Fighting Alzheimer’s


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Hello stampers! I want to fight Alzheimer’s and dementia with card making. I know that may sound optimistic but studies have shown that stimulating the brain with new activities and keeping active is helpful to elderly people. My parents are 87 and 92 and are still in remarkably good health but whenever I come to visit I hear rumblings of “Mom is starting to lose it” or “Pap is slipping”. While I am not seeing many signs of this, it is still scary to contemplate. I am committed to taking a Paper Pumpkin with me each time and making cards with Mom. Pap has joined in yet, but maybe next time I will ask him too. Mom did fine following instructions and she quickly showed me that she liked adding her own twist to things.


The Challenge


I am sharing this so that you will also be inspired to do this with elderly people in your life. Their world shrinks and they love to have something meaningful and new to do. My mom right away said that she was going to send one of the cards to her handicapped sister in Holland. I then encouraged her to give another one of the cards to her church friend who is actually in the early stages of Alzheimer’s. Next time I cam going to pick up this friend so that they can make cards together. Paper Pumpkin makes this so easy. No prep required, all the fun stuff is in the box. Who will you do this with? Together we can fight Alzheimer’s in a fun and meaningful way.


Your Stories


Please share your stories with me and send pictures of you and your people making cards. I am passionate about making the world better one card at a time. Here is a picture of me and my mom.



Here is the creative mess on Mom’s kitchen table.



It really is heartwarming how much my Mom loved making these cards. She felt so accomplished and full of purpose. It was a nice change from her regular routine and it also allowed us to bond. Most of the cards are going to the Chatham-Kent Hospice where they have an “anniversary program” and they send out cards for the first anniversary of the loved ones death. Most people are having the most difficult time then in their loss process and are often feeling alone and forgotten, so these cards really make a difference.


Here is the link to the short video I did showing the cards close up.


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I will finish this post by letting you know that you can now also choose to follow me on Bloglovin’. There is a link at the top of this post. Thanks to Nancy Newcombe for telling me about this. I had noticed that some of my readers are coming to me from Bloglovin’ but I had no idea how that actually worked, so I looked into it and claimed my blog. Apparently this is a site where you can organize all your favourite blogs to make your life easier. I hoped I helped you with this a bit! Always learning new things and hopefully this will delay my demise as well.


Thanks so much for stopping by, I hope you have a super day. If you order online I have heard that there have been some glitches, so please let me know if you are having any difficulties so that I can contact Stampin’Up! about it.


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