Many Happenings

Hello stampers and happy Monday to you! I thought it very fitting to write a blog post today called Many Happenings! Today is my dear mama’s 90th birthday. What a tremendous blessing to still have both of my parents, now 90 and 95 still living in their own home, still in love and still mentally sharp. Praise God!


Many Happenings


Many Happenings is a one piece stamp set that has many, many sayings on it. You stamp once and then you cut them all out using the coordinating Messages Dies. There is a second stamp set called Many Messages that also coordinates with this die. The dies are retiring AND on sale! The stamp sets are both retiring but they are not on sale. Get them before they disappear as retiring products are only available while supplies last.

I used this set to make my Prime Time cards last Thursday. These videos and instructions are exclusive for this private group, but YOU can join too for only $10 a month. Why so cheap? I wanted to make it accessible to all especially when COVID happened and we couldn’t do in person classes and I needed a way to keep my business afloat. Here is the link to join. As a thank you for your loyal support, you get a free pdf tutorial each month that is worth $20.


Messages dies and Many Happenings Card with New Horizons paper


Clean and Simple Card


As much as I love the sailboat, I think the card is even nicer without it. Am I the only one craving a clean and simple look? Which is your preference?


Many Happenings card for Prime Time


Can you guess which stamp set I used for th background? I know, it looks just like patterned paper! Tip:  you can find it in the product list at the bottom of this blog post.


There are no words


It’s true. Sometimes there are no words. Only feelings. Empathic silence. A hug. This card conveys just that. Perhaps it could have used a few birds stamped simply in the sky. You can find a great bird stamp in the On The Horizon stamp set.


There are no words card using Many Happenings stamp set


Prime Time Cards


Here is a photo of all the cards I made for my Prime Time Group. It’s nice seeing them side by side so you can see the subtle differences.


Divided Panorama Cards using Many Happenings and Sailing Home




Thanks so much for joining me today. Tomorrow I fly to be with my love again. I’m over the moon excited! Each time we are apart it gets harder. Looking forward to sharing my travels with you again. Let me know if I can meet any of your stamping needs. Have a super day!

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Joyful Life Does Bring Joy!

Hello stampers and happy Wednesday to you. Today I am sharing with you Joyful Life which really does bring joy. This was one of the first stamp sets that I bought from the holiday catalog. The reason that it appealed to me so much is that it was different. The bear on a bike and cute little hedgehog carrying a bowl of apples just warmed my heart and brought me joy. I am hoping that these cards will also bring someone else joy!


Joyful Life Card


Here is the first card that I am going to share with you. The second one is almost identical but I switched up the sentiment. I would love to hear which one you like better! Brownie points if you can tell me where the patterned paper is from!


Joyful Life card with hedgehog and black and white gingham paper


Do you recognize the die that was used for the hedgehog image? I splurged and bought it when the dies were 20% off. It’s the Hippo Dies. I don’t have the hippo stamp set but I love the dies! At 20% it was worth getting the dies even though I didn’t need them all. I gave all the ones that coordinated with the hippo stamp set to a team member who had the set. Here is the second card. Note the different sentiment. Both were embossed in white on basic black cardstock.


Joyful Life card with cute hedgehog in black, red and crushed curry.


Prime Time With The Pampered Stamper


I will be making this card in my Prime Time group tomorrow at 10am EST. This is a private group that you can join for only $10 a month. It includes and exclusive video each week, a monthly draw and a monthly 15 project pdf tutorial. A steal of a deal that you might just be missing out right now! My Prime Time people tell me that this group really keeps their creativity flowing. If you want to join, just click here.




Thanks so much for joining me today. It’s a short post today as I had a short night! No, it’s not what you think! There were a LOT of flowers to harvest and pack yesterday and we were in the greenhouse late last night with last minute things to do and waiting for the trucker to load up several truckloads of flowers. I helped load the carts of flowers and saved them a lot of time. It feels so good to pitch in, but I am a little bleary-eyed.  Have a super day and don’t forget to check out my new tutorials that are available for you to buy (or get for free with a $60 online order).


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When Everything Grinds to a Halt

Hello stampers and happy Monday to you. Truth be told it has not been a very happy Monday for me. When I woke up this morning I felt like a squashed bug. If you could have seen me attempting to get out of bed you would have cringed. When I managed that incredible feat, I gingerly put one foot in front of the other praying that I would make it to the toilet, and that once there I would be able to sit down, wipe and get up again!!! I’m sure you can guess what happened? A bad back!!




I have commited to blogging once a week now, but this morning I didn’t think it would happen. It is now almost 8 pm and I am able to stand at my desk and type. I have put my keyboard on a stack of Paper Pumpkin boxes and that is working just fine. Sadly I had to cancel my first in person class in almost a year!! Sometimes you just have to accept reality and know that you can’t do it all. Today I want to share a card that I made with my Prime Time group last Thursday.


Plentiful Plants


Plentiful Plants is one of my favourite bundles in the new catalog. It is on trend featuring macrame plant hangers, house plants and some great sayings. I simply cased the catalog to make this card and to show that you can use the catalog for inspiration, not just for ordering things.


Plentiful Plants


Here you can see a closeup of the pot and the hanger.


Plentiful Plants


In the stamping community we learn from each other and I was thrilled when my brand new Prime Time member shared her card with us. She made one small change that made such a difference. She chose to mat the focal image. Thanks so much for sharing with us all Ethel Wegner! I decided to try it too, and I think Ethel has a point. What do you think?



When Everything Grinds to a Halt


When everything grinds to a halt, it is amazing how grateful you feel when things start improving just the tiniest little bit. I am over the moon happy that I was able to sit and stand long enough to share this post with you. After this, I will ice my back and rest again. Hopefully tomorrow morning at 10am I will be up to doing my weekly YouTube and Facebook live video showing you the fourth card in my Sweet as a Peach series. I have two kits left that can be mailed to two lucky people! They are only $25 including postage.


Thank You!


Thank you for joining me today. This past week I had a very successful BOGO sale, but there is still LOTS of product left. I have decided to extend the sale and you are welcome to join if you live in Canada. Please read the “about” section so you understand how it works. You are welcome to wait until saleabration starts on August 3 if you want to get more bang for your buck. With every $60 you spend you will also earn a free saleabration item AND a free pdf tutorial of your choice. Here is the link. Happy shopping!

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You’re A Peach

Hello stampers and happy Thursday to you. I know, I know. I’m a day late. Usually I do blog posts on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Today I am going to be sharing a card with you that I made using You’re A Peach as well as a beautiful card that came in the mail yesterday.


You’re a Peach with Prime Time


Have you seen the You’re a Peach paper? It is so beautiful and it lends itself beautifully to mixing and matching. Take a look!


You're a Peach paper


Yesterday I did a video, after many failed attempts with technology, and I showed my design process for this card. You can see it here. In the video I explained that I am very limited here in the Netherlands with my dies. Normally I would use a die for my focal point but I didn’t have any current ones that would work. The solution? To make a tag using the Fancy Tag Topper Punch!


You're a Peach


More About Prime Time


Why am I so persistent with Prime Time? It really is all about consistency and value. I am dedicated to my Prime Time group and that means you know that you get a live video tutorial every week on Thursdays. When I am in the Netherlands it is at 9am EST and when I am in Canada it is 3pm EST.

On Wednesdays I post the supply list and measurements. This lets you get ready to stamp along with me. When you stamp regularly you are more likely to use the products that you invested in AND you will improve your techniques.

The other most significant added value is the monthly pdf tutorials. You get a 14 project tutorial which is worth $25! Even if you never watch a video tutorial or win a prize (did I mention there are weekly prizes?) it is STILL worth it.

From my perspective, it gives me reliable income from my followers. I can only sell SU products to Canadians, but in this group anyone can join. This allows me to focus on what I do best, to teach and create. You can be a part of that! Just click here.


Happy Mail


It was so lovely to find a tell-tale envelope in the mailbox yesterday. By the size and shape of the envelope you know it is a hand made card. Thanks ever so much to Jennifer Plaat for this stunning engagement card. It is still sinking in that in just over a year we will finally be official!




A Quaint Little Soap Shop


Last week I had the opportunity to browse around this adorable little soap shop. I am having a little buyer’s remorse that I only bought one piece, but truthfully I am more of a liquid or foam soap kind of girl. Maybe I need to change that. This was the real deal and the smell was divine. There was such attention to detail everywhere that I just wanted to linger and absorb it all.





From this picture you can see that they use essential oils and other natural ingredients in their soaps. Oh, the smells!!





It’s sort of like baking with similar tools and ingredients like lemon zest.





This soap looks like slices of cake. Don’t you just love this vintage stove?





I really wanted to get one of every kind of soap, but then I remembered that I rarely use bar soap. Maybe if I had this kind, I would.





I am too young to remember sunlight bar soap for laundry but I did know of its existence. I love how this little shop shows the history of soap and soap making.



Everything is Lush and Green


I am convinced that the Netherlands could give Ireland a run for it’s money for the title of “the Emerald Isle”. Although Holland has many islands, the country itself is not an island, but it sure is green! The drawback of course is that this lush greenery is the result of significant amounts of rain and a cooler climate for the most part. Compromise people, compromise.







In just one week I leave this idyllic place to go home. I am hoping that this will also put my technological problems behind me. Scenes like this help me to stay zen!! I hope it also brings some tranquility to your day.




Thanks so much for joining me today, I really do like spending time with you. Several of you made me very happy during the video by giving me “stars” on Facebook. This is something new and I know very little about it, but the affirmation was great. I hope you seriously consider becoming a member of the Prime Time group. Remember, there is no commitment. If you find after three months that you are not getting enough value from it, you can just leave the group.

Have a super day and happy stamping my friends.


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Prime Time With The Pampered Stamper

Hello stampers and happy Wednesday to you. Today I want to talk to you a little bit more about my new venture, Prime Time With The Pampered Stamper. This is a private Facebook group that I have started to take the place of my weekly coffee and a card class. Truthfully it was born in response to COVID19 as a way to keep my business viable and to keep doing what I love and sharing what I do to inspire you to greater creativity.


Why Prime Time?


Doing video tutorials is very time consuming but it is also very enjoyable both for me and for the viewer. Seeing is the best way for many people to learn. Making more complicated cards is easier to do with a video than any other way. In many ways it is even better than a class setting. Why? because you can pause the video at any point to catch up with me. You can also go back and watch again if you missed something. By creating a private group that requires membership I can earn some money with my teaching. I have purposely kept the price low so that it is affordable for everyone.


How Much Does it Cost and What Does it Include?


It costs only ten dollars a month and it includes the following:

  1. A weekly video tutorial on Thursday afternoons at 3pm EST.
  2. Written instructions with the card dimensions and the products needed.
  3. Weekly Prize Patrol for those paid subscribers who comment on the prize photo.
  4. A monthly 16 project pdf tutorial by the Demo Design Dream Team.


Here is the button for my international followers.

Instalment Options

Here is the button for my Canadian followers:

Instalment Options

An Example

Here is an example of a card that I made during one of my video tutorials. I absolutely love this card but trying to make this card without a video would be a bit difficult. It really isn’t that hard to make, but seeing it made is a lot easier than following written instructions. The nice thing is that the videos are there to stay and you can watch them over and over and go back to your favourite one.


Prime Time with the Pampered Stamper card



Thanks so much for supporting me in my business by following my blog, pinning my posts and taking the time to comment. Every little thing you do makes a difference and I am grateful. If you live in Canada and don’t have a demonstrator I would love for you to shop online with me, just click on the products below. Otherwise you can support me with the purchase of tutorials, joining my Prime Time group or my Training Group for demonstrators. Need help? Just message me or comment on this post. Have a super day!!

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La Dame Blanche

Hello stampers and happy Friday to you. Today I will be talking about La Dame Blanche, the white lady. If you are a fan of Outlander you will recognize this as the name that the French people gave to Claire because they thought she was a white witch. Isn’t it the perfect name for our new Stampin’ Cut & Emboss Machine? It is white and it does magic!


La Dame Blanche:  A Great Machine!


Ok, so maybe I am a little nuts but I can’t call it the Big Shot and I really don’t want to use the long official name “Stampin’ Cut & Emboss Machine” every time. So, La Dame Blanche it is. Sounds sophisticated too don’t you think?

Well, the bottom line is, this machine is truly awesome. I LOVE it. Why?

  1. It looks great on my stamp room table.
  2. La Dame Blanche is compact and folds up great for when it is not in use or you need to take it somewhere.
  3. It is simple to use with each plate being numbered and instructions clearly written on the platform and on some of the plates.
  4. La Dame Blanche comes with all the plates except for the magnetic plate.
  5. The magnetic plate is flexible and dies don’t skitter around on it, so no need for washi tape to hold your dies in place!
  6. The handles feel great and turn easily.
  7. Dies cut great and don’t need to placed a certain way to work. No more fussy poking either.



Save Shipping and Tax and Get More!


Did you know that there is a great deal on the starter kit right now? It is available for everyone and it is priced just right so that you can get this new machine, La Dame Blanche in your kit. How? Well, while you pay only $135, you get to choose $165 worth of product to put in your kit and this machine is $163. You also get two free stamp sets and 16 card kits as well as a package of rhinestone gems AND a coupon for a FREE Paper Pumpkin.

There are no strings attached to this deal. That means you can just get it because it saves you a lot of money. It does however entitle you to a 20% discount on future orders. This discount will be available to you until the end of January for sure. If you want to keep your discount indefinitely OR you want to turn this into a business or just some extra income, THEN you need to sell or buy $400 every three months. If that doesn’t happen you will simply drop as a demonstrator. No worries.


Get & Go kit


Video on La Dame Blanche



Prime Time With The Pampered Stamper


Of course I have to share my new venture with you since it really is just so much fun. In response to COVID and the lack of income from this I have had to come up with a sustainable way to stay in business. I love doing video tutorials and making cards with you with live videos but they take a lot of time and are quite intense. It was too much to continue doing for free. For less than the cost of one class you can join for a whole month!

What do you get? You get a weekly live video every Wednesday at 3pm. There is also a monthly 16 project pdf tutorial. I will also post throughout the week just for fun. Since it is a private group it is also a safe space for you to engage. If you have been following me but not feeling comfortable to post comments, this is the space for you. I post the list of supplies the day before so you can create with me if you like.

I will also do weekly prizes because everyone likes to win something! If you would like to be a part of this, you can! Just click on this link to get started.




I’m so glad you stopped by today! If you are still happy with your Big Shot, that’s great. Just know that the cutting plates and the new magnetic plate also work in the new machine. How awesome is that? I hope you have a super day.


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