Christmas Whimsy Card Kit

Hello stampers!! It’s so good to be back to share my love of stamping with you. Today I will be blogging about the Christmas Whimsy card kit. You may have noticed the cute whimsical images at the beginning of the holiday catalog and wondered where to find this kit. It is now available! Let’s take a look.


Christmas Whimsy Card Kit


The Christmas Whimsy card kit is part of our online kit collection. Kits are no longer available in the catalog and I will tell you why. In the past our kits were a bit confusing. Some included the stamp set and ink spot, and some didn’t. Some had instructions for the cards and some didn’t. There were different price points and sometimes our kits sold out. Now the kits are all the same price and they all include the same basics:  an ink spot, a stamp set, a clear block as well as all the consumable products needed to make your cards. All available kits will be seen online. When they sell out, they will be gone and this will eliminate the frustration of trying to order something that is either back-ordered or sold out.


Christmas Whimsy Card Kit


I don’t know about you, but these whimsical Christmas cards remind me of Nordic Christmas folk tales. They bring me back to my childhood, although I realize that probably has more to do with nostalgia than reality!


Whimsical Christmas Card Kit


The Whimsical Christmas kit also comes with a versatile stamp set so you can finish your cards beautifully and then use this stamp set for other cards too. Take a look!


Christmas Whimsy Card kit


Why Get This Kit?


I am on a mission to get my stampers to share their hobby with others! The past two years have taught me that this amazing hobby has more meaning and purpose than ever. Let’s try and give the gift of stamping and creativity to more people. I think we can all agree that we need more joy in life. More moments to treasure, to slow down, to enjoy the little things and each other. Less screen time. Less loneliness.

If you are a seasoned stamper, I would encourage you to get this kit or a different one if you prefer. Invite a few friends over if you feel comfortable having people in your home (I know at first it can feel a little weird after all this time of isolation!) Take a photo of your group enjoying the kit and I will send you a surprise in the mail!! Click here to order your kit in you live in Canada.


A Personal Note


I thought you might want to get up to speed what is happening in my life. Gerard was finally able to visit me from August 28 to September 7. Yesterday we were able to fly back to Holland together, which was so very lovely!! Our first time flying together and not having to say goodbye at an airport. When the KLM crew heard about this and the rest of our story they surprised us with a tray of champagne in real crystal stemware, chocolates and nuts as well as a handwritten postcard. Quite unforgettable really!

We had a whirlwind tour including a wonderful two day visit with my parents, my cousins on my mom’s side and then a visit to Ottawa and Montreal. Having five kids has never felt so busy as now!!

Thankfully my back is doing much better. I was concerned about the plane ride, but I managed just fine. It helped that we had an extra empty seat beside us and I could lay down for a while with my head on Gerard’s lap! His lap was much cosier than the seat armrest!


Sharing What I Love


I hope that you will join me on Tuesdays for the weekly virtual coffee and a card classes. At 10am EST I will be live on YouTube and on Facebook I hope! I am going to do a trial run and see how the internet is doing here at Gerard’s house. He has made some changes and has done his very best to make this possible. If the speed is not sufficient then I will prerecord these classes for the highest possible quality.

Blogging should be back up to speed again as well. I do love connecting with your this way and it keeps me creating. This time I brought a LOT more supplies with me so that my creativity isn’t stifled. I am also trying to set work hours. In the past when I was in Holland I often slept in thinking that all my people in Canada were still sleeping too. This became a bit of a problem because I was often on my computer in the evenings and then it seems like I am working all the time and that is not healthy for a relationship! We’ll see how it goes. Let me tell you, 7:30 came way too fast this morning but I did it!

Thanks for joining me and I hope you have a super day. Looking forward to sharing what I love in Holland too.

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