True Love Double Point Card

Hello stampers and happy Monday to you. I have finally finished all my Parcels in the Post creations and am inspired to also create a pdf tutorial for it. My last creation is a True Love Double Point card with a masculine feel to it. I think you can guess where this card is going!


True Love Double Point Card


The palette for this card is basic black and sahara sand with a touch of white. Since it is going to a man I thought I would skip the blushing bride ribbon and use the Fine Art gold ribbon instead.


True Love Double Point Card


Here you can see a close up of the heart detail and then I will share what the inside looks like. If you want to see how to make a double point card, you can see a video tutorial here.


Many Hearts dies for True Love Double Point card



Double Point card inside



Inside of Double Point Card


If you want to see my first ever double point card, you can check out this blog post from two years ago.


Parcels in the Post


I created Parcels in the Post to save you money AND jump start your creativity. When you have a lovely package of assorted and coordinating products plus a video tutorial to get you going, life is pretty good. I know that I really hate feeling stupid and when you are stuck staring at a bunch of products with no idea of what to do with them, you can feel stupid. I know I do!! Let me know if you want a Parcel in the Post!


Parcels in the Post


A Few of My Creations


Here is a picture of the cards that I created with my Parcels in the Post. All of the supplies are from the kit I created except for the gold ribbon on the one card.


Parcels in the Post inspiration


Video Tutorial


Here is the video tutorial that I did live on YouTube on Saturday morning. I really hope you take the time to have a peek and also be sure to subscribe to my channel so you will see all my fun videos.





Thanks so much for joining me today, it was a bit of a read!! Don’t forget to take advantage of the saleabration deals and the best deal of all, the starter kit! If this intrigues you and you would love a discount on your own purchases, message me and I would LOVE to help you out. The current host code is always on the right hand side of my blog when you click the “home” button at the top.


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Dove of Hope W-Funfold Card

Hello stampers and happy Friday to you. Today I am going to share a Dove of Hope W-Funfold card. I made this card yesterday for my Prime Time With The Pampered Stamper group. Last week I got a great card with this fold from Lou Davis and I knew that I wanted to make one myself. The only idea I had in my head was to use the Dove of Hope bundle and that I wanted to keep the card about textures, not colours. The key to the look I was hoping for was the Plush Poinsettia specialty paper. I am super happy with how it turned out so I am going to share  some photos with you.


It’s All About the Textures


The dove of hope bundle has some great dies that also include embossed and cut out images that can be layered. When I think of doves I also think of hope and peace and this translates to white, possibly some bling and definitely texture. The panels on the inside of the w-fancyfold card are the perfect place to showcase all the beautiful images in this set. My colour palate was white and balmy blue with a hint of pool party. Let’s take a look.




For the front of the card I created a layered dove with our balmy blue glimmer paper and whisper white cardstock. Be sure to use a liquid adhesive to glue these layers together as glimmer paper doesn’t like our other adhesives. The background is our stunning Plush Poinsettia specialty paper. It can be best described as a velvet design on vellum which looks and feels great. The curvy white panel was popped up and die cut with the Curvy dies. Peace on Earth was embossed in silver.


The Inside of the W-Funfold Card





To make the “W” part all you need is a strip of thick white cardstock 1 3/4″ by 11″ scored at 2 3/4″, 5 1/2″ and 8 1/4″. Add four panels and you are all set. I chose to keep the colours muted and to focus on the beautiful plush poinsettia paper and the blue glimmer paper. The doves are both embossed in silver and popped up.



Dove of Hope inside detail




inside detail




dove detail


Prime Time With The Pampered Stamper


I made this card yesterday in this private Facebook group. Each week I do a video tutorial there for a small monthly fee. It is only ten dollars a month which is way cheaper than a card class. Why would I do this? It might seem snooty and unfair to not just share with everyone. I understand. The fact is that sales are down considerably due to the lack of in person classes so this is a way for me to make some money and stay in business. It’s all fine and well to like people’s cards and creations but in the end for many of us it is a business, and if we don’t earn money then we have to go and find another job. I know of several SU demos who have had to do that. I don’t want to be one of them, so I thought I would explain my modus operandi here.


If you would also like to join this great group, you can, just click here. For this group I create one card ahead of time and then I make another card for the live video. I usually try to tweak it a little bit so that everyone has two options for the same card. Each week there is also a prize drawing and there is a monthly pdf tutorial as well. Here is my second card.


Dove of Hope W-Funfold 2


Less Than A Week Left


I have less than a week left here in Holland. How time flies when you are with the person you love! This time was completely different with very little “going” out except for necessary things like groceries and the occasional family visit. You may have noticed that there were significantly less pictures. COVID19 is also a big deal here except they call it Corona here. All around the world we are hoping for this to be the last hurrah of this nasty virus. I wil have one more YouTube live video here on Tuesday and then it will be back in Chatham. The neat thing is that with technology it doesn’t feel any different from your end!! For me the biggest challenge with keeping in touch is the time difference of six hours.

Thanks for joining me! I hope you have a super day and a fine weekend too. If you live in Canada and would like to shop with me online, I would of course love that! I will send you a free sixteen project pdf tutorial as a thankyou.



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Warm & Toasty Fancy Fold Card

Hello stampers and happy Friday to you. Today’s card is a Warm & Toasty fancy fold card from my Happy Mail in Holland contest. This is honestly so much fun! To get happy mail is already great, but when there are handwritten letters and beautiful cards too, that just makes my day. What I am really liking as well is that people are starting to tell me the favourite things about their home town. Let’s take a look at the card and the town. Are you curious?


Warm & Toasty Fancy Fold Card


I must confess; I do not have this stamp set. That is why it is so nice to be able to blog about it. It is new to me too! The fold is also one that I have never done, so you can bet that I am going to give it a try as well. In the meantime, here is the card made by Lou Davis and her twin sister.


Warm & Toasty fancy fold card


I know what you are thinking. This is a really cute card! It is, but there is more. Do you know the feeling when you get happy mail and the envelope is thick? Then you take out the card and it feels thick too? Perhaps there was something else in the envelope, but now you know that this is going to be a card with a surprise inside. Indeed! When I opened it up, this is what I saw. I don’t know what this fold is called, but you can be sure that I want to recreate it now.


Warm & Toasty fancy fold card inside


Here is another view of this card so you can see how the fold mechanism works.


Warm & Toasty fancy fold card inside mechanism


Beaufort, South Carolina


I love that Lou included a letter with her card telling me about her hometown and what she thinks is special about it. Now I also know that it is pronounced “Bu-fort”. I would have said “Bow-fort”. There are also two towns with this name in South Carolina, so it is a good thing that I was pointed in the right direction!! Lou’s hometown is not far from Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA and it was instrumental in both the Revolutionary War as well as the Civil War.


Here is a short video that shows how pretty Beaufort is. I found out that it is the second oldest city in South Carolina, chartered in 1711. While I was looking for some nice pictures to share I came across this interesting article.  I am sure you have heard that during this whole COVID pandemic people have been baking a lot, especially bread! In Chatham there was no yeast to be found in the grocery stores and flour was also sold out. This 79 year old  Beaufort man decided to make models of churches instead. How beautiful!



Southern Charm


Many years ago I earned an incentive trip to Hilton Head Island, and I am quite sure that Beaufort is quite close to this pretty island as well. Beaufort is known for its antibellum mansions like the one below. Lou, you are one lucky woman to live in this pretty place.



Here is a streetscape view. I have never been in one of these southern mansions, but you can be sure it is on my bucket list. Gerard has family in North Carolina, so we will be close!





Thanks so much for sending in your beautiful card Lou. Be sure to thank your sister too. This contest helps us all get to know each other better and that is wonderful. We need all the connection that we can get these days. I pray that this virus will soon be put behind us or at least contained with a vaccine. Stay safe. Have a super day!!


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Snowflake Swing Card

Hello stampers and happy Friday to you. Today I am featuring a snowflake swing card made by Ina Eisen. You may remember that we used to have a die to make a circle swing card but it has retired and I am pretty sure that Ina made this card the hard way, without a special die. What a beautiful card! Let’s take a look shall we?


Ina’s Snowflake Swing Card


Here is Ina’s beautiful card with a swinging snowflake as the focal point.


Snowflake Swing Card


I love how Ina kept the rest of the card simple allowing the glittery snowflake the spotlight. She stamped right on the Snowflake Splendor paper and also used it to make a pretty flap on the envelope. My little person is going to be happy with all the stamps that were on the front of the envelope too!


Snowflake Swing Card closeup


Here is one more picture showing this pretty snowflake detail.


Snowflake Swing card closeup


Here is a link for a tutorial on how to make a swing card. I find Splicoaststampers to be a very useful site for card making inspiration.


Fergus, Ontario


Ina Eisen, the artist behind the card comes from my hometown of Fergus, Ontario. It is always a little difficult for me to pin down my hometown, I really think I have two, Fergus and Elora. I was born in Fergus, went to church and school in Fergus but my address was always Elora and the farm was between Fergus and Elora. So there you have it. Both are beautiful, idyllic towns of Scottish origin with a fair sprinkling of Dutch settlers later on. My grandson is named Fergus in honour of my parents! Rather than share photos, I thought it would be a nice change to share a video instead. Be still my heart!





Thanks so much for joining me again today. If you want to purchase any of the supplies, just click on the images below in the product list.  I know you will love Ina’s card and you might just fall in love with Fergus and Elora too. I am of course over the moon happy to be back with Gerard again for a few weeks. Especially during the travel restrictions we know how very blessed we are to be able to be together. I hope to have another happy mail card to blog about on Monday. Have a super day everyone and a fine weekend too. With lots of love from Holland!!


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Prime Time With The Pampered Stamper

Hello stampers and happy Wednesday to you. Today I want to talk to you a little bit more about my new venture, Prime Time With The Pampered Stamper. This is a private Facebook group that I have started to take the place of my weekly coffee and a card class. Truthfully it was born in response to COVID19 as a way to keep my business viable and to keep doing what I love and sharing what I do to inspire you to greater creativity.


Why Prime Time?


Doing video tutorials is very time consuming but it is also very enjoyable both for me and for the viewer. Seeing is the best way for many people to learn. Making more complicated cards is easier to do with a video than any other way. In many ways it is even better than a class setting. Why? because you can pause the video at any point to catch up with me. You can also go back and watch again if you missed something. By creating a private group that requires membership I can earn some money with my teaching. I have purposely kept the price low so that it is affordable for everyone.


How Much Does it Cost and What Does it Include?


It costs only ten dollars a month and it includes the following:

  1. A weekly video tutorial on Thursday afternoons at 3pm EST.
  2. Written instructions with the card dimensions and the products needed.
  3. Weekly Prize Patrol for those paid subscribers who comment on the prize photo.
  4. A monthly 16 project pdf tutorial by the Demo Design Dream Team.


Here is the button for my international followers.

Instalment Options

Here is the button for my Canadian followers:

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An Example

Here is an example of a card that I made during one of my video tutorials. I absolutely love this card but trying to make this card without a video would be a bit difficult. It really isn’t that hard to make, but seeing it made is a lot easier than following written instructions. The nice thing is that the videos are there to stay and you can watch them over and over and go back to your favourite one.


Prime Time with the Pampered Stamper card



Thanks so much for supporting me in my business by following my blog, pinning my posts and taking the time to comment. Every little thing you do makes a difference and I am grateful. If you live in Canada and don’t have a demonstrator I would love for you to shop online with me, just click on the products below. Otherwise you can support me with the purchase of tutorials, joining my Prime Time group or my Training Group for demonstrators. Need help? Just message me or comment on this post. Have a super day!!

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Snow Wonder Bridge Fold Card

Hello stampers and happy Monday to you. I have a lovely bridge fold card for you today that we will be making in my first ever online retreat. This is going to be such an epically fun event and I am so excited to have so many people joining me from across the country. There will definitely be more of these in the future. If you missed out this time, you might be interested in just buying the tutorial and having your own personal retreat!


Slimline Bridge Fold Card


Not only is this a very fun fold, it also have some great techniques involved. My favourite one is making a “reverse” snowman and the other is in getting the trees to really pop with the embossing folder. This card fits into a regular business sized envelope. If you want to see the sketch of how to make this card you can find it in this blog post.


Bridge Fold Card




I just finished writing a 21 page tutorial with clear instructions and pictures for ten cards and a home decor piece. This pdf will be free for all those who signed up for my first ever Cozy Christmas Online Retreat but it is available for sale to everyone else. If you love creating but don’t want to fiddle with measurements a pdf will be perfect for you. It is a great modest investment that will save you a lot of time and teach you great things that you can use to enhance your card making skills. Just click on the button below to get started.



Cozy Christmas Online Retreat cards



Every time I like to thank you for reading my blog, for pinning my creations and for supporting me with your purchases. Without you I would not have a business! Happy stamping and have a super day.



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