaroo & Company just might make you fall in love. Sometimes stamps just evoke such strong feelings, and this is one of them. The mama kangaroo will just make you smile when you stamp and colour her and the little joey will give you the warm and fuzzies. Then, when you put them all together with the stamped and die cut accessories you might just feel like a little girl playing with paper dolls agai.


Kangaroo & Company Options

When I was showing this bundle in a video I had stamped some kangaroos showing the reverse stamping technique so I now have a nice little collection to show you.


Kangaroo & Company


My team member Kylee sent me a photo showing what she had done and I love it. You can put more than one item in the kangaroo pouch! Simple but genius and it looks ever so cute. Thanks Kylee!


More Kangaroo & Company samples


Adorable Accessories


I think the best part about this Kangaroo & Company bundle is the dies that cut everything out. The kangaroo die also cuts a slit in the pouch to make it super easy to tuck the accessories in. There are dies for the joey, flowers, present, hearts, sentiments and a sitting joey too. I haven’t made a card with it yet but I did make two adorable boxes. I did find some adorable samples from the Stampin’Up! catalog which as you might already know is a fantastic idea book!


Kangaroo & Company ideas


My Mini Paper Pumpkin Boxes


If you follow me you may know that I am on a mission to create more boxes. These are not made “from scratch” but I love the sturdiness of the mini paper pumpkin boxes that are also food safe. Did I mention that they are also a pretty good deal?


Kangaroo & Company mini Paper Pumpkin box


Kangaroo & Company box


One Last Find


On my Stampin’Up! business website I found another card sample and what intrigued me about this one is the paper in the background. It comes from the Flowering Cactus product medley that I was talking about on Friday. How coincidental is that?



Some Points to Ponder


That’s it for today but I wanted to remind you to tune in to my YouTube channel every Tuesday at 10am for my virtual coffee and a card class. Of course you can also purchase the monthly kit to stamp along with me, but you can also just watch along for fun and be inspired. Today is February 1 so there are only four weeks left of saleabration. It really is quite wonderful to get a free stamp set or package of paper with every $60 purchase. Questions? Message me!

There is still room in my online Bingo for March 10. Read all about it here.

Are you a fan and want to support me? Would you like to be a part of my small private group and have a personalized video tutorial once a week? Then you can join my very affordable Prime Time With The Pampered Stamper. Each Wednesday I post a list of supplies and measurements for the Thursday card. On Thursday at 3pm EST I go live with a video tutorial. You can join here.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, if you want to get the best deal on your stamping supplies AND have your very own discount, you can join my team here. Just make sure you have a list of things that you want that come to $165. You will pay only $135, no shipping or tax plus you get a bunch of extra freebies including a Paper Pumpkin, a five pack of assorted designer series paper in all the colour families AND free membership in Prime Time.


Winner of the Blog Candy


Thanks for commenting on my blog posts. The winner this time is Marina Schat who will be getting a nice assortment of Berry Delightful paper in the mail. As always, I am so thankful that you joined me here today and I hope you have a super day!




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Side-Step Card

Hello stampers and happy Friday to you. Today I am going to share a card with you that gave me goosebumps when I opened it. That’s right, I didn’t make this card, the talented Sandy Allman did as part of my fancy fold card contest. As per usual, the pictures do not do justice to this beautiful card. Do you want to see it?


Side-Step Card using No Matter the Weather


Sandy used the cheerful March Paper Pumpkin, No Matter the Weather to make this fantastic card. It has been a long time since I have made this type of card. Sandy has definitely inspired me to do it again and I hope you will be inspired as well. Let’s take a look.


Paper Pumpkin Side-Step card


Sandy used some more great products to make this card. Can you spot them all?

  1. Grace’s Garden bundle (Garden Gateway dies)
  2. So Sentimental bundle (Stitched So Sweetly dies)
  3. Stitched Shape framelits (although the stitched circle is also a part of the Paper Pumpkin kit)


Side-Step card


Side-Step Card Tutorial


Would you like to know how to make this card? Here is a tutorial I found on Splitcoaststampers. I do hope to make a video tutorial but in the meantime this will get you started. Just click here and you are good to go.


Thanks Sandy!


Thanks Sandy for participating in my fancy fold card contest. Sandy is from Prince George, British Columbia. If you would like to know more about this beautiful city, you can check out this blog post.


A Little Uncertain


I am supposed to fly to Holland next week Tuesday and if all goes as planned there might be an interruption in my blog posts. Then you can look forward to more Dutch pictures and videos as I do hope to continue working from there as well. I would encourage you to place your orders online so that you can have your products shipped straight to your door. There are new catalogs in a rubbermaid tote on my front porch if you would like to pick one up. If you need one mailed to you let me know, as long as you live in Canada.

Thanks for joining me, I hope you have a super day.


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Watercolouring Rain Boots

Hello stampers and happy Wednesday to you. Do you love rain boots as much as I do? Colourful rain boots make me smile, and I finally got a pair of bright red Hunter boots three years ago. They were an unheard of, irresistible deal at The Bay for only $49.99. I wear them all year long and whenever I do, I get comments. People love them! That is why I was thrilled that the bonus set from Paper Pumpkin had rain boot outline stamps AND rainboot filler stamps with a cute floral pattern.


Singing in the Rain


We all need a little joy and whimsy these days with this low cloud of menace hanging over our heads. The unknown is scary and we are no longer sure of what the near future holds. Let’s have a little creative escape with these super cute rain boots. I started by stamping a sheet full of them in all different colours. Then I stamped a few more on shimmery white cardstock and watercoloured them with my aqua painter in a few more colours. Love!! Truthfully, these boots remind me of one of my favourite kids books that I used to read to my kids. It was called Big Sarah’s Little Boots.


Rain Boots


Watercolouring Rain Boots


I was inspired by a fellow Canadian demonstrator, Laura Seki, who used boots and a saying. My saying comes from the saleabration stamp set Tags in Bloom. Here are Laura’s cards:


Rain Boots by Laura Seki


I wasn’t sure where her saying came from and I was too lazy to emboss so that is how I came up with my idea. Watercolouring with an aqua painter on shimmery white cardstock is fantastic. When you see the card in person you can really see how the shimmer comes through in the background and in the boots. If you cut your pieces 3 5/8″ by 4 7/8″ then you will get five pieces per sheet.



Which Boots are Your Favourite?


I also stamped a whack load of boots on a sheet of cardstock and stamped the patterns in different colours. Check it out! I even like the grey ones! Do you have fun rubber boots?


Rain Boots in Lots of Colours


Trust me, it is so much fun to cut out these boots and decide which ones to put together on a card. Creativity is great for mental health, it takes your mind off the dark thoughts that can creep in during times like this. I challenge you to get out your stamping supplies and just play! If you want to get in on the Paper Pumpkin fun, here is the link to do that, your family will thank you.


Rain Boots


Uplifting and Cheerful


I hope that this blog post made you smile today. In turn, you can bring a smile to my face and leave a comment. Tell me what you are doing to stay sane these days. What brings you the most joy? Yesterday I made apple pie and I have enough pie crust rolled out for two more pies and two dozen butter tarts. Tomorrow I will share my butter tart recipe. I think they are the best butter tarts in the world, but it is the pastry that takes them over the top in my estimation.


Paper Pumpkin and Videos

Please join me in my daily Facebook live videos. They are at 1pm every day except Tuesday it is at 9:30am in honour of my coffee and a card class and on Saturdays it is at 10am for the littles. This Saturday I will be featuring the Paper Pumpkin rain boots set. If you want more reasons why I am such a fan of Paper Pumpkin, check out this blog post. Have a super day and don’t forget to place your saleabration order before March 31! It’s also not too late to get the great deal on the starter kit, here is the link in case you have been procrastinating!

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Aqua Painters


Shimmery White 8-1/2" X 11" Cardstock


3-Month Prepaid Paper Pumpkin Subscription


One year Prepaid Paper Pumpkin Subscription


Granny Apple Green Stampin' Pad


Real Red Classic Stampin' Pad


Daffodil Delight Classic Stampin' Pad


Balmy Blue Classic Stampin' Pad


Night Of Navy Classic Stampin' Pad


Calypso Coral Classic Stampin' Pad


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