Paper Pumpkin Possibilities

Hello stampers! Oh the Paper Pumpkin possibilities! I think you may know by now that I am a rather big Paper Pumpkin advocate. That is saying a LOT. You would think that having a stamp room full of stamps, ink and paper that I would never get Paper Pumpkin for myself. Do you want to know why I do?


Treating Yourself


The main reason that I get Paper Pumpkin for myself is that it is an instant gratification treat. For once I get to papercraft without having to think and that feels pretty darn good once in a while. I have often compared it to ordering take out food even though you are a great cook and enjoy cooking. Once in a while it is just so nice to be able to indulge without any muss or fuss. Paper Pumpkin lets that happen. The Dutch in me also repurposes the beautiful box that it comes in.


Paper Pumpkin




The other thing that I love about Paper Pumpkin is that it is so easy to grab and take with me when I go somewhere. I always have one with me when I go and visit my parents. Mom is 87 and she loves to do this with me, especially when she realized that there is a lot of product in the box so it is ok if she messes up and needs another piece. I love watching her decide what to do with what she has as she loves to change things and make it her own. Paper Pumpkin gives us quality time that we might not otherwise have. There are only so many dice games I can play in a row!!




Every once in a while a Paper Pumpkin comes along that you think you might not like. No worries! You can either choose to skip a month or wait a while and see what everyone else makes with it. That’s right! There is a huge stamping community that subscribes to Paper Pumpkin and shares their creations on social media. Check out the Paper Pumpkin Fan Club on Facebook. This month the kit was Christmas tags and I heard at least one customer saying, I don’t do tags. Well, take a look what I made with this kit!


My Card with the Tag Kit


Even though this month’s kit was 24 tags, you don’t have to be limited by the suggested use. Debbie Henderson showed us this great card and I just recreated it myself. I didn’t change a thing because her card was beautiful! I did add a piece of patterned paper from the Wrapped in Plaid pack just like she did.


Paper Pumpkin


Here is a close up. I cut two strips of silver foil paper, 3/4″ by 5 1/4″ and 1 1/4″ by 5 1/4″ and embossed them with the Hammered 3D embossing folder. The strip of paper is from Wrapped in Plaid and it is 3″ by 5 1/4″ which means you can get two pieces out of each 6×6 piece of paper.


Paper Pumpkin


The deer in the kit are actually silver foil but Debbie turned them around so they would be white. This simple adjustment changes the look entirely! The other subtle change is that she cut up the sentiment and switched the order. I will show you a picture of the tag and you will see what I mean.


Paper Pumpkin


A Personal Note on Fear


As many of you already know my 93 year old Pap has been dealing with some nasty health issues. His bout with shingles landed him in the hospital and this evolved into fluid around his lungs, bowel issues and overall failing health. It was starting to look rather grim, but Mom had some wise words. She said that sometimes the things we fear are worse than what is actually going to happen and through this needless fear we make our lives more difficult than they need to be!

I live two and a half hours away from my parents and I have spend many hours on the road visiting them. Of course I am prepared to go again at the drop of a hat but sometimes you just have to take a deep breath and follow your head and not your heart. I got some advice from my own doctor and now I am calling the nurse’s station every day to get an update on my dad. Then I can make an informed decision instead of driving back and forth like a crazy squirrel on steroids. My absence for a few days also gives my siblings the opportunity to step up to the plate.

I have no fear for my Pap. He loves the Lord like his best friend and when he dies he will be in heaven and how awesome is that? He also has no fear, but only the regret that he is leaving the love of his life behind. This too is assuaged by the fact that God also loves my mom very much and she will be taken care of too. What a precious gift!!


Another gift


It seems a little frivolous after talking about the precious gift of salvation to be talking about the gift of Paper Pumpkin!! However….Paper Pumpkin is a wonderful gift for yourself, a friend or a teacher. You have many options to choose from. You can get a subscription where you pay monthly. You can also get pre-paid subscriptions for one, three, six or twelve months. No matter which option you choose, you can always choose to skip a month when you want. Click this link to find out more. I will also have icons at the bottom of this post with the product list. You can click on those as well and go straight to my store.


Product List


Going to the Dogs!

Hello stampers. Sometimes things do indeed feel like they are going to the dogs! In preparation for an art show this weekend I wanted to change things up a bit and appeal to the many pet owners out there. I used the Happy Tails set and coordinating dog punch to make some adorable tags. Then I packaged up some rawhide dog treats in some retired polka dot cone cellophane bags. I am really happy with how they turned out. At first this hard core cardmaker was a little embarrassed to be making these cutesy things but they grew on me and now I am happy I did it. It’s the little things that can bring joy to our lives! Take a look!


Going to the Dogs tags, treats and card using Happy Tails from Stampin'Up!


It was so much fun making these cute tags. I found the inspiration for the tags online somewhere. Happy Tails is a great stamp set that allows you to customize the dogs with different fur patterns. This was also the first time I inked up my Swirly Frames stamp set.  This set was given to me at an event for prize patrol and I find that when I haven’t chosen the set myself for a specific reason I tend not to use it as much.  I really need to use that set more often, it is so versatile!


Lots of fun accessory stamps in Happy Tails.


Rachel found some adorable dog treats for me to put into these little packages. I wasn’t able to find similar ones for cats so I am going to have to get creative on that score.


#itsallaboutthetreats even for the dogs!


Wouldn’t this just be a cute little something to give to a dog lover? Dogs really do bring so much joy to our lives. They give us unconditional love and are known to calm us down, lower our blood pressure and just make life that much better.


When you read this I will be spending some quality time with my beloved Pap. He is the kindest, gentlest man who loves his heavenly Father so very much. He has worked so very hard to give me a better life than what he had. Even though he was a gifted student in the Netherlands he had to quit school after grade 6 to help his dad on the family farm. The school principal even visited his home to beg his parents to let him continue his education. The amazing thing is that he was never jealous of his younger brother who was able to be the first person in the family to go to university. Oh how I love this man. He is also proud of what I have accomplished with my business. He is always so happy to hear it when I tell him about my next incentive trip or my global or national standing as a demonstrator.


Thanks so much for stopping by today and checking out my blog. Happy stamping!


Product List

Birthday Bright Project Kit and Potluck Party

Hello stampers. Project Kits are a wonderful form of “almost instant” gratification. They also come in a very nice package that is nice to give away as a gift complete with the finished cards or tags, or it makes a useful and pretty place to store crafting supplies in your stamp room. You also have the choice of buying your own stamp set to go with the kit, or just coming to my place and using my stamp set and saving some money. I also like them because they are very portable. So if you are going to the cottage or to visit your in-laws, or have to wait a while in a hospital waiting room you can take it with you to pass the time pleasantly.  Here is a nice shot of one of each of the completed items.


Here is what you can make with your Birthday Bright Project kit. I made only one of each, you will make four of each. What a great deal.


Sometimes it is fun to stamp alone, but it is also great fun to get together with a group of friends or fellow crafters to stamp together. There is always so much laughter and sharing in my stamp room. Good food is also a great addition. That is why I like to offer kits as potluck parties. Everyone brings a dish to share and that way you may even go home with a new recipe! There is no extra cost for coming for the day or evening, just the cost of the kit. This kit, Birthday Bright Project Kit is very reasonable at only $37. You will make 12 cards and 12 gift tags. The date for this Potluck Party is Thursday March 30 at either 10am or 6:30pm. Deadline for registration is March 10.


Everyone loves shaker cards, especially when most of the work has already been done for you. The confetti is actually shaped like cake sprinkles which is a lot of fun. They are also metallic which adds extra glitz.


This card has some adorable banners going across it. It is a little fiddly but not too bad at all. I think it is worth it for getting such an unusual card, but if this is not your thing we can find an alternative for it for sure. The card bases are all terrific, in fact they are so nice it is a shame to cover most of it up!


The banners on this simple card really make it shine! Wish big for your next birthday and get this adorable Birthday Bright Project Kit.


The last card in this kit has a recessed birthday cake. There is also a birthday cake shape that pops out of the card base which you can use on a different project. Bonus! The card also has some great colourful enamel shapes on it which give it some lovely detail. Whoever gets this card will be feeling the love.


I love the enamel shapes on this Celebrate card from the BIrthday Bright Project Kit.


Here are the tags included with the kit. You can either be an over-the-top gift giver and have a coordinating card and gift tag, or you can double the value of your money and give some people just a cute tag with their gift and no card. Sometimes that is not so bad. Depends on who is getting it right? If you know they are the type who don’t save cards for more than a few days, then a tag is just the thing.


So nice to have these cute tags included in the Birthday Bright Project Kit.


Here is a close-up of the balloon tag that uses a honeycomb embellishment. I love the colour combination and all the little details on this one.


It's all in the details, and this cute tag from the Birthday Bright Project Kit has lots of adorable details.


Here are the present tags. A word of caution here. If you look closely you will see that the silver foil on the saffron tag is a little gunky. Yup. Don’t use fast fuse to adhere those parts. I learned my lesson. Even that little adhesive remover tool wouldn’t get it off completely. It just kind of spread the gunk around. So on the watermelon wonder tag I just used a few glue dots. Your fine-tip glue pen will also do a fine job, pardon the pun!


Love those little black clothespins on the present tags from the BIrthday Bright Project Kit.


So, if you are wishing that winter would just end, and you need a creative fix, come on out to the potluck party and we will have some fun together. You can also gather up a few friends and come together. What a wonderful day or evening out. Don’t forget about sale-a-bration too. This fabulous sale goes until the end of March and there are two great things about that. One, you get to choose a free item with every $60 purchase before shipping and tax. Two, the starter kit is a super amazing deal. Not only do you get to pick out $165 worth of product from the annual catalog, the Occasions catalog or the clearance rack, you only pay $135, no shipping, no tax. AND you get to choose two free stamps sets out of any catalog as well. You can also come to my team retreat day on Monday February 27. Check it out:


February Retreat with The Pampered Stamper- Creative Retreat and Professional Training


Well, happy stamping. Until next time, warm hugs, Jackie

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