Peaceful Prints for Free!

Hello stampers and happy Monday to you. Did you know that you can get the gorgeous Peaceful Prints Paper for free? This paper is part of the summer saleabration campaign. Perhaps you have been so busy recovering from COVID stress and concerned about a possible fourth wave that stamping has taken a backseat in your life.No worries! There is so much exciting stuff waiting for you and it is not too late to take advantage of saleabration. It goes until September 30. Here is the link to all the saleabration offerings.


Peaceful Prints Paper


This beautiful paper is free with a $60 purchase and with that purchase you are also entitled to the huge tutorial bundle that this card is a part of. What I especially love about this paper is that it coordinated with our Peaceful Deer Bundle on page 26 of the holiday catalog. The Peaceful Prints paper has Garden Green, Real Red, Cherry Cobbler, Sahara Sand and Basic Black in its designs. You can punch the buffalo plaid deer out with the punch and in my YouTube video I show you how you can punch them out in BOTH directions which is a super cool trick. Check it out below.



Peaceful Prints Fancy Fold Card


I’m so happy that I decided to go back and check on my previous blog posts because I thought I had already blogged about this card. I love it so much!! This paper is stunning and I don’t want you to miss out on it. I am not going to share how I made the card because that information is all in the tutorial that you can get for free with a $60 purchase. You can also purchase it for $20 US if that suits you better. This particular tutorial focuses on the saleabration and holiday catalog so there is lots of variety for you and of course tons of talent!


Peaceful Prints Paper


A Hidden Gem


Do you see that gorgeous focal point? That buffalo plaid deer really stands out on that lacy white circle doesn’t it? Do you know where it comes from? Let me tell you! Check out page 70 and page 159 in the annual catalog. Encircled in Beauty is the name of the dies and the bundle is called Encircled in Friendship. Wait. It gets better! There is another stamp set in the holiday catalog that also coordinates with these dies making it an even better investment. That stamp set is called Encircled in Warmth. All the links to these products will be at the bottom of my blog post, you can simply click on them and then shop in my online store. How excited are you??


Peaceful Prints fancy fold card


One More Photo


Have you noticed when you look at a pretty card that someone has either given you or is sharing with you so that you can be inspired that you look at it closely? I know that I like to check it out from different angles so that I can see all the details.  A blog post can be that way too and I like to share a card from different angles and perspectives. Sometimes due to time constraints this is not possible, but when it is, it does make me happy to do so.


Peaceful Prints card


Don’t you love how the black and white twine from the Playful Pets Combo trim pack looks with this paper? It made me super happy too. I hope you enjoyed my card today and that you feel inspired to make one of your own. It’s always nice to have a few fancy Christmas cards made ahead of time for the special people in your life. Who are you going to send yours to?


Sharing the Joy


I have decided to start beginner card classes in the Netherlands. It’s time to share my joy of stamping with new stampers and I intend to share that journey with you as well in the hopes that you too with share your hobby with new people. Often I remind my team to consider how happy they are when they are stamping. More people could use that type of joy in their lives. I know that before I started stamping I had no idea that papercrafting would be something that I would enjoy and excel at. You just never know how something simple like stamps, ink and paper can change a life.

Thanks for joining me today! I hope you jump on the saleabration bandwagon before it is too late. Happy stamping and happy shopping. If you need inspiration, check out my tutorials here and indulge. You deserve it.


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Expressions in Ink Slimline Cascade Card

Hello stampers and happy Friday to you. Today I am sharing with you an Expressions in Ink Slimline Cascade Card. I did not make this card but I love it so much and couldn’t have done it better myself. It was in a package of happy mail from Susan Forsythe, my wonderful team member who keeps blessing me and our local Hospice with her beautiful work. Her timing was perfect. I had my first COVID vaccine yesterday and today my arm is sore and I was feeling a bit tired. So lovely that I have a beautiful card to share with you without having to do any of the work!!


Expressions in Ink Slimline Cascade Card


Isn’t that a mouthful? I had to google what this type of card is called. Can you believe that I have never made one? To me it looks like Susan made a very clever version of it without having to measure a lot of mats. Here is a photo of her fantastic card.



Slimline Cascade Card



Slimline Cascade Card Instructions


Here is a website that I found that explains how to make one version of this card. For your information Susan’s base cards is 10 1/2″ wide  by 8 1/2″ tall scored at 3 1/2″ and 7″. The rest of the instructions can be found here with some adjustments. I plan to make this card with different designer series paper for my Prime Time Group next week. If you have made one of these cards, I would love to see it!


Behind the Scenes


If you are wondering why this blog post is being posted so late in the day let me let you in on a little secret. I got my first vaccine shot yesterday and felt fine yesterday. Last night in bed however, my arm was quite sore and I had a lousy night. I decided to set my alarm for later than usual and then I watered my new gardens while my coffee was brewing. That was a bit of wasted time because as soon as I was sitting on the back porch with my coffee and pie it started to rain. No worries. This squirrel was in a rare zen mood and I stayed in my chair and enjoyed the rain, the greenery and the birds.

After breakfast I found a lovely surprise in the mail, a package of gorgeous cards from Susan for the Hospice program. What a delight! I will do a video of them tomorrow so you can see them too. Finally in the afternoon I was sitting at my desk to write my blog when my three year old granddaughter called. Oma, will you come over and make cards with me. Well, of course I will!! Coming out of a two week quarantine after 7 weeks away, those grandbaby snuggles and interaction are the best!! Ana has not forgotten how to “tap, tap, tap” and she listens so well to instructions. We only had a large block and a small stamp for the sentiment but she wanted to do it all by herself.

I told her, you need to be very gentle, and she did it perfectly. There might be someone to take over my business when I become old and feeble in about forty years!! That will make me the same age as Pap!!




Thanks for joining me on my ramble today. I hope you are getting some chances to see your loved ones and also a bit of time to be creative. Happy stamping and have a wonderful weekend and a super day. As always, if you live in Canada and want to purchase the supplies that were used, just click the images in the product list below to shop online with me.


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Criss-Cross Card with Sweet as a Peach

Hello stampers and happy Monday to you. Today I have a Criss-Cross card for you. I saw one by Leena Girsa on Instagram and I loved the look of it. I haven’t made one of these in years!! Guess what? It’s so simple and so much fun to do. I will be doing a video on it next Thursday in my Prime Time group. This card will also be a part of the monthly lineup for Virtual Coffee and a Card class in July. Let’s take a look.


Criss-Cross Card


The you’re a Peach designer series paper lends itself perfectly to this style of card because the patterns coordinate so beautifully together. I think I may have fallen in love with the criss-cross card.



Here you can see what the insert inside looks like. Of course you could stamp the inside with another sentiment and more peaches but I left it plain with just a 1/4″ by 5 1/4″ strip of patterned paper. If you make a criss-cross card, I would love to see your creation!


Sweet as a Peach Criss-Cross Card


How Does it Work??


Well, that’s a loaded question. Do I mean how does the card work, or do I mean, how does the Demo Design Dream Team work? First the card. You actually take two card bases, each 4 1.4″ by 11″ scored at 5 1/2″ and then trim one card front on both of them and layer them together. The following picture will help. The rest of the instructions are in the DDDT tutorial.


Criss-Cross Card base


The Demo Design Dream team is a group of 14 very talented demonstrators across North America. Actually, I think it is all Americans and I am the token Canadian!! Together we create a monthly tutorial which is free with a $60 purchase. Very soon I will be posting previous tutorials which will now be available for sale at $15 each. Each month has a theme, so you will undoubtedly be able to find something you love. Tutorials help you create beautiful cards with no stress. You can see all my tutorials here.


In Person Class Soon??


I am really hoping to be able to offer my first in person class in a very long time. Tentative plans are for Tuesday July 20 at 9:30am. Cost will be $25 for four cards and of course coffee, tea and treats. If there is a lot of interest I will offer an afternoon and evening session as well. If you bring someone new then you will each only pay $20. The class will be the same one that I am doing for my virtual coffee and a card. Makes sense doesn’t it?


Sweet as a Peach class




Thanks for joining me again here, I truly appreciate you. I hope that someday you will be in an even deeper relationship with me, either through my Training Group, becoming a member of my team or becoming a customer online, through Prime Time or in person. My stamping community is strong and vibrant and we truly do feel like a big family without the stress! I hope you have a super day.


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Pansy Patch Drapery Fold Cards

Hello stampers and happy Friday to you. Today I have some Pansy Patch drapery fold cards for you. What I like most about drapery fold cards is that they let you show both sides of your patterned paper. I chose to add even more patterned paper to the mix by using the pretty Soft Succulent gingham paper as the background. Let’s take a look.


Pansy Petals Drapery Fold Cards


It has been years since I  made a drapery fold card. About two months ago we decided to do weekly challenges with my Beyond Pampered Team. My team member Alison Reid posts the challenge each week and we are loving that it gets us stamping cards that we might not make of our own accord. Alison shared Lisa Curcio’s tutorial with us, so I will share it here with you as well as it super clear to follow.



Pansy Petals Drapery Fold Cards


Here is a closer look at the Pansy Patch Drapery Fold. I embellished with some In Colour Jewels and some open weave ribbon. If you want to see another card that I made with the Pansy Patch bundle, you can check it out here.


Pansy Patch Drapery Fold Card


Stamping With Pansy Patch


It takes just a little bit of trial and error to stamp with the Pansy Patch bundle. Some colour combinations are better than others, but thankfully that is a choice in personal taste. In real life there are also lots of different colour choices. The easiest way is to just get them all or make them all. I hope to share a video with you today on a Facebook live.


Pansy Patch inside


International Tutorial Bundle Team


Next month our Create With Us International Tutorial Bundle Team is focusing on Pansy Patch. You will get 15 tutorials all featuring this beautiful suite of products. It costs $25 OR you can get it for free with a purchase of $60. Here is the sneak peek.



Daily Routines


I am trying to get into the daily routine of a morning bike ride. We have our daily beach walks but my job involves a lot of sitting and some standing while I made cards. I find that COVID has not been kind to my body so I am pushing myself. The weather here doesn’t make it easy to stick to a routine. There is a LOT of wind and even more rain, but now we have five days in a row with a sunny forecast and a high of 20C. Ideal!!





You might be asking, what is the problem here? I would bike if this was my view. True, true. Just be aware that my bike has three gears and it is stuck in third gear. That means that occasionally I have to humble myself in front of very fit locals who were basically born on a bike. Picture me huffing and puffing up the dike as they whiz past me tinkling their bike horns as I meander dangerously close to the middle line!

I am always proud of myself when I stick to my guns and make it up the few hills or when I finish the stretch against the wind. What are your challenges?




Thanks for joining me today. Just a gentle reminder that the chance to get the amazing deal on the starter kit ends on May 31 which is Sunday. If you are not interested yourself, maybe you know someone who is? Many people are looking for a new hobby with all the COVID restrictions and this would also be great for young families.



Here is the link to get your box full of goodies ($206 worth of products) for only $135. There is even a Paper Pumpkin kit in there as a bonus. Remember, this deal expires May 31.


Have a super day!!


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It’s All About the Story

Hello stampers and happy Saturday to you. It’s all about the story for me. I have always loved reading books and words simply delight me. Today’s blog is about how stories let me to plan this little getaway.


It’s All About the Story


The Netherlands really is a small country. It fits more than two times into Lake Ontario. Crazy, right? Don’t let it fool you for a minute. There is so much to see and do here. I have been here many times and believe me when I tell you that I have barely scratched the surface of discovering this beautiful little gem of a country.

I had never been to Friesland which is one of the northern provinces and also the most unique. Last summer we tried but because of COVID19, everyone was vacationing in their own country and there was nothing nice available. This visit, I tried again. The search began with tulip fields.


A Fun Blog


When I typed in “best tulip fields in Holland” one of the search results was this lovely blog called Wanderlust. I discovered that there were three main areas to find lots of tulip fields. One was near Lisse, where I went the very day that I arrived. The second one was near where my father comes from and the third was near Schagerbrug. What made the third one so appealing is that there is a windmill in the background of your photos. When I saw that this was sort of on the way to Friesland, my mind was made up and I was so excited. What I didn’t pay close attention to is that the blog post was written in 2019 and there is such a thing as crop rotation. That means that the fields are not always planted with the same crop!!


back road to the tulip fields





The elusive windmill


The miller traditionally lived in the windmill and you would be surprised at how spacious and cozy it is. These windmills are quite large! Due to COVID19 it was not possible to go inside.


It's all about the story



The Glorious Tulips


Holland is of course renowned for its tulips which made many people here quite rich in the 1600s. Suffice it to say that tulips were so popular that people would sell their horse or carriage for a single tulip bulb!! You can read about the history here.

Can you believe that I had never been to the Netherlands in the spring? It was on the agenda last year but then COVID prevented all travel. That is why I was over the moon excited to be able to see the tulip fields this year. Here are a bunch of photos that try to capture the beauty that I saw.

















An Idyllic Inn


It was on this same blog that I came across Omke Jan which is an idyllic “herberg” or inn in Woudsend, Friesland. I was intrigued at the story of Omke Jan and the inspiration behind this restaurant and inn. Omke Jan sounds like just the kind of guy that I would have loved to meet. I did meet his relative who owns this unique gem and his love for people and life just sparked from his eyes. A kindred spirit indeed.

If you look closely at this photo you will see the modern “omke Jan” sitting on the edge of his terrasje enjoying watching his customers anonymously.


Omke Jan


I could post a ton more photos of this idyllic place but you can check out the Wanderlust post for yourself. If you ever get to travel to the Netherlands I highly recommend this place, be sure to book early to avoid disappointment!





This was out typical Dutch breakfast. My favourite part was the freshly squeezed orange juice and of course room service at no extra cost because of COVID19!! We were exceptionally lucky to be here at this time of year and during COVID19. It felt like we had the place to ourselves! The bonus? We got upgraded to a bigger, better room. Our room is the one that is featured in the Wanderlust blog post.


Prime Time Card


I feel that as a Stampin’Up! demonstrator rather than a travel blogger, I should include at least one card in my post! I was inspired to make this gate fold card because I thought that the die cut trees would look great on a belly band. What do you think?


The paper is Beauty of the Earth but the trees come from the Inspired Thoughts bundle. This bundle coordinates quite well with the trees from Beauty of the Earth.  You can see another blog post with this suite here.


Prime Time Gatefold Card


Thank You!


Thanks for joining me today. Hope you enjoyed your journey through the tulip fields and to Friesland. It’s all about the story. I love these stories, I hope you did too.  Have a super day!!


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Beauty of the Earth Shadowbox Card

Hello stampers and happy Saturday to you. I was having too much fun yesterday to write a blog post but today I am going to share a Beauty of the Earth Shadowbox card. This shadowbox card is easy to make and impressive to receive. I had my original one sitting on the shelf for years!


Beauty of the Earth Shadowbox Card


What I like about this card is that it is just one long piece of cardstock folded and scored with an opening cut with a large die. To see all the measurements and directions, you can read this blog post.

One thing about being in Holland is that I am working with limited supplies and that can be a creative challenge. I find it useful because it helps me relate to newer stampers or those on a budget who have limited supplies as well. My shadow box card requires 12 x 12 cardstock and I had only two colours to choose from:  Garden Green and Early Espresso. I ended up using Early Espresso because I felt it brought out the colours of the Beauty of the Earth paper better. Let’s take a look.


Beauty of the Earth Shadowbox Card


All The Bits and Pieces


All the bits and pieces from the tree on the front of my shadowbox card are die cut from the gorgeous designer series paper Beauty of the Earth. The layers really do look quite spectacular together. If you look closely you can see that the stamp set in there is from the March Paper Pumpkin. I still have of few of those for sale in case you missed out.


shadow box card supplies


The Beautiful Inside


What I like best about this card is the surprise that happens when you open it. From the outside it looks just like an ordinary card. It looks so nice standing on a shelf or a window sill. Mine is quite simple but you could add more embellishments and layers if you wanted to.


Beauty of the Earth Shadowbox Card inside


A Little History Lesson from Holland


Yesterday I went to Rotterdam with my cousin Kees. Coincidentally it was the 81st anniversary of the bombing of Rotterdam by the Nazis. Over 1500 people were killed in one day and many, many more people injured. Not many buildings were left standing in downtown Rotterdam. Nazi Germany did this to bring the Netherlands to their knees so to speak and make them surrender. Hitler threatened to bomb Amsterdam and the Hague the following day if they didn’t surrender.

We had lunch in the Old Harbour with a view of one the buildings that was left unharmed by the bombs. It is called de WItte Huis which means the white house. It is a grand old apartment building that claims to be the first one with an elevator. I am including this photo from my phone. If I find better photos on my “real” camera, I will add them for sure.





Thanks for joining me today! Just a reminder of a few great things.

  1. Awesome deal on the starter kit.
  2. Fantastic host benefits with an extra $30 in host rewards.
  3. Paper share and  ribbon share available.
  4. Five more kits left for June Virtual Coffee and a Card class.
  5. Spots available in the June 4 Fab Four class.

Message me if you have any questions!! Have a super day.


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