When You Can’t Do It All

Can you really do it all?

Hello stampers. Sometimes we really think we can do it all. Until life happens and suddenly you realize that, no, you can’t. I had that happen last week when I got a call from my brother that my Pap had to go to the hospital because he couldn’t breathe. I have learned not to overreact in such situations. Taking a deep breath I asked them to keep me updated and let me know if the situation really was critical. Trusting that he would do so I carried on with my day knowing full well that I would head to Fergus to see him early the next morning.


Why not drop everything and go?


You may be wondering what could be so important that  I wouldn’t rush off right away. The first thing was my beginner class that was due to start an hour after my brother called. When new people take the plunge to come to a class it really is a big deal and I didn’t want to disappoint them. The second thing was a big team party that was happening that evening to celebrate some milestones. You know how difficult it can be to get a large group of people together especially in the summer! As women our gifts and achievements are not celebrated enough. We tend to be competitive more than cooperative and I truly believe in the importance of recognition. I wasn’t going to postpone this needlessly. I also know that with proper medical attention a situation can improve dramatically and quickly and that my Pap was in good hands for one more day.


The importance of a tribe


It is both in good circumstances and bad that a tribe is very important. This is the urban definition of tribe:  A group of friends that becomes your family. The people that will be there for you no matter what and who you’re guaranteed to have a good time with.

My team is my tribe. At our team party one of the girls who was being celebrated for her ten year anniversary brought her stash of cards from the last month. That helped me out enormously because I didn’t have to design my own cards for my next class. My tribe is also my fellow demonstrators from all around the world. In my Pap’s hometown I discovered a fellow demonstrator who used to be his bank teller. Joanne Mactavish asked me to drop in the next time I visited my parents. So, between visits to the hospital, I stopped in to see Joanne. It was such a stress reliever to be able to just chat about card making and to take some pictures of her cards and be inspired. I am sharing some of those in my blog post today!

I hope that you have found your own tribe as well, but know that there is always room in my tribe for you. My customers are also a part of my tribe and they are an important part of each other’s tribe. I see the bonds that are being formed in my classes and I am so thankful that I can provide that community for them.


The cards


Happy Tails stamp set with coordinating punch- a contribution from my tribe


I love how the dog from Happy Tails comes with a coordinating punch, but did you know that there is a trick so that you can punch him out and have him facing the other way? You can check out my video here.


Happy Tails with neutrals designer series paper- this card made by my tribe


This card has a great fold! If you look at the next picture you can better visualize what I am talking about. I might have to do these cards in a class soon. Let me know if you are interested.


Inside of Happy Tails fancy fold card


The last picture is not very clear, but I decided to include it anyways since it is such a cute card. I am loving all the stitched framelits that were used on these cards. Thanks so much Joanne for letting me take some pictures of your cards. I know that they might also be from your team members; you also have a great tribe and are a great tribe leader.


Happy Tails with heart framelits and crackle paint background- card made by my tribe


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Thanks so much for joining me today. My heart is thankful to all my team members, customers and fellow demonstrators for being such an important part of my tribe. My Pap was touched by all your heartfelt comments concerning his health. I am blessed!

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Going to the Dogs!

Hello stampers. Sometimes things do indeed feel like they are going to the dogs! In preparation for an art show this weekend I wanted to change things up a bit and appeal to the many pet owners out there. I used the Happy Tails set and coordinating dog punch to make some adorable tags. Then I packaged up some rawhide dog treats in some retired polka dot cone cellophane bags. I am really happy with how they turned out. At first this hard core cardmaker was a little embarrassed to be making these cutesy things but they grew on me and now I am happy I did it. It’s the little things that can bring joy to our lives! Take a look!


Going to the Dogs tags, treats and card using Happy Tails from Stampin'Up!


It was so much fun making these cute tags. I found the inspiration for the tags online somewhere. Happy Tails is a great stamp set that allows you to customize the dogs with different fur patterns. This was also the first time I inked up my Swirly Frames stamp set.  This set was given to me at an event for prize patrol and I find that when I haven’t chosen the set myself for a specific reason I tend not to use it as much.  I really need to use that set more often, it is so versatile!


Lots of fun accessory stamps in Happy Tails.


Rachel found some adorable dog treats for me to put into these little packages. I wasn’t able to find similar ones for cats so I am going to have to get creative on that score.


#itsallaboutthetreats even for the dogs!


Wouldn’t this just be a cute little something to give to a dog lover? Dogs really do bring so much joy to our lives. They give us unconditional love and are known to calm us down, lower our blood pressure and just make life that much better.


When you read this I will be spending some quality time with my beloved Pap. He is the kindest, gentlest man who loves his heavenly Father so very much. He has worked so very hard to give me a better life than what he had. Even though he was a gifted student in the Netherlands he had to quit school after grade 6 to help his dad on the family farm. The school principal even visited his home to beg his parents to let him continue his education. The amazing thing is that he was never jealous of his younger brother who was able to be the first person in the family to go to university. Oh how I love this man. He is also proud of what I have accomplished with my business. He is always so happy to hear it when I tell him about my next incentive trip or my global or national standing as a demonstrator.


Thanks so much for stopping by today and checking out my blog. Happy stamping!


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