Teepee and Flap Fold Card with Peaceful Poppies

Hello stampers and happy Tuesday to you. Today I have two cards for you, the first one is a teepee card using Painted Poppies and the second one is fun flap fold from yesterday but with Painted Poppies. It is ten o’clock in the morning here in Holland and thus far there is no happy mail, so I am going to write a blog post using my own cards. Revolutionary!


Teepee Card with Peaceful Poppies


Last night I actually worked. I hadn’t really done much all day and Gerard had had a very busy day and he just wanted to chill in front of the TV. This squirrel couldn’t handle that. I still had a blank teepee card left over from last week’s Facebook live video, so it was a quick and easy card for me. Then I found a lovely surprise in my stash, something I had thought I had brought along but couldn’t find! Do you what it is? It is the Peaceful Poppies elements. They are so much fun and include two sheets of printed thick watercolour paper that is embossed and perfect for the emboss resist technique, two sheets printed thick cardstock with various poppies, two sheets of printed vellum and two sheets of black elements. I will do a video so you can see them all in action.


Peaceful Poppies Teepee Card


If you would like to see a video on how to make this card, you can find it here. There is an interesting story in this video on Dutch toilets as well! The black circle and the double poppy image are both from the Peaceful Poppies elements. You can see them here or in the product list at the end of my blog.

I entered this card into the Joy of Sets Tic Tac Toe challenge, #JOSTTT013 and you can read all about it here or join in yourself! I used red, pink, floral.




Fun Flap Fold Card with Peaceful Poppies


Here is my fun flap fold card that was inspired by Faye Molladay’s happy mail card yesterday. I made this card last night as well and I was really happy with how it turned out. My job was easy since I could just  copy Faye’s measurement. I did accidentally put my flap on the other side of the card, but I don’t think there is a right or wrong way for this.


Peaceful Poppies


You could definitely add more interest and texture by embossing the mossy meadow diamond piece in behind the black square but I only have two embossing folders here with me and neither of them were suitable. Here is another angle of the card sitting up a bit.


Fun flap fold card with peaceful poppies


This card will also be in my soon to be released Peaceful Poppies pdf and it will also be one of the cards we make at my Suite Sweet Saturday class on February 29. If you order any of the bundles you will get this pdf for free.


Flap fold card open


I purposely left the middle section blank rather than stamp a sentiment in it. Birthdays are super personal and you would hate to have the wrong thing stamped in and not be able to use this great card for just the right person. Never underestimate the power of your handwritten words!



A Personal Story about the Past


Being in the land of my roots is very powerful. So many times I see a name or a place that conjures up childhood memories of my mom or my pap telling stories about their life in Holland. Gerard lives in the town right beside the town where my mom grew up. In between those two towns in a beautiful nature preserve called the Staelduinse Bos. She walked there and rode her bike there, and I am sure she had some romantic moments there as well. I can see why! This forest is an area that used to be all dunes and tidal ponds. Fisherman would set up stakes (stael) and string up their nets to catch fish, and that is where the name came from. I always thought it was named after one of the local families whose name is Van Staelduinen. Good guess, right?

On Sunday afternoon we went for a leisurely walk there. It was a gorgeous sunny day with little wind and 8C. My heart was so happy to be walking amidst the huge trees, the rolling landscape and the singing birds. It was only January 19 but it felt like spring. At one edge of the park there was a beautiful, whimsical garden beside an old cow shed. Inside the cow shed was a visitor centre showing all the flora and fauna of the area and the creatures.












I could add lots more pictures but I think this gives you an idea of the tranquil beauty of this place. When you know how densely populated this little country is, you will understand what a lovely surprise this was for me. I felt so connected with my mom and I had a wistful thought of how lovely it would be to walk and talk with her here along the path.




Thanks again for joining me today! I’m so glad you stopped by. In one week I will be flying home and getting into serious saleabration mode. I must say, I am really hoping that some of you faithful readers in Canada will want to join my team. In the next few years I have a dream of doing a cross Canada trip and visiting all my team members along the way. Maybe you would like to be one of them! We do have a great tribe of stampers and most of them are doing this just for their own discount and to be a part of a fun group.

If you have any questions, please contact me. I don’t always like clogging my blog with “sales”. In the meantime, if you do need any products, now is the best time to get them. WIth every $60 purchase you get a free saleabration item. If you live in Canada, just click on the products below and you will be in my online store. Happy shopping!


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Fun Fold Flap Card with Perennial Essence

Hello stampers and happy Monday! Today I have two great cards for you, both of them happy mail in Holland contest cards. One is fun fold flap card with Perennial Essence, the other is a funny napkin card. These cards did come in the mailbox on Saturday but it was already later in the afternoon and there was no time to do a blog post.


Napkin Card from Letha Kay


The first card that I am going to share with you is a napkin card from Letha Kay. I first met Letha when she came to a training retreat that I hosted in Tennessee. We stayed in a gorgeous cabin and had such a wonderful time together. Letha also introduced me to my favourite magazine, Daphne’s Diary. Needless to say, Letha knows a thing or two about me, hence the fun card. She made it at her friend Susan Owen’s class. Susan was also at my retreat. Lovely ladies, both of them. Thanks for your fun card Letha, I have never made one, so feel free to leave some tips and tricks in the comments section so we can learn more about ti.


Letha's napkin card


I do love pretty napkins but I am often too cheap to indulge. This card has inspired me to do just that the next time I see some that I love. If I can turn a few of them into cards then it will be a business expense and I will get double use out of them as well!

I almost forgot to tell you where Letha comes from! She comes from Liberty, South Carolina, doesn’t that sound patriotic? Liberty is a small town located in the northwest corner of the state. It has a very long history, first having been discovered by the Spanish and located on old Cherokee hunting grounds.


Happy Mail Details


Once again I had to take a picture of the envelopes as they also tell a story. I love the postmarks and I love the stamps. Somehow Letha managed to find some vintage Valentine’s themed stamps. Personally, I don’t mind paying for stamps if they have put in a little extra thought to make them more special, and that is definitely the case here. I also love the name of Faye’s home town, I have a feeling it tells a geographical story. Letha’s hometown also has a memorable name, although its origin is under dispute.




Faye’s Fun Fold Flap Card


Well, isn’t that a fun subtitle for a blog post? All kidding aside, I love your card Faye and it has also inspired me for my next Peaceful Poppies card. I haven’t made one of these cards in years! If fact, I think I should feature this fun fold flap card in my live video tomorrow. I am so thankful for all the inspiration I am receiving from the happy mail in Holland contest. Would you like to see Faye’s card?


Fun Fold Flap card by Faye Molsberry


Faye’s beautiful card uses three items from the Perennial Essence suite: Floral Essence stamp set, Perrenail Flower punch and Perennial Essence designer series paper. In this next picture you can see how the flap fold works.


Perennial Essence Fun Fold Flap card


Do you see all the lovely details and the product coordination? The softness of the paper is reflected in the highland heather sentiment. Even the back of the flap has a matching flower on it.  I have one more picture showing the entire mechanism of the card. There is no picture of the back of the card but the flap part extends to the middle of the card. I will include measurements tomorrow both on my blog post and in my video. If you want to see another card made using this great suite as well as a video showing you how to make dry embossed flowers with the perennial flower punch, then check out this old blog post here.


Faye's fancy flap fold card open


What do you think of this fun fold flap card? I have to say, I am very much looking forward to making one as well. It is so refreshing making a “different” card once in a while. I am not obsessed with always having to make a different fold, but just like with cooking and baking and lots of other things in life, it’s good to switch things up once in a while. Here is a fun video from Dawn Griffith showing you how to do this fold, then you don’t have to wait for me to do it tomorrow. No worries, mine will be a little different anyways.


Central Butte, Saskatchewan


Now that is an intesting name isn’t it? What exactly is a butte? I wonder if my guess that it is a geographical feature is corect? This is what I found:  is an isolated hill with steep, often vertical sides and a small, relatively flat top; buttes are smaller landforms than mesas, plateaus, and tablelands. Central Butte is a very small town in the southern part of the province, about 200 km from the city of Saskatoon. ( I first said that this was the capital, but it isn’t! Thanks Carole Thomas for catching my mistake) Regina is the capital of Saskatchewan. The population of Central Butte as of 2016 was 372 people. That’s a pretty small town isn’t it?




Thanks so much for joining me again today. I thought I would share just a few pictures of my weekend. I will tell you a little bit more about it tomorrow because you already know that there is a story involved here.





Retreat in Feburary


If you would love to have a getaway yourself and be pampered for a weekend, experience the world through my eyes and stamp with me, please consider joining me in Muskoka! I would love to spend time with you. Message me if you want more details.


Peaceful Moments at Rustic Retreat


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Snowman Season Double Tri-Fold Shutter Card

Hello stampers and happy Wednesday to you. Today I have a tri-fold shutter card to show you. I made it two weeks ago for my Upon Request Club. Trust me, this is NOT the card to make if you are pressed for time. That will take all the fun out of it. You want to make this card when you have time to fuss a little.


The Inspiration


Normally I would not make a card like this for a class since it is just too much cutting and scoring, not to mention all the little pieces and layers, however…. For my Upon Request Club the host gets to request what we do so I could hardly say no! I’m glad we made the card since it really is lovely. The important thing is that you need to have the time to actually enjoy the process. Be sure to make a bunch of bases right away while you’re in the groove and then you will be all set to make more when you need them. Teri Pocock from the UK was the original creator of this card and her tutorial was super helpful. You can find it here.


My Card


shutter card


When you see it all closed up like this with the cute belly band it looks like a pretty box.


Double tri-fold shutter card


It is a gray, rainy November day here so the conditions were not great for taking pictures. Please excuse the shadows! You still get a good idea of what the card looks like. This paper is so, so cute! The combinations are endless. I followed Teri’s tutorial but I balked at adding more little layers in the tiny squares that you see are just pure red. Follow your heart as to how much layering you do!


shutter card


Here you can see a close-up of the middle part of the card. The felt hat and scarf and other embellishments are from the Let it Snow Embellishment kit which is so much fun to use! I used some Snowfall Accents puff paint and ice stampin’ glitter as well.


Double tri-fold shutter card


In the picture above you can see how the fold actually looks. If you go about it slowly and breathe deeply AND follow Teri’s tutorial, you will have no problem at all. This beauty definitely deserves a place of honour among your Christmas decorations this year.


A Reminder


I just want to gently urge you to order any Christmas items from the holiday catalog as soon as possible as things are beginning to sell out! I hate to see you disappointed. Be sure to tell your loved ones that I offer gift certificates that can be redeemed for product or classes. Have a super day!

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A Cardinal Love Story

Hello stampers! Today I would like to tell you a cardinal love story. I love feeding and watching birds in my backyard, and cardinals are my favourite. The reason for this is not only their vivid colouring, it is the way they love each other. Did you know that cardinals mate for life? If you spend some time watching them you will inevitably see the male cardinal feeding the female berries or seeds. Now that is the most beautiful thing to witness! They also take turns sitting on the eggs and feeding their young.


That is why I wanted to make a card with a male and a female cardinal looking at each other. Their romance deserves to be  celebrated and the stamparatus and the silicone mat make it easy to make a reverse facing cardinal. Would you like to see my card?


The Card



When you open the card then you get a lovely surprise with the female cardinal inside looking back at the love of her life! This is made possible through the reverse stamping technique. You can see a video on how to do that here.



How do you like the colours of the cardinals? I am thrilled with how they turned out and I will tell you all about it very soon.



I will show you a couple of pictures to try and do justice to the z-fold construction of this card. I shared the measurements in a previous post. This basic card design was inspired by Rachel Tessman. You can find the measurements for this card in a previous blog post here.



You can see that my cardinals are enjoying hanging out in the amaryllis greenhouse. The light in there is perfect for photographing my cards and I have to use the resources I have on hand! Today is my last day here with Gerard, I fly home very early tomorrow morning so there will be no blog post tomorrow.



The Colouring Trick


Do you remember that I told you that I had no cherry cobbler or real red ink? My Blends collection is also still in Canada, so I had to get creative with what I did have and I am so very pleased with how it turned out. It really is amazing what can happen when you layer colours. I started with shimmery white cardstock. The cardinals were stamped with Tuxedo Black Memento ink and left to dry for a little while. The reason I let them dry for a while is because I was going to be colouring them with an aqua painter and ink. Water can make memento ink run if it hasn’t had time to set.



For the male cardinal I started with colouring him totally in Poppy Parade. This colour really lives up to its name, it really is exactly the colour of those large poppies in my garden, a beautiful orange-red. However, this is not the right colour for a cardinal. I decided to layer on some Lovely Lipstick. What a difference! After that I decided to add just a little more depth by adding a touch of Merry Merlot. Bingo!! It was just the right shade for my proud male cardinal. For his beak I first used Pineapple Punch and then coloured over with Flirty Flamingo.

The female cardinal was going to be a little more challenging because of her muted colouring. Mrs. Cardinal has a lot less red because she has to blend into her surroundings when sitting on the nest protecting her eggs and later her chicks. You have to remember that I used to question my talent as an artist, so this is a big deal for me! I started with a little Gray Granite around the edges and then filled in with Soft Suede that was really diluted with the aqua painter for a softer effect. I left a little white space which I then filled in with a little Poppy Parade also watered down significantly and then a touch of Flirty Flamingo. Her beak was done the same as for the male.

I no longer doubt my artistic abilities. Creating this pair of love birds was a lot of fun. I am so very happy with how they turned out. This card and this cardinal love story simply brings me joy and I hope it does the same for you.


Personal Reflections


Today is my last day in Holland. I wanted to do a blog post even though it is Thanksgiving Day in Canada. Here it is a regular work day. Thanksgiving Day is a “new world” holiday. Tomorrow my plane flies out of Amsterdam at 9:45am, that means I need to leave home at 6am, so there will be no blog post tomorrow!


My four weeks here have flown by. I am thankful that I was able to blog almost every week day and that I was able to do my weekly Facebook live videos both on my business Facebook page and also on my Pampered Stamper training group page. Many visits were made with my family here both over coffee and meals in their homes and also in fun restaurants and for this I am so very thankful. What an amazing opportunity to reconnect with my roots and also to hear stories about my parents that I had never heard before.


Gerard and I went to see a famous Dutch comedian and he was impressed that I was able to understand almost all of it. I met my cousin that night as well whom I hadn’t seen in twelve years! Last Friday we went to see a musical called Soldat van Oranje which is the longest running Dutch musical ever. It is in its 9th year and is a story about a student in World War 2 who flees to England to start an undercover operation with the help of Queen Wilhelmina. If you are interested in reading more about this, here is the link. I am sure there is a translate button so that you can read it in English too.


We only went out for supper three times in four weeks, the rest of the time we cooked together or we were at relatives. For the first time I had a taste of what it would be like to actually live here. Next time I will drive more myself and do some solo exploring. I was unable to unlock my phone so that means I had no GPS and having that would make me a lot more comfortable driving here.


It was interesting to work here with limited supplies. I have learned how to improvise and it has also stretched my creativity. My desire to share the opportunity of the starter kit has only grown through this experience. I am a firm believer that every new stamper should really start with this kit. Crafting is so much more rewarding, fun and easy when you have a few more supplies to work with. You may as well do that on a discount don’t you think?


Thank You


Thanks again for dropping by and for being a part of my journey. There is always room for you on my team if you live in Canada and I am always thrilled to help new customers get just what they need. I am looking forward to evolving my business to better serve my long distance customers. If you haven’t done so yet, please take the time to introduce yourself in the comments below. Have a super day and I will be back here when I am in Canada again.


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Toile Christmas Blue Jay

Hello stampers! Today I want to share with you a Toile Christmas blue jay. There was a card I was planning to recreate that I had seen at our Twin Teams gathering made by the talented Marion Greenlund. When I was finally ready to make this card I realized I was missing some key components, the most crucial of which was the Peaceful Boughs Bundle. That is how the card for today has come to be!


Toile Christmas


Do you know the meaning of the word toile? It is actually a fabric and is derived from the French word meaning “linen cloth”  or “canvas”, particularly cloth or canvas for painting on. In this case it refers to a type of repeated surface decoration traditionally printed on the same fabric. If you look at our Toile Tidings designer series paper you will see just that. Old Victorian wallpaper also looked just like that with a repeated picture or design.

The bird image in Toile Christmas is a cardinal which is a very popular bird in North America, but it can also be interpreted to be a blue jay. I don’t have any cherry cobbler or real red ink pads with me here in Holland, so I decided to make a blue jay. I combined it with the Feels Like Frost designer series paper for a look that I am really, really pleased with if I do say so myself.


The Card


Once again I really wanted to showcase the beauty of this paper without having to cut it down so I made a big 6 1/8″ square card. Of course that means that I will have to custom make an envelope to go with it but we have our envelope punch board to make that a relatively easy process.






Can you see why I am so happy with this card? The card itself is basic black and the panel on the right uses the full piece of 6″ by 6″ paper. I then cut a 2 3/8″ piece of the same paper (there are four sheets of each design in the pack) and I turned it upside down to get a bigger sky feeling. You can also see that it is a Z-fold card which allows the branches to overhang the one panel.





Here you can get a good look at the sentiment. This was also a stroke of genius inspired by necessity. I had no embossing powder so I used the Delicata copper ink pad and the stamparatus. That way I was able to ink up three times to get a nice bright image.





Two of the dies in Toile Christmas do not have coordinating stamps so I cut them out of shimmery white cardstock and coloured them with ink and an aqua painter. I added them to the stamped and coloured branch for some variety. After some close inspection I decided that something was missing. There was an extra branch laying on my stamp table just begging to be put to use, so I cut it up and added it in sprigs to the branches on the left. Do you like this version better as well?







I had more pictures of this version of the card but we had some major computer issues so these pictures are not currently available to me right now. It is imperative that I finish this blog post today so I don’t want to get bogged down into fixing computer issues, after all, here in Holland it is already late Friday afternoon.

To be totally honest, I am beyond thrilled with how this card turned out and I am also excited to share that  I figured out how to paint a cardinal without using cherry cobbler or real red. He will be the feature of Monday’s blog post.


The Measurements


If you are like me, you find it most helpful to be given the dimensions so that you don’t have to guess and mess it up or waste paper, so here you go!

Card base: basic black 6 1/8″ by 11″ scored at 6 1/8″ and 8 5/8″

Feels Like Frost designer series paper:  6″ x 6″ and 2 3/8″ by 6″ (tow of these) one on the front of the card and one on the opposite side.


Thank You


Thanks again for stopping by to read my blog, I hope you were inspired by my creation for today. Stop by again on Monday to see how I made some beautiful cardinals. If you live in Canada and don’t already have a demonstrator, I would love for you to shop online with me or if you are local to Chatham, Ontario then come to a class some time. To stay connected you can subscribe to my newsletter, that is where I promote my classes as well as on my business Facebook page which you can find here.


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Crystal and Ice Feels Like Frost

Hello stampers! I was so excited to play with crystal and ice and Feels Like Frost designer series paper. This is all in preparation for my epic Feels Like Frost sweet suite class. For a year now I have been offering a monthly Sweet Suite Saturday class. This class is just a variation on that theme. Let me tell you a little more about that.


Sweet Suite Saturday


Sweet Saturdays was born from a desire of mine to give my customers not only the best “bang for their buck” or in fancier English, more value for their money. I also wanted to create a more relaxed atmosphere and a more intimate environment. Suites are also a very smart way to buy your products. Rather than dabble and get a little of this and that, buying the suite lets you make beautiful things with all the coordinating products. It results in limitless creativity. It can be compared to buying a complete outfit with coordinating accessories so you don’t have to go assembling an outfit one piece at a time. I think we can all relate to the endless infuriating search for just the right colour top to go with a beautiful skirt or vice versa. Save yourself time and frustration and get it all at once.

When my customers purchase the bundle they get to make four free cards. If they aren’t thrilled with the bundle they can also choose to simply pay a $25 fee for the class. Now that Stampin’Up! has introduced a comprehensive price for the entire suite which includes the 10% discount on the stamp set and die bundle I have created an “epic” option where you get eight amazing cards to make for free. It really is an incredible deal but I like to reward my customers for investing in products that will bring them lots of creative potential. The Feels Like Frost class is coming up quickly with two available dates, Thursday October 17 at 7pm and Saturday October 19 at 1pm. I might offer another date in November, but that depends on when my third grandchild decides to enter this world and meet oma.


Crystal and Ice


Shimmery crystal effects and ice stampin’ glitter are included in the Feels Like Frost suite. I finally got a chance to make a card using both of these on vellum! I was really excited to try that because it reminds me of hoar frost which is one of my most favourite things about winters in Canada. It was also born of necessity because I didn’t bring any glimmer or foil paper with me to Holland. Necessity is the mother of invention and I am loving the challenge. I adhered the vellum pieces with a little bit of tombow liquid adhesive because I also forgot to bring glue dots along! Let’s take a look at the card.


The Card



Do you see how lovely the ice stampin’ glitter looks on the vellum? There is shimmery crystal effects underneath to hold it all together. I almost felt guilty for covering up the shimmery crystal effects, but now you get double bling. The shimmery crystal effects would probably look really nice on its own as well. It is so nice to have separate dies that just cut out branches and snowflakes that mimic the foliage that is found in the stamp set Frosted Foliage.



I was inspired to make this card by Bronwyn Eastley. She used the polar bears from the Snow Globe Scenes dies but I didn’t bring that bundle with me to Holland so I opted to use the deer die cut stickers from Most Wonderful Time product medley instead. You can find Bronwyn’s card here.



The party gets carried to the back of this card where there is room to write a personal message as well as include a gift card or cash, both are always appreciated at Christmas time! I changed up the size of the patterned paper panels and I added the vellum accents and the crystal and ice.



On the last panel of the back of this card is a gift card holder. I didn’t have a circle punch to cut the usual half circle for the traditional “grip” for the gift card so I used the inside stitched framelit from the Frosted Frame dies, I just turned it on an angle. The result is quite acceptable and the opening is a little larger which will make it easier to extract the gift card.



What I like best about this last panel is the way the stamp and the die cut mimic each other for a cohesive look. Once again the shimmery crystal effects with the ice stampin’ glitter on vellum creates an ethereal look reminiscent of hoar frost. I think I’m in love!


The Story


As promised, I am going to share why there was no blog post yesterday. Our day started with a dramatic and frightening event. Gerard’s right hand man called him at 7:30 am in great pain. It turns out he was having a heart attack! Waiting for the ambulance to arrive was excruciating. I kept praying that God would spare his life and He did. Turns out that Ali had two blocked arteries. He underwent surgery right away and had two stents put in. The doctor told him he was lucky to be alive. Ali is 62. How quickly our lives can change.

After destressing from that I cleared up my stamp table and then Caroline van der Straaten picked me up and we had a lovely day together. We started with coffee and pastries at Bakkerij Vreugdenhil, then we went to the market in Wateringen and then we went home and had lunch. After another trip to a store called Action to buy some little lights we got to work punching and die cutting. The project? A beautiful framed Christmas wreath. It is still under construction but it was just so lovely to get together with a fellow demonstrator and friend just to create and have fun and catch up on each other’s lives. I am blessed!





Thanks again for stopping by to join me for the day’s creation and a story. I am thankful for your presence in my life and I am happy to share my creativity with you. That really is a big deal as it took a long time for me to see myself as a creative person. Happy stamping and don’t forget to sign up for classes if you are local. I still have it in my list of goal to create online classes but for now online orders are also lovely. You really are the lifeblood of my business, without you there would be no Pampered Stamper. Have a super day.


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