Pansy Patch Easel-Fold Card

Hello stampers and happy Wednesday to you. Today I have a Pansy Patch Easel-Fold card for you. Do you want to hear the story of how this card came to be? Maybe you already know because you joined me for my YouTube and Facebook live at 10am yesterday. Let me tell you the story.


When Bad Things Happen


Here is a glimpse behind the scenes. Yesterday was my youngest daughter Rachel’s birthday. I am in Holland and she is in Canada and there is a 6 hour time difference. She misses Mama Bear so of course she called me when she woke up at 9am. That means it was 3pm here, one hour before my live video. We chatted for 45 minutes and then I said, I have to go, to get ready for my live video.

Upstairs I go, quite confident in my ManyCam abilities now. I already had my card materials ready, so it was just a matter of setting up the live stream. This all went really well and I could see that my microphone was working. I had my laptop off to the side so that I could see your comments. That didn’t work so well this time but since I could see my microphone working just fine, I thought I would catch up with the comments later. Big mistake.

Apparently the sound conked out after you were treated to the sound of the frogs copulating in the pond outside!! You should have heard me when I saw the first comments after the video had ended!! I said something like this:  “You mean they could hear those blasted frogs and not me!! Arggghhhh!!” Then my screen also froze. Gerard did a speed test and apparently the internet connection was fine. Must have been the technology gremlins having fun.


The Response


The reason I was so upset that it didn’t work is that I was in such a good flow. While the card was being made ever so nicely I had a great dialogue going, telling you all about how the virtual coffee and a card class started and how a demo’s brain works when they are planning events. Then it was all for nought!!!

Gerard says, don’t give up, just make it again. I moaned, I can’t!! I don’t have any more Sweet Ice Cream supplies. You see, I only took the card kits with me just like the ones my subscribers get. Deep breaths. There must be a solution. There was. I cased my own card using different stamps and paper and this was the result.


Pansy Patch Easel Card


Why Does This Make Me Happy?


The biggest win in this situation is that people can see that they can participate in my video tutorials even if they don’t have any of the supplies that I am using. As long as you have some basic cardstock and patterned paper and some stamps you CAN create along with me. My advice is to first watch the video and then watch again with your supplies ready to go. You can pause me whenever you want and catch up with your own card making. I would love to see what you make!!


A Few More Pictures

Pansy Patch is really a lovely suite. The patterned paper has both florals and gingham as well as some leaves and pansy bouquets that you can cut out. I used the dies to cut out the individual pansies. Gorgeous!! The new in colour gems are a perfect match too. They are currently on back order so you will have to wait a while to get them.


Pansy Patch detail



Pansy Patch Easel-Fold Card


If you want to subscribe to my virtual coffee and a card class, you can do so here.


The Original Card


Do you want to see what the original card was from my Sweet Ice Cream Virtual Coffee and a Card class? I had to steal the ribbon from it to finish the pansy card! That reminds me of what I sometimes had to do when I was first a demonstrator and did workshops in people’s homes! No matter how hard I tried to be organized I would always forget some product. To improvise and make the class possible I sometimes had to take apart my card samples to glean enough supplies!!


Easel-Fold Card


Unfortunately the Sweet Ice Cream bundle is back ordered until the end of May. I would strongly advise getting the paper before it is gone. The mini catalog is supposed to be “live” until the end of June but supplies are only available while supplies last. We can be upset about that, but it happens all the time in the real world. I had found an amazing pair of shoes but alas, no longer available in my size.


Thank You!!!


Once again I want to thank you for all your support and encouragement. What a wonderful stamping community we have. Just like the card says, I truly appreciate all the little things you do.


Join My Team!


My heart is with my Beyond Pampered Team. What a wonderful group of stampers we have and it is growing across the country. There has never been a better time to join. From now until the end of May there is significant added value to the starter kit and by getting the kit you also get your own personal 20% discount.

The kit is $135 with no shipping or tax. You can put any products you want in it except for host sets. The best part is that you get to choose a whopping $208 worth of products. I have to admit, I got the starter kit myself in the Netherlands so that I could get the ink pads and the  in colour ribbon that I didn’t have here. If you want to join, just click here.

I hope you have a super day!!



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Sweet Strawberry Virtual Class

Hello stampers and happy Monday to you all! Today I am sharing with you my Sweet Strawberry Virtual Coffee and a Card class for June. Are you impressed? I am way ahead of the game which is totally unusual for me. Tomorrow we start with the May Virtual Coffee and a Card Class. Are you planning to join me?


Sweet Strawberry Virtual Coffee and a Card Class


I wanted to introduce this class early to give you lots of time to sign up for it. There will be limited space available because I am using the beautiful Berry Blessings paper that was only available during saleabration and I only have limited supplies of it.

June has five Tuesdays so this virtual coffee and a card class has a little more bang for your buck. What is even nicer is that it coincides with the brand new Create With Us International Tutorial bundle which also features the Sweet Strawberry bundle. I just love it when you get a lot of inspiration for your stamping supplies. It just feels better when you get lots of use from what you buy.

If you order the Sweet Strawberry bundle and you order the Virtual Coffee and a Card class that will get you the Create With Us International tutorial bundle for FREE! That means 14 tutorials all featuring this bundle.


Sweet Strawberry Cards


Here is a photo of all the cards that you will be making with me in June. Four of the five cards are fancy folds: a waterfall card, a pocket card, a joy fold card and a z-fold card.


Sweet Strawberry Class


If you want to join in on the June Virtual Coffee and a Card Class you can click here to pay with PayPal OR you can etransfer to I am so excited to make these cards with you.

Thanks for joining me today, I hope you have a super day. Hugs from Holland!


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Sweet Ice Cream Class in the Mail

Hello stampers and happy Friday to you. Today I am sharing my Sweet Ice Cream Class in the Mail. This is also known as my Virtual Coffee and a Card class but this sounds a little more user friendly. I am thrilled that this bundle is once again orderable. The punch had been unavailable for ordering for the last month or so.


How Does It Work?


How does my virtual coffee and a card class work? Every month I offer a different focus for my class in the mail and next month it is the Sweet Ice Cream Bundle. It costs $25 per month which includes postage anywhere in Canada. The challenge is that I cannot include stamped images so I try very hard to design cards that focus on our pretty paper, punches and die cuts. You can order the bundle that I am using online if you like or you can substitute with stamps that you already have.

The other option is to subscribe and then you receive a gift from me after 6 months as a special thank you for committing to this program. It is really nice to know ahead of time how many kits to make! Deadline to sign up is April 21. You can subscribe here.

If you do not like to use PayPal you can also pay with cash, cheque or etransfer.


Sweet Ice Cream Cards


Here are the cards that I will be making with you for the month of May. Every Tuesday at 10am I go live on both YouTube and Facebook to make one of the cards with you. You are welcome to play along with me even if you don’t get my kits. The beauty of the kits is in the instant gratification!


Sweet Ice Cream Kit by Mail


You may notice that I do not have any of those cute Ice Cream Corner sprinkles embellishments. I forgot to order them!! They would make a super cute addition to these cards no doubt. Perhaps I will write a tutorial for these cards as that would give people an alternative to subscribing to this class. If you would be interested in that option, let me know.




Thanks for much for joining me today, I always appreciate it. It’s a gorgeous spring day so I am going to get outside, mow the lawn and plant some daffodils. You are probably thinking, plant daffodils? Don’t you have to do that in the fall? Well, yes. Funny story. One of my dear customers gave me some bags full of bulbs and I ran out of time to plant them so they were still laying beside my garage. Two days ago I noticed daffodils blooming there! They bloomed right from the bags without being planted in the ground. I figured such determination deserves a reward, so they are going to be planted today.



I hope you have a super day!!


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Hydrangea Hill Virtual Coffee and a Card Class

Hello stampers and happy Wednesday to you. Today I a sharing my Hydrangea Hill Virtual Coffee and a Card class offerings. Have you heard about my Virtual Coffee and a Card Class? Let me tell you how it works.


Virtual Coffee and a Card Class


My business was built on my weekly coffee and a card class. When COVID hit these classes were not longer possible and I struggled for a while as to how to fill the need. After trying several options, I decided to do a monthly virtual coffee and a card class. I design a card for each Tuesday of the month and then I mail out a kit for the entire month of cards. Each Tuesday morning I do a YouTube live video tutorial on one of the cards. The cost for your package is only $25 mailed anywhere in Canada.

The easiest way to join in is to subscribe and you can do that right here.

After subscribing for six months in a row, you will get a free card kit from me in the mail. I hear that Stampin’Up! is going to offer an entire new line of kits so this could be super exciting.


Hydrangea Hill Cards


My Hydrangea Hill bundle was not available for a while and it still hasn’t arrived, so I decided to design the cards around the beautiful designer series paper and the mercury acetate that comes in the suite. The pastel pearls are also on their way so these cards will look even better when they get finished off with these pretty embellishments which will be included in your kit.


Hydrangea Hill Virtual Coffee and a Card kit


Here’s a sneak peek of the other cards that I will be showing you more of next week when my pearls are here.


Hydrangea Hill Coffee and a Card


Lots of Great Deals on the Last Chance List


If you love a deal then don’t waste any time and head straight to my online store. The best deals are on punches, paper and dies. Just click here and start scrolling. Please do use the current host code so that you will get a free pdf tutorial as well as Opal Rounds as a thank you gift from me.


current host code


Thanks so much for joining me today! The weather is beautiful, spring is here and my heart is happy hearing all the birds sing. Local squirrels are beating my birds to the feeders, just take a look at what these rascals are up to!










The pictures aren’t the best but they will bring a smile to your face. Have a super day!


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The Joy of Kits

Hello stampers and happy Monday to you. Today I want to talk to you about the Joy of Kits. I know it sounds like other “joys” but kits are great fun. The biggest perk is of course the instant gratification. With little thought and no prep work you can make beautiful cards. I find that when you use a kit it can also jump start your own creativity. The kit I want to feature today is Gorgeous Posies.


The Joy of Kits:  Gorgeous Posies


If you have been following me on my business Facebook page you will know that I have been busy traveling to my parents a lot in the last few months. Pap is 94 and in declining health. It really is a miracle that he is still with us, having survived a heart attack and several bouts of pneumonia. I am so very thankful to be able to spend this time with them. We reminisce over the many blessings in his life and make

sure he knows how much he is loved. With an uncertain future I thought it would be a safe bet to focus on a kit for this months virtual coffee and a card class.

Every Tuesday at 10am I do a live video on YouTube with one of the cards for the month. If you choose to order the Gorgeous Posies kit and coordinating stamp set through me I will send you a bonus four card kit to give you more creative fun and inspiration. Please do use the current host code: 4T7A64MU. If you want to check out my YouTube channel, just click here. If you subscribe and then also click the bell icon that pops up when you do that, then you will be notified every time I post or go live. It’s easier to find videos on YouTube than it is on Facebook so it really is a wonderful resource.


Bonus Kit for Virtual Coffee and a Card class


Private Classes


I know what you are thinking. Private classes? With Covid still going strong? No worries, I was thinking virtual classes. They can be a LOT of fun too. If you would like to gather with a group of your friends and have me teach some card making , let me know. The easiest way to do that is around your favourite kit. It can be a Paper Pumpkin kit or one of the many great kits in either of our catalogs. My favourites include Hello, Dear Friend and Simply Citrus. I have ten Bouquet of Hope Paper Pumpkins in stock so we could also do a class around that.

Thanks for joining me today, I hope you have a super day. The countdown is on!! Gerard flies to Canada on Thursday and I am ever so happy to quarantine with him.


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