Fun on Wheels: Bundle of the Month!

Hello stampers and happy Friday to you. It’s almost the end of August and here are the rest of the Fun on Wheels cards that I have made for my August Sweet Suite Tuesdays video series. Did you know that each month I now offer 20% cash back from the catalog price of the featured bundle? You have until August 30 to take advantage of this deal. In the meantime, take a look at my cards and let me know what you think! Which one is your favourite?

Masked Fun on Wheels card, all supplies Stampin'Up!


Fun on Wheels bundle green and white card with embossing. All products Stampin'Up! Card designed by The Pampered Stamper.


This vintage Fun On Wheels uses a touch of Wild Wheat and a Pebble Path subtle  splatter to create a great vintage look.


Video Tutorial

Seeing is believing, so check out this video tutorial. If you haven’t already done so, subscribe to my YouTube channel so that you catch these videos every week. To make this particular card, two other stamp sets were used to create the scene. My team member, Caroline van Roestel-Seward designed this card and graciously shared her tips with me. You can see the products that were used in the product list below.


I’m Curious


I’m curious. Are you a one set at a time stamper, or do you like combining different stamp sets to create a complex look? I tend to use just one set a time, but I really do love using several at once too. One of the reasons that I do use one set at a time is that if you are just beginning to stamp it can be overwhelming to need so many supplies to make a nice card.

Anyways, thanks for joining me today. I am grateful for you and I hope that you have a super day.


Product List

Flowering Rain Boots Make Me Smile

Hello stampers and happy Wednesday to you. Today I am sharing the Flowering Rain Boots that make me smile. The sun has decided to shine gloriously this afternoon and that also makes my heart happy. Let’s take a look at this cheerful bundle.


Flowering Rain Boots


There is something whimsical about a bunch of tulips or daisy in a pair of old rain boots isn’t there? I might be a little strange, but just looking at a colourful pair of “Wellies” makes me smile. My grandkids love my tall red rainboots. I think they think it is funny that a grownup can have rainboots too. My friend Yvonne told me today that in Britain they all rainboots “wellies” because the Duke of Wellington used to wear them a lot. I never knew that!



Flowering Rain Boots assorted stamped images


Here is a closer view of the card that I made in this morning’s Stamping Through My Stash video on YouTube.


Yellow Rain Boots card with Flowering Rain Boots bundle


Video Tutorial


Here is the video tutorial for making this card as well as a small Memories & More card. You will learn some great colouring tips for the saying and for the tulips.



Memories & More Cards


I always make sure that I have at least one package of Memories & More cards on hand. They are wonderful for making a quick and easy card. Your card base and envelope are all ready to go and that can make all the difference between making and sending a card at the last minute or not!



Do you see those little black flecks in the background? You make those by flicking the tip of your Blends marker against the inside of the lid. Be sure to use the brush tip!


Two More Cards Exclusively for Prime Time


Each week I do an exclusive video for my Prime Time group. This group has been with me since COVID began and they pay $10 a month. It’s actually a steal of a deal because included in this fee are four video tutorials, one prize drawing AND a free 16 project pdf tutorial. What are you waiting for? Click here to join!



Here is a close-up of the tulips.




These Boots are made for walking! Red boots from Flowering Rain Boots Stampin'Up!


I just made this card in my Prime Time group and I changed the boots to Bumblebee and added a little pop of red ribbon from the Playful Pets Trim Combo. I LOVE it!!


Flowering Rain Boots in Bumblebee




I hope that you have enjoyed my Flowering Rain Boots cards. It made me ever so happy to be playing with this bundle today. Why not add it to your order and get some free saleabration products as well? Just click on the links below. You can also choose this stamp set as one of your two free bonus stamp sets when you get the starter kit! Click here to get started and have some fun choosing all your other items!


Product List

Lessons from Nature

Hello stampers and happy Wednesday to you. Yesterday was a day that left me in a funk and so I knew that I needed some lessons from nature. I needed to get out of the house, out of my stamp room and into the quiet to spend some time with God and his creation. It was time to gain some focus, to remember what I am thankful for and what is truly important. I thought I would share my lessons from nature and some pictures that I took with my phone so that you can share my journey.


God brings beauty out of everything


As I was walking through the woods along the edge of the city I was calmed by the still beauty around me. Gazing at all the beautiful leaves on the ground I was struck that the beauty that I was looking at was all dead! God uses dead leaves to give us a gorgeous fall world. Those dead leaves also turn into compost and better soil. How much more can he not use me to better the world one small way at a time?



These leaves are not particularly gorgeous but when you stop and take a look at all the different colours and shapes and textures it is truly beautiful. On the fallen, rotting tree trunk is some astounding yellow mold or fungus. Again, beauty from death.


Different is beautiful



What struck me about this leaf is the odd colouring. It remained mostly green with just a touch of vivid colour. It is uniquely beautiful. Why is it that we strive so hard to fit in? Why can we not accept our own uniqueness? I need to learn to own my imperfections too.



Do you see anything different about this leaf? I sure did! It is a very odd shape for a maple leaf. It is much longer than usual and also skinnier in the middle and yet….it is beautiful! Another lesson from nature to accept each other just the way we are, all different shapes and sizes, all beautifully unique.


He leads me beside quiet waters


We live in a hurried world and often forget to take time away from the busyness of life. That is what happened to me yesterday. I felt the need to just stop what I was doing (all of it important of course) and just get out into the stillness of nature. I slowed down and just absorbed the beauty around me. When something struck me, I took a picture so I could reflect on it later and share with you. Water and trees are calming. They restore your soul. So does time with God.





Sometime we can get overwhelmed and things can look dark. That is when we need to remember to look up, to see the big picture and to remember that we are loved with an everlasting love. God has promised to never leave or forsake us. In the woods the light can be blocked as well. When I looked up I saw this one tall tree beginning to change colours ahead of the other ones. It really stood out. Remember to look up and see the light!





The following pictures show the perspective when you look down, when you look back and when you look away. I purposely included my boot in this picture to give you some perspective as to how huge this leaf was. I am pretty sure it was as big as my head!



When life gets tough, find joy in the little things. The colour and texture of the leaves as they contrast with the dark earth and even the reflection of the water on one of the leaves. Again you will notice that none of these leaves are particularly beautiful but together it is simply breathtaking.



This picture isn’t a great one, it is a little blurry but I wanted to include it anyways because of the feeling it evokes. The wide open space, the fresh green trees, the crunchy leaves on the ground, all of it just makes you want to breathe deeply.

A little further on my walk I could peek through the trees and see a farm in the distance. The colours were a little brighter and it was just neat the way the trees framed this little vista.



A Quiet Gift


Nearing the end of my walk my eye was drawn up the trunk of this tall tree and I had a surprise! There was this beautiful carving of a heron or some other bird. Obviously someone had taken a lot of time to make this and then to share it with everyone in this public park. There is no plaque announcing this gift but it there to surprise and delight people. Sometimes we can find extraordinary things in the ordinary if only we take the time to look.




Seemingly Insignificant


On the edge of this park is a small isolated field. It is difficult to get to with farm equipment and it seems that the harvest will not be impressive. The weeds had a good year! Yet there is beauty here and value. It will be amazing how much squash will be harvested from this small field. Sometimes in our lives we may feel small and insignificant, but you never know how much you impact others. Small deeds can have huge consequences. Be open to the possibilities that cross your path. Plant the seeds of kindness and don’t worry about the harvest.



Thank you


I hope that you enjoyed this little diversion from the regular card making. Maybe if I needed a break you did too. Take some time to just enjoy the little things in life, to regain your perspective and to just breathe. Thanks so much to each one of you who takes the time to leave a comment, who pins my cards to Pinterest and who follows me on YouTube and Instagram.


Don’t forget about the 24 hour sale today. I made a little video walking you through the catalog and showing which sets are on sale and what the reduced price is. You can see it here. If you order online using the host code then I will send you a free pack of holiday rhinestones.



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