Easy “Squash” Book for treasured memories

Hello stampers! If you know me at all, you may know that I can be quite a forgetful person. I made this squash book many months ago and had every intention of doing a blog post on it, but I searched through this entire blog, and there is no post on this beautiful book. So now there will be one! I have also made a video on how to do it, but sometimes a few pictures can be helpful as well. The video is most helpful in teaching you how to “squash” it together the first time. After you do it a few times it just opens and closes naturally the way it should. I used the wedding pictures from my son and daughter-in-law, but you could make this book for any occasion. It is such a nice little book and very portable. I used the Falling in Love designer series paper and gold satin ribbon as well as the new doilies which are unfortunately sold out.


4 1/4 by 4 1/4" squash book using chipboard, heavy white cardstock and Falling in Love designer series paper.


The cover of the book uses the chipboard that you get for free when you order specialty designer series paper, so be sure to save it for this purpose!


These sturdy chipboard covers keep your beautiful artwork inside protected.


You can lightly sand the edges of the chipboard if you like. If you prefer a cleaner look you can also choose to “wrap” them in designer series paper. I just put a 4″ square piece of paper on and then sponged the edges with soft suede ink to finish it. Here are the other pieces you will need to make the book.


you need three of these pages to make the book, note the score lines


I outlined the score lines with pencil so that you could see it more clearly, you don’t need to do this when you are making the book! You will need three of these pieces.


Overlap the three pages on the whole unscored squares to make the inside of the book.


Use fast fuse or tear and tape to adhere the pages together. You can see by the photo how it is done. Put one square in the middle and then the other two are adhered on the bottom left and top right “unscored square”. You will then fold along all the score lines, do it both ways to “limber” it up and then if you are not a logical person (I am not) watch the video to see how I folded it up into a book shape. Once you have conquered that step you can adhere the covers. Don’t forget to put the ribbon on first!


Here you can see the inside of the book decorated with patterned paper and filled with pictures.


Here is another close-up of the inside of the book:


How it folds up!


A great trick for cropping your pictures is to use a vellum triangle. Just take a four inch square piece of vellum and cut it in half diagonally. Then you can place it over your picture to see how it will work to cut the picture. Some work better than others. Your pictures will either be a four inch square or a triangle just the same size as the vellum one.


Use this vellum triangle to save mistakes when cropping your pictures for this squash book.


You also use this technique and this measurement to cut your patterned paper triangles. I find it pleasing to the eye to keep all your pictures going in the same direction and also to not add too many embellishments to the inside of the book, or to the outside for that matter. They distract from the beauty of the pictures and on the outside they are just things that could get caught on people’s clothes, on the inside of your purse, you name it. An accident waiting to happen!


Close-up detail of the patterned paper and pictures inside the squash book.


I think that gives you enough details to be able to make this book on your own. Here is the video that I think will also be very helpful. I would love for you to share your success stories when you get your book made. What event are you wanting to document and share? This would make such a lovely gift for just about anyone. Father’s Day is around the corner, bring a tear to his eye with some special photos just for him in this little book.


Baby Bear helps to welcome our first grandchild!

Baby Bear has a very important job to do. He is helping to welcome our first grandchild into the world! I am thrilled that our oldest daughter Stefanie and her husband Andrew are expecting their first child. So we used Baby Bear to make baby shower invitations. At first Stefanie wasn’t sure, but when she saw how this beautiful vintage bear just pops off the page she was smitten. Look how he transforms!


Baby Bear is a triple layer stamp, each layer adds more detail, but it is so easy with photopolymer stamps.


Stefanie’s favourite colour is crushed curry so that was our accent colour. The bear was stamped first in black (this is actually image number three) then in basic grey (image number 2) and then in smoky slate (image number 3) The numbers are actually right on the acetate sheet that the stamps are on to make it super easy.


Crushed curry washi tape in different designs adds a quick and contemporary accent to these baby shower invitations.


Here is a look at the complete set. It is only $32 Canadian for 12 stamps. Did you notice that you can also use it for wedding cards or Valentine’s Day?


Baby Bear stamp set of 12 for only $32


Here is a cute Valentine’s card I found on Pinterest by┬áRita Mootz. And yes, the cable knit folder is still available!! Here is the holiday carryover list so you can see what is still available from our beautiful Holiday catalog.


Baby Bear is super versatile and can be used for babies, weddings and Valentine's, even thinking of you cards.


I am very excited about becoming an “oma” even though it means not being able to go to OnStage live in Amsterdam. That might happen again, but being a grandma for the first time only happens once. April 7 is the due date.

In case you were wondering why it has been a while since my last blog post, it is because I was just gone on an amazing ski vacation in Mont Tremblant, Quebec. When I work, I work hard, and when I play, I play hard, so I try not to combine pleasure with work, so I didn’t bring a laptop along to blog. I knew you would understand. Here are a couple of pictures:


The stunning views are my favourite part of skiing.


The Pampered Stamper loves winter!



Stamping hugs, Jackie

What kind of shopper are you?

Hello stampers. Just two days before Christmas and if you still have shopping to do, be ready to brave the crowds. Most likely I will be one of them. Now if you have teenagers in the house you have probably been mocked for how you shop. I have been rightly accused of being a lazy shopper. My ideal way to shop is to walk in the store and see what I want on the mannequin. Then I buy the whole outfit. Easy. Fast. But then my girls would say, “But, mom, you don’t have to wear it together all the time, you can mix it up a bit.”

Well, the same thing goes for stamping. We have gorgeous suites now that make coordinating your projects very easy. Everything matches and coordinates. So I was pretty proud of myself when I decided that the Sprinkles Embellishments from the Cool Treats Suite (aka birthday confetti) would pair very well with the Carousel suite. In fact I wanted to make a shaker card with it. So yes, I can mix it up and it is actually a lot of fun. So here you go, what do you think of my card??Carousel Birthday card using the Cupcakes and Carousels Embellishment kit and the Falling Petals Embossing FolderI also used the coordinating paper pack to make a very simple card. This card also used the Cupcakes and Carousels embellishment kit.Cupcakes and Carousels clean and simple card uses the coordinating embellishment kit.Here is the ultimate simple card, one that we will be making at the Bingo Party on Friday January 13 at 7pm. It is a notecard size and uses the paper pack from the suite as well as the embellishment kit.This notecard uses the Cupcakes and Carousel suite: the paper stack, the embellishment kit and the stamp set.Here you have all three projects and I also scattered the pieces from the embellishment kit in front of the cards so you can get a better look at them. I made myself a promise to not hoard these kits but to use them in classes. Usually they are just so darn cute that I can’t bring myself to use them in a class. Also there are limited pieces in a kit so I have to plan ahead to make sure I have ordered enough…not my strong suit.Cupcakes and Carousel Suite will take you back to the joy of childhood. Perfect for birthdays or just saying hi. Spread the love, send a card today.I am going to finish off this post by sharing the video I made on how my bingo parties work. I meant to put in yesterday’s post but I got so excited I hit “publish” before I realized my mistake.

That’s all for today, wishing you happy last minute preparations for Christmas. Remember, I offer gift certificates in any denomination and I also have some stocking stuffers on hand including the no longer available 2 1/2 inch circle punch!

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