Snowflake Wishes

Hello stampers and happy Friday to you. Today’s cards is a gorgeous creation by Susan Forsythe. Susan is a member of my Beyond Pampered Team who always does such stunning work. She always seems to bless me with a card just when I need it the most! Thank you so much Susan! Let’s take a look at what she made.


Snowflake Wishes Card and Envelope


Not only did Susan make a beautiful card, she also decorated her envelope flap with the coordinating Snowflake Splendour paper.


Snowflake Wishes


Here is a closeup view so you can see the gorgeous detail of the So Many Snowflakes dies. If you want to see more cards using Snowflake Wishes check out this blog post.


Snowflake Wishes closeup


Feeling Blessed!


Thanks so much for your lovely card Susan. It was a joy to discover it in my mail this morning. There was more happy mail for me today as well as lots of phone calls that made me feel very blessed and loved. I am writing this blog post at night because I need to stay up so that I get used to the right time zone! Tomorrow I will design the rest of the virtual coffee and a card samples for January. I hope that you will also choose to join in next month. Thanks so much for joining me here on my blog. Have a super weekend!


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Snowflake Swing Card

Hello stampers and happy Friday to you. Today I am featuring a snowflake swing card made by Ina Eisen. You may remember that we used to have a die to make a circle swing card but it has retired and I am pretty sure that Ina made this card the hard way, without a special die. What a beautiful card! Let’s take a look shall we?


Ina’s Snowflake Swing Card


Here is Ina’s beautiful card with a swinging snowflake as the focal point.


Snowflake Swing Card


I love how Ina kept the rest of the card simple allowing the glittery snowflake the spotlight. She stamped right on the Snowflake Splendor paper and also used it to make a pretty flap on the envelope. My little person is going to be happy with all the stamps that were on the front of the envelope too!


Snowflake Swing Card closeup


Here is one more picture showing this pretty snowflake detail.


Snowflake Swing card closeup


Here is a link for a tutorial on how to make a swing card. I find Splicoaststampers to be a very useful site for card making inspiration.


Fergus, Ontario


Ina Eisen, the artist behind the card comes from my hometown of Fergus, Ontario. It is always a little difficult for me to pin down my hometown, I really think I have two, Fergus and Elora. I was born in Fergus, went to church and school in Fergus but my address was always Elora and the farm was between Fergus and Elora. So there you have it. Both are beautiful, idyllic towns of Scottish origin with a fair sprinkling of Dutch settlers later on. My grandson is named Fergus in honour of my parents! Rather than share photos, I thought it would be a nice change to share a video instead. Be still my heart!





Thanks so much for joining me again today. If you want to purchase any of the supplies, just click on the images below in the product list.  I know you will love Ina’s card and you might just fall in love with Fergus and Elora too. I am of course over the moon happy to be back with Gerard again for a few weeks. Especially during the travel restrictions we know how very blessed we are to be able to be together. I hope to have another happy mail card to blog about on Monday. Have a super day everyone and a fine weekend too. With lots of love from Holland!!


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