Birthday Card Organizer Kit

Hello stampers and happy Thursday to you. Today I am sharing with you the Birthday Card Organizer Kit. It is one of my favourite kits this year because it is so practical and so beautiful. The cards are fresh and crisp and let themselves to easy alteration. The sturdy organizer album is perfect for keeping your birthday cards organized for the year. Step up your game with remembering to give birthday cards to all the important people in your life!


Birthday Card Organizer Kit



Birthday Card Organizer Kit from Stampin'Up! with organizer album and twelve cards with two designs.


Why I Love This Kit


The reason I love this kit so much is that it has a great purpose! It is beautiful AND functional. Keep your birthday cards organized in this great spiral binder which comes with pockets to hold your finished or unfinished cards, stickers to mark the months and a space for each day of the month to write the names of your loved ones. Great for yourself, great to give as a gift.

The kit comes with twelve cards, six each of two designs.  There is no stamping involved for the original cards, instead there are die cuts in four different languages: English, Dutch, French and German. Coordinating envelopes are in crumb cake stripe or mint macaron plaid. If you did want to stamp in the inside of the cards, our Cottage Rose stamp set coordinates beautifully.

If you look closely at the photo below you will see that I made two alternative cards, one with Legendary Ride and the other with Queen Bee. I think I should take another close-up photo of these two cards. Scroll to the bottom of this post to see them.



Birthday Card Organizer Kit from Stampin'Up! with organizer album and twelve cards with two designs.



Birthday Card Organizer Kit from Stampin'Up! with organizer album and twelve cards with two designs.



Birthday Card Organizer Kit from Stampin'Up! with organizer album and twelve cards with two designs. Here is an English one and a Dutch one. There are four languages in the kit.



Birthday Card Organizer Kit from Stampin'Up! with organizer album and twelve cards with two designs. Here is a Dutch card and an English card but you could also choose French or German.



Birthday Card Organizer Kit from Stampin'Up! with organizer album and twelve cards with two designs.



Birthday Card Organizer Kit from Stampin'Up! with organizer album and twelve cards with two designs.


Twelve Local Kits


I just happen to have twelve of these kits on hand for my local people. My plan was to have them at my event on March 29th so that the attendees can have some instant gratification when they leave. This kit has so much potential! Not local? You can purchase the kit by clicking this link or the one below in the product list.


Zoom Class April 19


I am also offering a Zoom class for this kit on April 19 at 1pm EST or 7pm European Central time. This class is FREE for those who have purchased the kit from me and $10 for everyone else. Click on the PayPal link below to register.

Live in the Netherlands? This class will be on Saturday April 15 at 10am. I am hoping to have some new stampers at this event!!

Thanks for joining me today. I hope you have a super day and happy stamping. To order any of the supplies used just click on the links below in the product list if you live in Canada. Live in Europe, then click here to shop with me.




Product List

Free Shipping Today and Free Draw!

Hello stampers and happy Thursday to you. Free shipping today is the big news. Stampin’Up! has also issued a kit challenge to us so I am trying to sell 6 kits to 6 different people and I hope that you will be a part of it. If you read my newsletter you will know why I think this is such a good idea. To encourage you even more I am offering a free draw for the Sweet Gingerbread Bundle which is sold out. See the photos below for some inspiration that I found online.











Here is the link for Martin’s blog so you can read how he made this card. I’m sad that it is no longer available but I am thrilled to offer the bundle as a prize to someone who orders a kit from me. You can find all the kit offerings here.


The Golden Reason Behind a Kit Purchase


Have you ever thought about what “your people” want the very most for Christmas? Most often it is time with you. So many people are lonely and so many people could also use a meaningful hobby that allows them to connect with other people. The answer? A gift of a kit along with a note that says that you will come and craft with them. Today you get free shipping with orders of $100 or more. If that is beyond your budget and you are local, then you can message me your order and I will add it to mine and you can do a porch pickup.




Free Tutorial


When you place an order of $60 you always get a free tutorial bundle from me. This month there are two to choose from, but you can always request an older one. You can see all my tutorials here. I am also part of a Bundle Focus tutorial group and that tutorial is free with a $35 purchase since it is a simpler format.





Free Shipping!


I’ll end this blog post with a reminder that the free shipping is for today only, Thursday December 15, 2022 on orders of $100 or more. As a thank you you will also get a free embellishment of your choice, so let me know what you would like and I’ll pop it in the mail for you with a card. Thanks for joining me today and have a super day.



A Personal Note


Yesterday I drove to my mom’s with my oldest daughter Stefanie and her baby August. What a precious day. Mom was such a trooper, filled with joy and not one word of remorse that Pap was not there to celebrate this moment with her. She just focuses on her blessings and has deep joy and peace. What an example she is to me and to all of us!




Love, Santa

Hello stampers and happy Wednesday to you. Love, Santa is a brand new kit that has just been released and I wanted to share it with you. Do you know why? Mostly because I think it’s a super fun kit, but more importantly I am at 22% of my “fun-raiser” goal and I am hoping that YOU will also step up and join in. Let’s take a look at the kit.


Love, Santa Tag Kit


One of the wonderful things about preparing for the Christmas season is gathering around the table as a family and making things, whether it be cards, cookies, Christmas ornaments or tags. Great things happen around the kitchen table! This Love, Santa tag kit is perfect for creating with your kids or grandkids or with your friends. It’s also perfect to give to a stressed out teacher or health care worker!



Love, Santa kit components


What’s Included?


As you can see from the photo above, you get a clear block, a stamp set, an ink pad and supplies to make 12 beautiful tags. You can also use these tags as components for cards if you are not really into tags. Here is a look at the finished tags.


Love Santa kit completed tags


Cute Bags


Do you love giving little gifts at Christmas? Let me tell you a secret. Gift giving doesn’t have to be expensive. It truly is the thought that counts. If you make something yummy and package it up prettily, that can really mean a lot, both to you and the recipient. Check out these cute bags! When I get back home in Canada I will share my caramel corn recipe with you. That would be a perfect thing to put in these bags.

I just noticed that you can also use just one ordering number and get both the kit and the treat bags. Here it is for you!


Love, Santa treat bags


How You Can Participate in the Fun-Raiser


There are several ways that you can participate in this “fun-raiser”. You can sponsor a kit for $30 and etransfer the money to or use PayPal. Another option is to order your own kit(s) through me online and have the pleasure of giving them yourself. The third option if you are a demonstrator is to organize your own fundraiser. Actually, there is a fourth choice. You can host a workshop at my studio or online. You can order a kit and invite a health care worker or teacher to come along and we can have a fun evening together.


Love Santa kit "Fun-Raiser" flyer


Please be aware, this is still the same “fun-raiser”, I just changed the kit that we are giving since the other one sold out. Currently I am at 22% of my goal of 100 kits. Let’s do this! I usually post shopping links at the bottom of my blog, but they are not yet available so just click on the links in the text itself. If you see a blue word that means if you click on it, you will go to my online store. How awesome is that?

Thanks for joining me today and I hope you have a super day.



A Powerful Story

Hello stampers and happy Saturday to you. Today I have a powerful story for you. First of all, I couldn’t write a blog post yesterday because our phone lines and internet cable were cut by a greenhouse crew accidentally. Bummer!! I was so excited to tell you the stories about my first coffee and a card class in the Netherlands. It just had to wait a day.


The Fear of the Unknown


How many times have you heard people say “I’m not crafty”? Often it really means “I’m afraid to try something new, especially in front of other people. What if I don’t get it? What if I do it wrong? I don’t want to fail and look stupid.” Trust me, I have had those feelings too and I still do when I go to craft at other people’s houses. I am not in my own environment, I feel like I have to get it right the first time and there is no time to play around. This has inspired me to do my classes a little differently and you can read about that a little later on.


A Powerful Story


One of the people who came to my class yesterday had to come later due to a previous engagement. By the time she came the others had already finished their card and were playing around making a second one. I poured her a cup of coffee and cut a piece of amazing carrot cake and I sat down beside her. Time to make a card! No, she said, I really don’t feel like making a card this morning. I’m not one of those crafty people at all. No problem!! I will never try to make someone do something against their will. Card classes are about relaxing and enjoying, not coercion and stress.

I’ll just sit beside you and show you how I made the card and then you can take it home is what I said. Before I had stamped three images, she had changed her mind. “I’ll make a card” she said all of a sudden. Wonderful! Now the plot thickens.

This person who claimed not to be crafty right away changed up the card in a few different ways to make it her own. She knew what she wanted! I love that so much. Then it gets better. While she was making the card she said, I am going to make this for my mother. She has dementia but she will love this cheerful card. It will mean so much to her that I thought of her and made her this special card. There was no procrastination. A pen was produced, the card was written, put in the envelope and mailed on the way home! How wonderful is that?





When People Gather Together


Another powerful thing that I once again realized is that amazing things happen when people gather, first around food and drink and then around a table crafting. Stories are exchanged, lives are enriched and creativity is discovered. One lady shared how magic happens when she goes into her craft room. Emotional hurts go into the background, aches and pains lessen and joy bubbles up.



It makes me so incredibly happy to be a small part in this whole process. I love sharing what I do. If you are one of these people who think they are not crafty, order a card kit from Stampin’Up! to get started. They include everything you need except for a tape runner and scissors. Find some inspiration on my YouTube channel or check out my tutorials to guide you step by step through some wonderful cards.


I’m hoping to have our internet restored on Monday and then I will be able to share the awesome photos with you. I was able to get one to load and that is better than nothing. I hope you have a super day and I am so looking forward to some day crossing paths with you and helping you with your creative journey.


Product List


Christmas Whimsy Card Kit

Hello stampers!! It’s so good to be back to share my love of stamping with you. Today I will be blogging about the Christmas Whimsy card kit. You may have noticed the cute whimsical images at the beginning of the holiday catalog and wondered where to find this kit. It is now available! Let’s take a look.


Christmas Whimsy Card Kit


The Christmas Whimsy card kit is part of our online kit collection. Kits are no longer available in the catalog and I will tell you why. In the past our kits were a bit confusing. Some included the stamp set and ink spot, and some didn’t. Some had instructions for the cards and some didn’t. There were different price points and sometimes our kits sold out. Now the kits are all the same price and they all include the same basics:  an ink spot, a stamp set, a clear block as well as all the consumable products needed to make your cards. All available kits will be seen online. When they sell out, they will be gone and this will eliminate the frustration of trying to order something that is either back-ordered or sold out.


Christmas Whimsy Card Kit


I don’t know about you, but these whimsical Christmas cards remind me of Nordic Christmas folk tales. They bring me back to my childhood, although I realize that probably has more to do with nostalgia than reality!


Whimsical Christmas Card Kit


The Whimsical Christmas kit also comes with a versatile stamp set so you can finish your cards beautifully and then use this stamp set for other cards too. Take a look!


Christmas Whimsy Card kit


Why Get This Kit?


I am on a mission to get my stampers to share their hobby with others! The past two years have taught me that this amazing hobby has more meaning and purpose than ever. Let’s try and give the gift of stamping and creativity to more people. I think we can all agree that we need more joy in life. More moments to treasure, to slow down, to enjoy the little things and each other. Less screen time. Less loneliness.

If you are a seasoned stamper, I would encourage you to get this kit or a different one if you prefer. Invite a few friends over if you feel comfortable having people in your home (I know at first it can feel a little weird after all this time of isolation!) Take a photo of your group enjoying the kit and I will send you a surprise in the mail!! Click here to order your kit in you live in Canada.


A Personal Note


I thought you might want to get up to speed what is happening in my life. Gerard was finally able to visit me from August 28 to September 7. Yesterday we were able to fly back to Holland together, which was so very lovely!! Our first time flying together and not having to say goodbye at an airport. When the KLM crew heard about this and the rest of our story they surprised us with a tray of champagne in real crystal stemware, chocolates and nuts as well as a handwritten postcard. Quite unforgettable really!

We had a whirlwind tour including a wonderful two day visit with my parents, my cousins on my mom’s side and then a visit to Ottawa and Montreal. Having five kids has never felt so busy as now!!

Thankfully my back is doing much better. I was concerned about the plane ride, but I managed just fine. It helped that we had an extra empty seat beside us and I could lay down for a while with my head on Gerard’s lap! His lap was much cosier than the seat armrest!


Sharing What I Love


I hope that you will join me on Tuesdays for the weekly virtual coffee and a card classes. At 10am EST I will be live on YouTube and on Facebook I hope! I am going to do a trial run and see how the internet is doing here at Gerard’s house. He has made some changes and has done his very best to make this possible. If the speed is not sufficient then I will prerecord these classes for the highest possible quality.

Blogging should be back up to speed again as well. I do love connecting with your this way and it keeps me creating. This time I brought a LOT more supplies with me so that my creativity isn’t stifled. I am also trying to set work hours. In the past when I was in Holland I often slept in thinking that all my people in Canada were still sleeping too. This became a bit of a problem because I was often on my computer in the evenings and then it seems like I am working all the time and that is not healthy for a relationship! We’ll see how it goes. Let me tell you, 7:30 came way too fast this morning but I did it!

Thanks for joining me and I hope you have a super day. Looking forward to sharing what I love in Holland too.

So Much Excitement!!

Hello stampers and happy Friday to you. There is so much excitement today that I hardly know where to start. Too much stimulation for this squirrel!! Let’s start with the amazing deal on Paper Pumpkin that starts (and may possibly end) today. Then we’ll talk about the amazing deal on the starter kit.


Paper Pumpkin Deal


This deal is only available while supplies last, so I would jump on it if I were you. When you subscribe to Paper Pumpkin today you pay only $7 instead of $30 plus tax. This deal is for new subscribers only but you can also find a way around that by using a different email address if you have subscribed in the past. To get the deal you need to use the special deal code HOMERUN0521. This deal is not available with prepaid subscriptions.

The best part of this besides the price is that you can cancel at any time. You are not locked into a subscription. You can also skip a month whenever you want to. Just log into your account to do that before the 11th of the month. If you think that the upcoming kit will make a great gift you can also choose to have more than one kit sent to you.


Paper Pumpkin deal


As you can see from the graphic, you only have three days to get this deal if it doesn’t sell out before then.


More Amazing Kits


One of the reasons that some people choose not to subscribe to Paper Pumpkin is that there is usually no way of knowing what is going to be in the kit. Sometimes we get a teaser as to colour or theme, but the actual kit contents are a surprise. Stampin’Up! has now revamped its kit collection. They are now all the same price and have the same packaging. I am thrilled that some of these kits are Past Paper Pumpkins. The price is $26 and includes a stamp set, an ink spot and an acrylic block plus glue dots and dimensionals and any accessories you might need.

These kits will be available to order on June 1 and you know what that means? It means that you can also take advantage of the extra host rewards. I will share which kits are available and then you can show your friends. Pick a kit and we can do a virtual stamping party. With a $300 workshop you will get $60 in host products. Sweet deal right??


My Favourite Kit


You should have heard me squeal with delight when I saw that No Matter The Weather was one of the kits in the lineup. I had many disappointed people who missed out on this kit. The last Wednesday of the month will be my kit class and this will be the first kit I will be featuring. I will create an event on Facebook and then you can order the kit on June 1 and join me for some fun stamping on June 30 at 7:15pm.


No Matter The Weather


Here you can see what all comes in this lovely kit!! I am so, so excited to stamp with you using this kit. I really hope that if you are a beginner stamper that you take the plunge. Truly, you don’t know what you are missing until you ink up a stamp and put it to paper. Instant artistry! For me that was a powerful and transforming moment and I would love for you to experience that too. Tell your friends and have them join you (and me!) for a fun evening.


No Matter the Weather Kit Contents


If you want to see a gorgeous alternative card made using this kit, check out this blog post.


Brand New Catalog Product Shares


One of the best ways to get new product without breaking the bank is with a product share. That way you get a little bit of everything. For my paper share I simply chop the 12 x 12 paper into four sections, so you get a 6 x 6 inch piece of each of the designer series paper that is in the new catalog. Cost is only $60 for porch pickup or a small shipping fee will be added to ship anywhere in Canada.

For my ribbon share you have two options. You can either get a yard of ALL the ribbon and twine in the new catalog for $43 or you can get just the NEW ribbon and twine, a yard of each for $20. If you need it shipped there will be a shipping charge, the cheapest rate I can find of course. You can sign up on the Facebook event page here.


Amazing Deal on the Starter Kit


Over my fifteen years as a Canadian demonstrator I have built up a very fun team. We gather often with Zoom, every week when I am in Canada and a little less often when I am with Gerard in Holland because of the six hour time difference. There are weekly stamping challenges and I also offer my team members a free pdf tutorial every month, weekly training videos on Friday at noon and weekly video tutorials on my Prime Time With The Pampered Stamper group.

Why am I telling you all of this? Because there is an amazing deal on the starter kit right now and I would love for you to get it and by doing so join my team. The 20% discount that you will get is only the icing on the cake. Belonging to a tight knit supportive team is truly amazing! There is a spot on the Beyond Pampered team waiting just for YOU.

Do you want to hear about the deal? As always the starter kit is $135. You get to choose whatever products you want to put in your kit. The best part? You get to choose $206 worth of products plus you pay no shipping or tax. Wow!!!! Basically you are getting $256 worth of products for only $135. Here is the link to get started on this exciting venture.


Amazing Deal on Starter kit


A Lot to Think About


I know that I have given you a lot to think about in this blog post. The most important thing is that you are happy. I hope that you are still finding time to stamp and that you are using your hobby to also bring joy to others. Hopefully you can join me for one of my classes, be it a kit class, my Bingo night or a paper or ribbon share. There are still a few spots left in the June virtual coffee and a card class, so let me know if you want in on any of these.

Thanks for joining me, I hope you have a super day.



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