Sharing a Drink

Hello stampers! What on earth does sharing a drink have to do with making cards? Let me tell you. This post will feature my last card for Cup of Christmas which is also my stamp of the month for December. I love this card because I can just picture two people behind this card sharing hot drinks in these super cute cups. Do you want to see it?


Getting Philosophical


Tricked you! Sorry, you thought I was going to show you the card already, but I want to talk about the thoughts that came to my mind when making this card. Sharing a drink with someone is a lot like sharing food, especially if you are like me and usually have food with your drinks. Spending time over food or drink makes you slow down and connect with the person you are with. That is why it is often the line that is used when people want to get to know someone. Can I buy you a drink? Would you like to go out for coffee?

It is so much more than that though. Especially with the Christmas season coming up, we should try to be aware of the many lonely people around us. I have to confess that sometimes I can be stingy with my time. Generosity with my time is something I need to cultivate more. It really is the ultimate gift since it is such a precious commodity. That might be the reason that coffee and a card is my all time favourite class. This class now starts a half hour earlier than before just to give people more time to relax and connect over coffee and treats before the class starts.

My challenge to you is to invite someone to have a drink with you. Maybe even see if they want to make a card with you after you finish. I truly believe that almost everyone would be happy to give a handmade card to someone they love. This stamp set is perfect for making heartfelt cards for any gender, any age. Unleash your creativity by designing your own cup with your favourite colours and embellishments.


My Card

Finally, here is my card. I absolutely love the colour combination of very vanilla and pretty peacock with a bit of mint macaron. By total happenstance, I have discovered that the Brightly Gleaming paper coordinates perfectly with this stamp set. What do you think?



It’s a bit of an odd combination that actually works really well. The card base is very vanilla but the panel on the front is white as are the embellishments on the cups. The colour in the patterned paper is definitely very vanilla but surprisingly it all works very well together. While this stamp set is called Cup of Christmas you can definitely send this card all winter long.


Shopping with me

If you want to see the supplies that I used, just scroll to the bottom of this post and you will see an itemized list. Live in Canada? You can just click on what you want and you will be in my online store. Happy mail is always great. Your happy mail will be the Stampin’Up! box at your door, and my happy mail will be an email telling me that I have an online order notification.

Locals can come to the December 2 coffee and a card class for free if they purchase this stamp set. Anyone ordering it online will get the card pieces mailed to them. You can also choose to purchase the cards for $15 plus shipping. Here they are all together in one pretty picture.





I try to show my appreciation for your online purchases by sending you a card in the mail, but every now and then I think I may mess up and forget. If I have disappointed you by not sending a card, please message me and I will make up for it. Two are going in the mail tonight. Maybe I will beat you to it. Thanks for all you do to support me in my business. I appreciate each and every one of you. Have a super day.


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Brightly Gleaming Trio

Hello stampers! Here is my Brightly Gleaming trio of cards that I made yesterday at my weekly coffee and a card class. Many of you probably know by now that I also do a weekly Facebook live video called Coffee and a Card Revisited. In this live video we create the cards made at class that morning and I share any tips gleaned from that experience.


Something New


Not everyone has the time or desire to make cards but that doesn’t mean that they can’t have them to keep or give away! I am starting something new. Starting today you can purchase the cards already made. I will mail them anywhere in the world. How wonderful is that? If you are a demonstrator you can use these cards for your own class when you are pressed for time. A little instant gratification is so nice once in a while.


The Cards



If you click on the buy now button you will get these three cards sent to you completely made unless you stipulate otherwise. If you prefer to do your own colouring, or if you want to put it together yourself, that is also an option. Please allow a week before mailing.



I would love to hear what you think about the Facebook live videos. The time may be tweaked a little. I’m finding that perhaps 7:30pm is a better time for both myself and viewers. It gives me more time to enjoy a leisurely supper. I am also curious if the lighting is sufficient. If you missed yesterday’s Facebook live, you can see it here.

Thanks for joining me today! Just a heads up that next week Tuesday is my Pap’s 93rd birthday so I might do a short live video from his house just so you all get to meet this amazing man. No regular live video though. Coffee and a card class will also be postponed until Thursday.


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All Stacked Up

Hello stampers. It’s a beautiful snowy Tuesday afternoon and this oma’s house is quiet for the first time since Friday! No patter of little feet, no tumbling of towers, no squeals of delight. I’m not going to lie. While I will miss my adorable little man, the quiet is rather sublime!!

Today I am going to do a blog post with Cup of Christmas all stacked up. A big thank you to Annette Koolmees for the inspiration. I shared her card in a previous post which you can see here. Cup of Christmas is also my stamp of the month for December.


My Card



I really like taking a picture with the ink pads so you can see at a glance which colours to use. Here you can see the Cup of Christmas all stacked up. Did you know that this stamp set uses brand new technology that allows you to do reverse stamping with the same stamp? Yes, the cup stamps are totally reversible!!



I took a picture with the Nine Lives stamp set in the background as well so I would remember that the heart stamp came from this set. The aqua painter is in there because I saturated it with old olive ink and then tapped it aggressively to make the background splatter effect.



I used the very same layout as Annette but I wanted to make my card easier so I masked the middle mug and just stamped the other two. None of these mugs have been die cut. The Sweet Christmas Wishes is embossed on vellum and overlaid on the middle mug for added interest. You could stamp it right on the mug if you wanted to, just make sure to emboss so that you don’t see through the sentiment.


Stamp of the Month


Cup of Christmas is the stamp of the month for December. If you purchase the stamp set then you will get the class for free. This will be our second card for that class. Stay tuned for card number three! Class will be on Tuesday December 2. I will do a Facebook live on the cards Tuesday night at 7pm and you can also purchase all three finished cards for $15 plus shipping. I will have today’s cards on my blog post tomorrow with a buy it now button. How awesome is that? Instant gratification.


A personal note


This afternoon I will be putting the finishing touches on my presentation for OnStage this weekend in Toronto. I have big plans!! The cards and projects that I am sharing are so lovely that I am going to be making my first ever pdf so you can recreate all of them yourself at home. This will be a huge task. I will be photographing them all today. That will be the start of it. I am really hoping that I will have the pdf finished before I leave for Toronto, that way everyone can purchase it and be ready to create with all this lovely new product. My first blog post on this will be on Monday, so stay tuned!!


Thanks for joining me today and have a super day.


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Monochromatic Christmas

Hello stampers! Does monochromatic Christmas sound boring to you? Or does it sound complicated? This week I had a request from one of my club members to take the mystery out of our wonderful Snow Front stamp set. The sheer number of stamps in there can be daunting. Let’s take a look at why I chose a monochromatic Christmas card for this set.


The Inspiration

I had two sources of inspiration for this card. The first one was the Toile Christmas paper, the second was The Cow Whisperer. Now I love that name as I grew up on a dairy farm. But that is where the similarities end. You see, I was terrified of cows. I had to help with the milking and we had a few cows that were downright mean. They could kick sideways and they would do it when you least expected it. Most cows are gentle, but when you meet a mean one, look out!! There was no whispering then! Anyways, here is her card.


Simply Monochromatic


The idea for a monochromatic card was indeed inspired by the paper as it is also monochromatic. If you would stamp a colourful scene and put it on this paper it would be too busy. When you use Snow Front in just one colour it is not so overwhelming. I chose to use Garden Green, but you could also use real red as that is the colour on the other side of this stunning paper. We used to have wallpaper in our living room that reminds me of this paper. Maybe you did too?

Start by putting all your stamps on blocks. Then decide what sort of scene you would like to make. I like to take some cheap computer paper and play a bit. That takes the stress out of it as you are not wasting any of your precious cardstock.


The Most Important Tip


The most important tip when working with Snow Front is to use a mask. For this card I made a mask of the cabin. The way it works is that you first stamp your cabin where you want it to go. Stamp it again on piece of sticky note paper, cut it out and place it over your stamped cabin. Then you can stamp some trees around the house and it looks like the cabin is nestled in the woods rather than just floating in the scene. The other tip is to stamp multiple times without reinking, that will give you different shades of colour for a more realistic look.


My Card



I stamped the cabin first and then covered it with a “mask” which is just another cabin stamped on a sticky note and cut out. That allows you to stamp over your mask so that the trees and the slope come right up to the cabin to make it look like a unified scene. There are three different sized single trees in Snow Front. Your scene will look a lot nicer when you use different sized trees. I will do an exclusive video on how to make this card on my Pampered Stamper Elite Group on Facebook. If you want to be a part of this group you can be! All you need to do is place an order with me, either for product or for a kit. Kits can be shipped anywhere!


The stitched rectangle framelits are perfect for adding detail. “Lots of love at Christmas” is from Itty Bitty Christmas. What I liked best about using these two stitched rectangle framelits is that I didn’t have to do any fussy cutting. The sentiment fits right under the very vanilla rectangle, and because it is curvy you don’t even have to worry so much about trying to get it perfectly straight.


Don’t you just love how all the Stampin’Up! products coordinate? The garden green double-stitched ribbon is also part of the Toile Tidings suite. Very vanilla is the colour of the card base which is also the background for the Toile Tidings designer series paper. If you want to really take it over the top with coordination you can wrap your gift in our exclusive Toile Tidings gift wrap!


My lovely Clementine


I just had to end this blog post with a few pictures of my darling Clementine. She is my third grandchild who came into this world in the middle of a snowstorm just before 2am on Friday November 8. Oma missed her birth by about ten minutes because of that nasty storm. So did the midwives! My brave daughter delivered her 9 pound 6 ounce baby herself. Both are doing so well.







It is pretty awesome to be able to hold your grandbaby so soon after birth. Oh, those cheeks and that tiny nose! I’m so thankful that everything went so miraculously well given the circumstances. God is so good.




As always, thank you for stopping by today and reading my blog post. I love hearing from you! Thanks for sharing my creations on Pinterest and on Facebook and thanks to those of you who are ordering online from me and also ordering kits. I hope you have a wonderful day.


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Gorgeous Christmas Sampler

Hello stampers! I made this gorgeous Christmas sampler months ago before I left for Holland. For some reason I  thought I had already blogged about it but alas, it was nowhere to be found. Today is the day then that I will share this beauty with you.


History in the Making


I have been wanting to make it easier for everyone to shop with me and I actually learned how to do this back in June, but I never have done it until yesterday in my newsletter. Today I am going to do it on my blog and I am super excited about it. For the first time ever, you will be able to purchase this kit from me, regardless of where you live! This gorgeous Christmas sampler was designed by Tina Rappe for her Holiday Hoopla in September. I was asked to be a keynote speaker there and was also able to participate in the creative part of the gathering. This was one of our projects.

If you live in the Chatham-Kent area, then you are welcome to come to the in-person class on Saturday November 23 at 1pm. For everyone else, you are able to purchase a kit right here with the click of a button!



The Sampler

I took one more picture just so you could get a really good look at it.



Here is a closeup.



This sampler was a lot of fun to make, I think you will also love making it and displaying proudly in your own home. It is so very gratifying to hear your family and friends exclaim, “Wow! You made this?” It also makes a lovely gift.



Thanks so much for joining me today. I just love learning new things and changing my business one step at a time. It is wonderful to make your life a little easier by offering an online kit. Have a super weekend. I have no baby news yet. My third grandchild is now officially overdue by a few days. His or her brother was born while I was on the train to OnStage two years ago in April. I’m hoping this little one won’t wait till next week Friday when I will once again be on the train to OnStage in Toronto.


Post script- this post was not published until now because my adorable granddaughter chose to be born in the middle of the night in the middle of a snowstorm! More details to follow, thanks for your patience!


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Stamp of the Month is back!

Hello stampers. The stamp of the month is back! A few years ago I offered a stamp of the month. The first Tuesday of every month my coffee and a card class was free to those purchasing the stamp of the month. This time I would like to take this idea online as well. Are you interested?


How it works


The cards for the stamp of the month will be posted ahead of time so that you can see what we will be making. If you order the stamp set online with me, I will send you the card pieces so that you can make the same cards that we will be making in class AND that I will be demonstrating in my weekly live video. How much fun is that? I also do a blog post with these cards so you will also have a handy reference there.


Not in Canada?


You can still join in the fun without buying the set from me. Sadly even with online ordering I can only sell to Canadians. If you live in the USA, just click on the shop with Julie link in the sidebar. There will be an option to just get the card pieces. This will cost $15 including postage. I cannot include stamped images but I can include punched or die cut pieces.


The First Stamp of the Month


The first stamp of the month class will be on December 2, 2019. I have chosen Cup of Christmas after seeing some beautiful work by other demonstrators. When I first saw this set in the holiday catalog I had decided that this was one set that I didn’t need. Was I ever wrong! It is not well represented in the catalog, but I am hoping to change your mind as well over the next few days. I am super excited about the possibilities with this set.



I have shown the bundle because I love the detailed framelits, but you only need to get the stamp set to get the free class. Did you know that there is new technology in this stamp set? The mug stamps are reversible, they can be stamped on both sides!! Pretty fantastic I think.


Card Number One


So far I only have one card made with this set to show you, and it was made for me by my talented team member Alison Reid. I love it so much!! What do you think?



The plaid paper looks MUCH better in real life. This picture did not capture the pretty gold lines in the paper. This card is definitely not a five minute card but whoever receives this beauty will be displaying proudly on their mantel or on their string of cards. Here you can see the detail close up.



The Reason


I am a firm believer in complete transparency. No gimmicks with me if I can help it. There are two reasons why I am offering this stamp of the month. Stamping is not a cheap hobby. Most hobbies are not cheap. However, once in a while I would like to offer my regular customers a bonus and the stamp of the month fits the bill for that. The second reason is that it is crucial for me to develop more of an online business as well. I need to keep generating income even when I am in Holland with Gerard for longer visits. My hope is that the stamp of the month will encourage new people to order online from me and that they will also feel like a part of my stamping community by being able to make the cards at home during my weekly live videos.

You can help me with this by sharing this great class idea. You could even participate with a group of your friends. If you all take your card kits with you to one person’s house you could have a virtual card class with me while I do my video. That would make me so happy!!!


When I have all three cards ready I will have a “buy it now” button for the card kit if you already own the stamp set or don’t live in Canada and can’t order it through me. Thanks for stopping by and have a super day.


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